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美音:[´kwɔ:tə ] 点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´kwɔ:tə ] 点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.四分之一,[常 pl.] 方向,地区,方面,季,季度,一刻钟 num.四分之一,刻


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动词过去式:quartered 过去分词:quartered 现在分词:quartering 第三人称单数:quarters

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/'kwɔ:tə(r); `kwɔrtɚ/
1 [C] each of four equal or corresponding parts of sth 四分之一; 四等份
*a quarter of a mile 四分之一英里
* three and a quarter (ie 3) inches 三又四分之一(3)英寸
* The programme lasted an hour and a quarter. 节目持续了一小时十五分钟.
* Divide the apples into quarters. 把这些苹果分成四份.
* Three quarters of the theatre was full. 剧院的座位坐满了四分之三.
* (infml 口) A quarter (ie of a pound) of coffee, please. 请给我四分之一磅的咖啡. =>App 4,
5 见附录4 5. =>Usage at half1 用法见half1.
2 [C] point of time fifteen minutes before or after every hour 每小时之前或之後的第十五分钟
(a) quarter to (US of) four now I'll meet you at quarter past (US after). 现在是差一刻四点--我四点一刻见你.
* The clock strikes the hours, the half-hours and the quarters. 这个钟在正点、半点和一刻钟都打点.
* The buses leave twice every hour on the quarter, eg at 10.15 and 10.45. 公共汽车在每小时的第一刻钟和第三刻钟各开出一班车(如10时15分及10时45分). =>App
4 见附录4.
3 [C] three months, esp as a period for which rent or other payment is made, or a firm's earnings are calculated 季度, 三个月(尤指作为偿付租金或公司收益结算等的阶段)
*The rent is due at the end of each quarter. 缴纳租金以每季度末为期限.
* Our gas bill for the last quarter was unusually high. 我们上季度的煤气费异常高.
* Sales of the dictionary are twice what they were in the same quarter last year. 这部词典的销售量是去年同季度的两倍.
4 [C]
(a) direction 方向
*The wind blew from all quarters. 风从四面八方吹来.
* Her travels had taken her to every quarter of the globe. 她游遍了世界各地.
(b) district; part of a town 地区; 城镇的一部分
*a residential quarter 住宅区
* the student quarter of the city, ie the part mainly inhabited by students 城里的学生居住区.
5 [C] person or group of people, esp as a possible source of help, information, etc 人, 团体(尤指可能提供援助、消息等的)
*As her mother was now very poor she could expect no help from that quarter. 她母亲已很贫困, 她无法指望得到母亲的帮助.
* The minister's speech is interpreted in some quarters (ie by some people) as an admission that the Government was wrong. 部长的讲话有人认为是承认政府错了.
6 [C] (US) (coin worth)
25 cents; fourth part of a dollar 两角五分(的硬币); 四分之一元
*It'llcost you a quarter. 你得花两角五分钱. =>App
4 见附录4.7 [C] one fourth of a lunar month; position of the moon at the end of the first and third of these 太阴月的四分之一; 月球上弦或下弦的位相
*The moon is in its last quarter. 月球现处于下弦.
8 [C usu sing 通常作单数] rear part of a ship's side 船舷的後部
*on the port/starboard quarter 在左舷[右舷]後部.
9 [C] fourth part of a hundredweight, ie (in UK)
28 lb or (in US)
25 lb 夸特(四分之一英担, 即英国为28磅, 美国为25磅). =>App 4,
5 见附录4 5.
10 quarters [pl] accommodation,esp for soldiers 住处; (尤指)营房
*take up quarters in the nearest village 在最近的村中驻扎
* married/single quarters, ie place where a soldier with/without a family can lodge 已婚军人[单身军人]营房
* ordered to return to their quarters 被命令回营房.
11 [U] (dated or fml旧或文) mercy shown towards an enemy who has surrendered or to an opponent who is one's power (对降敌或对手的)慈悲, 宽恕
*His business rivals knew they could expect no quarter from such a ruthless adversary. 他的业务对手都知道不可指望他这样无情的人会手软.
12 (idm 习语) at close quarters => close1.

1 [Tn] divide (sb/sth) into four parts 将(人[事物])分成四部分
*quarter an apple 把苹果切成四瓣儿
* sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered, ie executed by hanging, the body then being opened and cut up 被判处绞刑并剖尸裂肢.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (on sb) provide sb with lodgings 供某人住宿
*troops quartered on the local villagers 驻扎在当地村民家中的部队.



节。一场NBA比赛分四节,每节12分钟。前两节称first half,后两节称second half。


1. But you mustn´t come home after a quarter past eleven.

2. But a series of new environmental laws, together with the creation of parks and nature preserves that cover one quarter of the country, are aimed at protecting Costa Rica’s remaining forests.

3. It requires 97 per cent less energy to travel the quarter of a million miles from the Moon to Earth-orbit than the 200 mile-journey from Earth´s surface into orbit!

4. When the moon is like this, we call it a quarter moon.

5. We see the change from new moon to quarter to full and back to new moon every twenty-eight days.

6. The parent company, Walt Disney Corporation, said Thursday that its income rose 33 percent in the quarter.

7. Doors connect the train tunnels to the smaller tunnel every quarter mile and provide escape routes.

8. A quarter of a pound of tea.
    1/4 磅茶叶

9. You say you´ve got to get there at seven but it´s only a quarter to four now.

10. Caesar then decreed that the year should consist of 365 days, but every fourth year an extra day should be inserted at the end of February to make up for the quarter days that were lost.



1.Fannie loses $29 bln in third quarter
2.Google profit jumps 18% in second quarter
3.Intel's profit down 90% in 4th quarter of 2008
4.Quarter of Brits think Churchill was myth: poll
5.China's economy feels brakes in 2nd quarter
6.U.S. economy shrinks at 6.2% pace in fourth quarter of 2008