Practice 实力测验


1Tell him ________ the window.
 Ashut    Bnot to shut
 Cto not shut Dnot shut

2It took us more than two hours ________ the dinner.
 Aprepare  Bpreparing
 Cto prepare Dbe prepared.

3We felt the earth ________ .
 Amove  Bmoving
 Cto move Dbe moved

4The student was made ________ the text ten times.
 Acopy  Bcopying
 Cto copy Dbe copied

5The chair looks rather hard, but in fact it is very comfortable ________ .
 Ato sit Bto sit on
 Csit  Dbe sat on

6I don't I know ________ next.
 Awhat to do Bto do what
 Cwhich to do Dhow to do

7It is very important ________ us ________ it.

 Ato, to remember Bfor, to remember
 Cfor, remembering Dto, remembering

8________ a foreign language, one must have a lot of practice.
 AFor mastering BMastering
 CTo master   DMaster