Practice 实力测验


1I ________(am, are, is)from Australia.

2She ________ (am, are, is) a college student.

3Jane and Tom ________ (am, are, is) my friends.

4My mother ________ (is, play, plays) tennis well.

5Li Lei always ________ (come, comes, coming, to come)to school at 8:30.

6________(Are, Is, Do, Does )there a Chinese school in New York?

Yes, there is.

7________ (Be, Are, Do, Does)they speak English in Japan ?


1There ________ (be) some glasses on it.

2He  ________ (go)to the park every day.

3My uncle ________ (live)in Nanjing now.

4________ Lucy and Lily ________ (like)China?

5Li Lei ________ (not like)to drink orange soda.

6The girl ________ (go)home at 4:30 in the afternoon.

7________Kate ________ (speak) French? Yes, she does.

8Jim ________ (not ride) his bike often.

9If he ________ (be) free tomorrow, he ________ (go) with us.

10As soon as they ________ (get)there next month, he ________ (call) me.

11________ Li Ming's father ________ (have) his lunch at home'?

12Tom ________ (not do)the morning exercises often.


1We speak Chinese.

We ________ speak Chinese.(否定句)

21 am a doctor.

________ ________a doctor.(否定句)

3There is a map on the wall.

________  ________a map on the wall?(疑问句)

4Our teacher has a big dog.

________ our teacher ________ a big dog?

5Are there many flowers in the garden?

Yes,  ________  ________

6Does your sister play the piano?

No,  ________  ________

7What ________ your name?

________ name ________ Wang Feng.

8How many students do you have in your class?

How many students are ________ in your class?

9My brother does his home work every day.

My brother ________  ________ his homework every day.

10In Canada there are a lot of beautiful mountains and lakes.

Canada ________ a lot of beautiful mountains and lakes.