Practice 实力测验


1He arrived ________ (at, in, for) Shanghai ________ (in, at, on, for) the morning of January.

2We played tennis ________ (until, by, on) four.

3There is a clock ________ (on, over, above) the wall.

4We have no school ________ (on, at, in, with) Sundays.

5She goes to the station ________ (on, by, in, with) bus.

6My answer is different ________ (from, at, of, for) yours.

7I'm interested ________ (at, with, on, in) China and Chinese way of life.

8Nancy looked ________ (after. for, along, like) the knife.

9Tom is very fond ________ (in, at, with, of) the sea.

10I'll be here ________ (at, in, on, for) five o'clock.

11The bus arrived exactly ________ (on, at above) time.

12A bridge was built ________ (on, at, over, above) the river.

13________ (in, At, To, With) her surprise, she found herself (in, at, on, with) a different world.

14We cannot live ________ (with, by, in, without, for) water.

15The teacher gave me some advice ________ (about, on, with, for) how to study English.