153 needn't havedone)和didn't have

needto do)的比较


A needn't have done意指没必要干某件事但多余地干了,即浪费了时间:

You needn't have watered the flowersfor it is going to rain


You needn't have written such a long essayThe teacher only asked for

300 wordsand you have written 600


He needn't have bought such a large houseHis wife would have been quite happy in a cottage


You needn't have carried all these parcels yourselfThe shop would have delivered them if you had asked them


B didn't haveneed to do意指不一定非干某事,而通常也并没有这样做:

I didn't have to translate it for him for he understands Dutch


I didn't have to cut the grass myselfMy brother did it

我用不着自己修剪草坪。我的兄弟修剪过了。(无义务,而且无行动)有些人的确把didn't have todidn't need to用于表示已完成的动作,这时 have need都要加以重读:You didn't 'have to give him my name通常意味着没有必要告诉他我的姓名,但是你却告诉了他。但当一个不必要的动作实际已完成了时,还是用needn't have+过去分词为好:

You needn't have given him my name