1LiMing did some shopping yesterday.(改为一般疑问句)

2We have a walk after supper everyday. (改为一般疑问句)

3You will join the army in two months.(反意疑问句)

4He likes neither apples nor pears.(反意疑问句)

5There are some good books for you.(反意疑问句)

6They have been there twice.(反意疑问句)

7Let's do it now.(反意疑问句)

8You dislike this kind of books.(反意疑问句)

9He doesn't go to school by bus.(反意疑问句)

10Be quiet.(反意疑问句)


1Mr. Jankins is Mabel's husband.

2Dad will take me to our hometown.

3It was cloud that day.

4Peter rides his bike today, because he's a little late.

5He has been busy since he came here.

6They will come back in two week.

7We go to see the old men twice a month.

8I have been to the Great Wall many times.

9I've lived here for over fifteen years.

10Li Ming is going to help me with my English.

11My sister's friend likes me best.

12He likes Li Ming's friend best.

13This red coat is Li Ming's.

14This is Li Ming's red coat.

15They met each other at the gate of our school.

16He died at the end of the World War .

17Look! He is talking to his deskmate.

18He studies English hard.

19There are more than ten persons in  the  room.

20Today is the 25th May 1995.