美音:[ækt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[ækt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.幕,法案,法令,动作,举动,节目,(戏剧的)幕 vi.行动,产生...的效果,担当,表演,假装,表现,见效 vt.扮演,装作


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动词过去式:acted 过去分词:acted 现在分词:acting 第三人称单数:acts 形容词:actable 名词:actability


act=to act(行动)

近义词, 同义词


behave  do  law  perform  pretend    


/ækt; ækt/
1 (a) [C] thing done; deed 行为; 举动
*It is an act of kindness/a kind act to help a blind man across the street. 帮助盲人过马路是做好事.
* This dreadful murder is surely the act of a madman. 这种令人惊骇的谋杀纯粹是疯子的行为.
(b) (the) Acts (of the Apostles) [pl] (in the Bible) accounts of the missionary work of the Apostles 《使徒行传》(《圣经》中对使徒传道的记述). =>Usage 见所附用法.
2 [C] any of the main divisions of a play or an opera (戏剧中的)一幕
*a play in five acts 一出五幕剧
* The hero dies in Act 4, Scene 3. 男主角在第4幕第3场中死去.
3 [C] any of a series of short performances in a programme; piece of entertainment 简短的节目; 一段表演
*a circus act 马戏表演
* a song and dance act 歌舞表演.
4 [C] decree or law made by a legislative body (立法机构所立的)法案, 法令
*an Act of Parliament (英国议会的)法例
* Parliament has passed an act which makes such sports illegal. 议会通过了一项法例, 规定这些娱乐是非法的.
5 [C] (infml 口) way of behaving which is not genuine, but which is adopted for the effect it will have on others; pretence (used esp as in the expressions shown 假装(尤用于以下示例))
*Don't take her seriously it's all an act. 别跟她认真--完全是装腔作势.
* She's just putting on an act, ie only pretending. 她只是装模作样罢了.
6 (idm 习语) an ,act of `God (law 律) event caused by uncontrollable natural forces, eg a storm, a flood, an earthquake or a volcanic eruption 天灾, 自然灾害(如暴风雨, 水灾, 地震或火山爆发)
*insure against all loss or damage excluding that caused by an act of God 承保一切损失或毁坏, 不包括天灾造成的. be/get in on the act (infml 口) be/become involved in a particular activity, esp for one's own benefit or profit (尤指为自己得到好处或利益而)参与某种活动
*She has made a lot of money from her business and now her family want to get in on the act too. 她在生意上赚了大钱, 现在她家 的人也要插手了. do a disappearing act => disappear. (catch sb) in the (very) act (of doing sth) (discover sb) while he is doing sth, esp sth wrong (发现某人)正做某事(尤指坏事); 当场
*I caught her in the act (of reading my letters). 我当场发现了她(正在看我的信).
* In the act of bending down, he slipped and hurt his back. 他一弯腰滑倒了, 跌伤了背. read the Riot Act => read.

1 An act or action can be good or bad. *act或action用于指好事或坏事均可. The words are close in meaning and sometimes identical 这两个词词义相近, 有时完全相同
*a generous act/action 慷慨之举
* the acts/actions of a monster 妖怪的举动. When speaking about general behaviour, actions is used 凡指一般的行动或行为, 可用 actions
*He is impulsive in his actions. 他凭一时冲动行事. An act is often specified *act一词常伴有具体说明
*Helping the homeless is an act of mercy. 帮助无家可归者是慈善行为. Deed is more formal and often refers to major acts *deed一词较文雅, 常指重大的举动
*be guilty of many foul deeds 有多项恶行
* He spent his whole life doing good deeds. 他一生行善.
2 Exploit, feat and achievement are all desirable or noteworthy actions.*exploit feat achievement三词均指令人向往的或值得注目的举动或行为. Both feat and achievementemphasize the difficulty of accomplishing something mental or physical *feat和achievement均着重指在脑力或体力方面完成某事物的艰巨性
*Coming top in the exam was quite an achievement. 考第一是很了不起的成绩.
* The new bridge is a feat of engineering. 这座新桥是建筑工程的壮举. Exploit relates to the performance of a physical action or series of actions which are often brave or daring *exploit指体力的行为表现, 常为敢闯敢干的举动
*The travellers wrote an account of their dangerous exploits in the Andes. 旅行者写了一篇叙述他们在安第斯山历险的文章.

/ækt; ækt/
1 [I]
(a) do sth; perform actions 做某事; 采取行动
*The time for talking is past; we must act at once. 没有时间再说了, 我们必须立刻行动.
* The girl's life was saved because the doctors acted so promptly. 由于医生们行动迅速, 那个女孩子得救了.
* You acted (ie behaved) wisely by/in ignoring such bad advice. 你没理会那些坏主意, 做得聪明.
(b) do what is expected of one as a professional or an official person 以专业人员的身分去做; 尽职
*The police refused to act without more evidence. 因为没有更多的证据, 警方拒绝受理.
2 (a) [I] perform a part in a play or film; be an actor or actress (在戏剧或电影中)演出; 当演员
*Have you ever acted? 你当过演员吗?
* She acts well. 她演得很好.
(b) [Ln, Tn] take the part of (a character in a play or film) 扮演(戏剧或电影中的角色)
*Who is acting (the part of) Hamlet? 谁扮演哈姆雷特(这个角色)?
(c) [Ln, I] pretend by one's behaviour to be a certain person or type of person 装作, 仿效(某人或某种人的行为)
*He's not really angry he's just acting (the stern father). 他倒不是真生气--只是装装(严父的)样子罢了.
3 (idm 习语) act/play the fool => fool1. act/play the goat => goat.
4 (phr v) act as sb/sth perform the role or function of sb/sth 充任某角色; 担任某工作
*I don't understand their language; you'll have to act as interpreter. 我不懂他们的语言, 你得当翻译了. act for/on behalf of sb perform sb's duties, etc on his behalf; represent sb 代理某人的职务; 代表某人
*During her illness her solicitor has been acting for her in her business affairs. 在她患病期间, 她的律师一直代理她的业务. act on sth
(a) take action in accordance with or as a result of sth 奉行; 根据某事物
*Acting on information received, the police raided the club. 警方根据所获情报, 突然搜查了那个俱乐部.
(b) have an effect on sth 对某事物起作用
*Alcohol acts on the brain. 酒精对大脑有影响. act sth out act a part, usu in a real-life situation and for some purpose 扮演一角色(通常于现实生活中为某种目的)
*She acted out the role of wronged lover to make him feel guilty. 她扮作受了冤枉的情人, 好让他感到内疚. act up (infml 口) cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly 出毛病; 犯病
*My sprained ankle has been acting up badly all week. 我的脚扭伤了, 整整难受了一个星期.
* The car's acting up again. 这辆汽车又出毛病了.


American Conservatory Theater a repertory theatre (=theatre whose actors perform different plays on different days) in San Francisco, which is also a respected school for training actors
1. Each new act that confirms your job loss starts the pain again:

2. But if no one can be trusted to act in a loyal and responsible manner towards his job, then the business will require armies of administrators, checkers, and foremen, and administrative overheads will rise correspondingly.

3. Becoming more creative means paying attention to that endless flow of ideas you produce, and learning to capture and act upon the new that's within you.

4. When Harry put on his act of being mildly annoyed, the girl promised to order some for him.

5. When Harry put on his act of being mildly annoyed, the assistant promised to order some for him.

6. We were also prepared to act out some mildly unusual behavior that might speak of some emotional problems, without appearing seriously disturbed or dangerous.
    我们也准备做出一些稍微有点不正常的行为, 表明我们情感上有问题、但看上去又不是神经很不正常或对他人有危险的行为。

7. We weren't up to trying our act at an exclusive restaurant, so we wandered around the first floor and left.

8. We still have guns, but the bullets are fake, and videos are played where actors act out various types of situations.

9. This move constitutes an act of aggression.

10. This determined him to act immediately.