Practice 实力测验


1Tom ______ (or, but, and) Jim are brothers.

2Li Ming doesn't like oranges, ______ (for, but, or) Emi does.

3Is this bag yours ______ (and, or, so) Jane's ?

4Both Nancy ______ (and, or, nor) Ellen play the piano.

5Either Bill ______ (and, or, nor) Tom ate the cake.

6Neither Mike ______ (and, or, nor) Rose likes English.

7______ (If, When, Because) he came home, his father was watching TV

8I'll visit my uncle ______ (when, if, after) it's fine tomorrow.

9Bob stayed at home ______ (because, if, before) he was sick.

10Her mother tried to do something,  ______ (so, because, but, that) she couldn't do anything.

11We can do great things for our town______ (if, but, what, before)we work together.

12I think you've learned a lot in China______ (before, since, if, that)you came here.

13Go to see the doctor at once,______ (or, and, so) your cold may get worse.

14Which do you like better, cat______ (or, and, but) dog'?


that, what, which, who, how, why, whether, when, how long, how many

1I want to know______ they are preparing for.

2Please tell him______ the train will arrive.

I want him to come to the station to meet me.

3Can you tell me______ he will come or not ?

4I don't know______ he is always late. His house is not far away from here.

5Can you tell me______ Lesson is the most difficult in Book V ?

6I don't know______ he could draw a picture in five minutes. He must have a good way.

7He didn't know______ his mother was ill.

8Do you know______ has broken the glass ?

9I don't know______ books he bought yesterday.

10Can you tell me______ he is going to stay there ?


1Both you and your sister studies hard.

2Not only we but also she are going to the movies.

3Either he or I are to go.

4Mother as well as father love us.