Practice 实力测验



2The song______likeby us all twenty years ago.

3The pictures_____takeby Jack tomorrow.

4The computer_____can usein the room.

5The room_____paintnow.

6The novel______translateinto many languages since it was published.

7That clock____callBig Ben.

8Last weekwhen I______askabout English cultureI couldn't answer it well.

9What language______speakin your country

10School football games _____often___holdon Friday evenings.

11The film_____showagain sometime next week.


1Many people visited Nara.

Nara ________ ________ by many people.

2Miss Ding teaches us English.

English ________ ________ by Miss Ding.

3We call her Grace.

She ________ ________ Grace.

4When did they make these cars ?

When ________ these cars made ?

5My uncle gave me some English books.

Some English books ________ to me by my uncle.

I ________ some English books by my uncle.

6People called him "clever" Hans.

He ________ ________ ________ ________ .

71 was encouraged by my parents.

My parents ________ ________.

8Who will look after the children?

________ ________ ________the childern _______ ________ ________ ?

9My father has written to my brother.

My brother ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ my father.


1I was astonished (吃惊)to hear that the colour TV set ________ 5,000yuan.
 Ahas cost Bcost Ccosted Dwas cost

2Great changes ________ place since he came here.
 A have been taken Bhave taken
 C has been taken Dhas taken

3He was seen ________ something from the shop.
 Asteal    Bto steal
 Cto be stolen Dstealed

4She has ________ by her classmates.
 Alaughed   Blaughed at
 Cbeen laughed Dbeen laughed at