Practice 实力测验


1We like ________ (he, his , him) very much.

2Is this guitar ________ (you, your, yours, yourself)?

3________(She, Her, Hers) name is Li Li.

4Father bought a desk for ________ (I, my, me, mine).

5I made it ________ (myself, myselves).

6We enjoyed ________ (myself, myselves, ourselves).

7________ (It, It's, Its) is very cold today.

8Is this your book, Mike?

 Yes ,________(we, you, they )are.

9Are you and Tom classmates?

 Yes, ________(we, you ,they )are.

10Each of the students ________( have, has) a pen pal.

11He has a dog. I want to have ________(it, one ),too.

12Her parents are ________ (both, all ,either )teachers.

13The text is easy for you .There are ________( few, a few ,little, a little) new words in it .

14I want ________( some, any) bananas. Give me these big ________(one, ones).


1Is this ________ book?
 Ayou     BI
 Cshe     Dyour

2It's a bird. ________ name is Polly.
 AIts     BIt's
 CHis     DIt

3What's that ?________ a jeep.
 Ait's    BIts
 CIt's    Dits

4What's that in English? ________.
 AIt's egg  BThat's egg
 CIt's a egg DIt's an egg

5Whose cat is this ? Is it yours? Is it a white _______?
 Acat's    Bone
 Cones    Dcats

6Please give the book to ________.
 AI      Bme
 Cmy      Dmine

7_________skirt is yours?
 AWhose    BWhere
 CHow     DWhich

8________ is this pen ? It's Wang Fang's.
 AWho's    BWhose
 CWhere    DWhich

9Kate and Mike do ________ homework in the evening.
 Aone's    Bhis
 Cher     Dtheir

10There isn't ________ water in the bottle.
 Aany     Bsome
 Cno     Da

11This dictionary is ________.
 Amy brother's one Bmy brother's
 Cmy brother one  Dmy brothers ones

12Why don't you get ________ to read?
 Asomething    Beverything
 Canything     Dnothing

13These cups are ours. Those are ________.
 Aothers      Bother's
 Cother's      Dothers's

14I have six colour pencils; one is blue, another is red, and ____are green.
 Aothers      Banother
 Cothers      Dthe others

15_________of us wanted to play the game again.
 AA great many   BMany
 CMany a      DA lots


1These are her books.

These books are ________.

2My pencil is on the desk.

The pencil on the desk is ________.