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beside 添加到生词本

美音:[bı´saıd ] 点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[bı´saıd ] 点这儿播放单词英音发声


beside为小学词汇   词频:1649



近义词, 同义词


/bɪ'saɪd; bɪ`saɪd/
1 at the side of (sb/sth); next to 在(某人[某事物])的旁边; 在...附近
*Sit beside your sister. 坐在你妹妹旁边.
* I keep a dictionary beside me when I'm doing crosswords. 我填纵横字谜的时候, 手边总有一本字典.
2 compared with (sb/sth) 与(某人[某事物])相比
*Beside your earlier work this piece seems rather disappointing. 这件工作同你早先的工作相比, 有些令人失望.
3 (idm 习语) be`side oneself (with sth) having lost one's self-control because of the intensity of the emotion one is feeling (因过于激动)失去自制力
*He was beside himself with rage when he saw the mess. 他看到一切都乱七八糟就勃然大怒.


[Language: Old English; Origin: be sidan 'at or to the side']
next to or very close to the side of someone or something
 Wendy came up and sat beside me.
 the table beside the bed
 I was standing right beside her at the time.
in comparison with something or someone
 This year's sales figures don't look very good beside last year's results.
 The children seemed tiny beside him.
be beside yourself
to be feeling so angry, excited etc that you find it difficult to control yourself
 The poor girl was almost beside herself.
be beside yourself with anger/excitement/rage etc
 Mom and Dad will be beside themselves with worry.
be beside the point
to not be directly connected with the main subject or problem that you are talking about
 Yes, he's a very charming young man, but that's beside the point.
HINT sense 1
Do not confuse beside (=next to) and besides (=in addition to) : He sat down beside Mary. |Who was there besides you?