Practice 实力测验


1What are they looking for?(改为宾语从句)

Do you know ______looking for

2Does her father work on that farm?(改为宾语从句)

He asked _____her father_____ on that farm

3Could you tell me how I can get to the cinema?(改为简单句)

Could you tell me______ to the cinema

4He is so tired that he can't go any farther.(改为简单句)

He is_________ any farther.

5.“Be a good student!”, the teacher said to him.(改为简单句)

The teacher told him _______student.

6I asked Li Ming,“Are you doing your homework?”(改为宾语从句)

I asked LI Ming_____ doing ________homework.

7He will watch TV after he finishes his work.(用notuntil改写)

He____ watch TV ______he  finishes his work.

8The magazines are so easy that the children can read them.(改为简单句)

The magazines are________ the children to read.