Practice 实力测验


1He ________ (wait) for an hour.

2I ________ (not finish) the work yet.

3________ you ________ (know) him since then ?

4I ________ (hear) from my father recently.

5We ________ (be) there many times in the past 3 years.

6The sun ________ (rise) when we got there.

7They ________ (finish)the work by the end of last month.

8How long you ________ (stay) at home already

9I ________ (not read) the book before.

10He ________ just ________ (do) it.

11My sister ________ (walk) to school everyday last year.

12We ________ (have) an exam. again sometime next week.

13By 1993, we ________ (plant) 20,000 trees.

14Her sister ________ (go) to Shanghai. She ________ (leave) this morning.

15My friend Wang Hai often ________ (swim) in the river.

16The writer ________ (finish) several story-books since 1980.

17I asked my mother ________ she ________ (come) back soon.

18What ________ you ________ (do)when I called you ?

19Don't cry! Our teacher ________ (go) over his lessons.

20He just ________ (have) his breakfast.

21I believe that our volleyball team ________ (be)back in a week.

22The famous scientist ________ (reach) Beijing two days ago.

23We'll go to visit the museum if it  ________ (not rain) tomorrow.

24I saw my friend when I ________ (walk) in the street.

25Look, the boys ________ (play) on the play ground.

26He ________ (live) in his hometown since he left here.

27He ________ (go) to see his grandfather last Sunday.

28When we got to the classroom, the class ________ (begin).











1watch(现、单、三形式)       ________

2study(现在分词)                    ________

3fall(过去式)                            ________

4drive(现在分词)                    ________

5become(过去分词)                ________

6play(现、单、三形式)          ________

7write(过去分词)                    ________

8hear(过去式)                         ________

9broken(原形)                         ________

10read(过去分词)                   ________


1Is Tom's bike new?(肯定回答)

2There are come English books in the desk.(一般疑问句)

3He has tea at half past two in the afternoon.(否定句)

4It will take the workers more than a month to repair the bridge.


5I did my homework by myself yesterday.(一般疑问句)

6He had done with the goods before he went away.(否定句)

7The teacher was talking with Tom's mother.(对划线部分提问)

8I'm allowed to watch TV at home only once a week. (对划线部分提问)