Practice 实力测验


1Must I wait till he comes back ? No, you ________ .

2You ________ not make so much noise in the hospital.

3Can you ride a bike ? No, I ________.

4Do you speak English ? Yes, I ________ .

5________ I go home now ? No, you stay here.

6________ you like to help me ?

7My mother is ill. I ________ stay at home and look after her.

8________ I use your car ? Yes, you ________

9________ we begin our class now ?


1You must wash the dishes. =You____ ____ wash the dishes.

2She can cook well. =She ____ ____ ____ cook well.

3Wash your face at once. =You ________wash your face at once.

4They couldn't find any secrets(秘密).

=They ____ not ____ to find any secrets.

5You should be here on time. =You ____ ____ be here on time.


1You ________ return the book now. You can keep it till next week.
 A can't Bmustn't Cneedn't Dmay not

2Can I leave this door open at night ? No, you ________ .
 Ashould better not Bwould better not
 Chad better not

3Hurry up. He ________ for us at the station.
 A must wait Bmust be waiting
 Cshould wait Dshould be waiting

4The food must be good. No, it be ________ good.
 Amust not Bneedn't
 Cwouldn't Dcannot

5Your shirt is rather dirty. ________ I wash it for you ?
 ADo BWill CHave DShall