Practice 实力测验


1I ________ (am, is, was, were)busy last week.

2Tom and I ________ (am, are, was, were)late for school yesterday.

3I ________ (walk, walks, walked, walking)to school the other day.

4Rose ________ (does not, did not, has been, has to)visit her uncle the month before last(month).

5There ________ (is, was, are, were)a lot of people in this village ten years ago.


1My uncle in London ________ (send)a birthday present to me yesterday.

2When ________ you born ?

3As soon as he arrived in the country, he ________ (phone)me.

4When I ________(knock) at his door, he was cooking.

5We were watching TV when the light ________ (go)out.

6He said he ________ (not like)maths at all.


1________ you make this cake last night ? Yes, I did. I ________ it for you.

2Did Tom ________ home at five yesterday ?

No, he ________ He came home at six.

3What ________ you  ________ at the store ? I bought a camera.

4Were you at home yesterday ? Yes, I ________.

5Where did you catch the fish ? I ________ it in' the river near my house.


1Xia Lin did some washing this morning. (一般疑问句)

2We visited our friends last night.(对划线部分提问)

3He had lunch at school every day last year.(否定句)

4My aunt visited our school then.(对划线部分提问)

5There was some in kin the bottle.(对划线部分提问)

6They didn't like the city, either. (变为肯定句)