美音:[ɛə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[ɛə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.空气,样子,天空,空中,曲调 vt.晾干,使通风,宣扬,夸耀,显示


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动词过去式:aired 过去分词:aired 现在分词:airing 第三人称单数:airs

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/eə(r); ɛr/
1 [U] mixture of gases surrounding the earth and breathed by all land animals and plants 空气
*Let's go out for some fresh air. 咱们出去呼吸点儿新鲜空气吧.
2 [U]
(a) the earth's atmosphere; open space in this 大气; 天空
*the birds of the air 天空的鸟
* be in the open air 露天.
(b) the earth's atmosphere as the place where aircraft fly 空中
*send goods by air 空运货物
* travel by air, ie in an aircraft 乘飞机
* The site of the old fort is clearly visible from the air. 古堡的遗址在空中看得很清楚.
* [attrib 作定语] air travel, transport, traffic, freight 航空旅行, 运输, 交通, 货运.
3 [C] impression given; appearance or manner 给人的印象; 外貌; 态度
*smile with a triumphant air 带着胜利神情的微笑
* do things with an air, ie confidently 很神气地(有信心地)做事情
* The place has an air of mystery (about it), ie looks mysterious. 那地方有一种神秘的气氛(环绕着).
4 [C] (dated 旧) melody; tune 旋律; 曲调
*Bach's Air on a G String 巴赫的G弦之歌.
5 [C] (dated 旧) light wind; breeze 微风; 和风.
6 (idm 习语) ,airs and `graces (derog 贬) affected manner intended (usu unsuccessfully) to make one appear a very refined person 矫揉造作; 惺惺作态. a breath of fresh air => breath. castles in the air => castle. a change of air/climate => change2. clear the air => clear3. give oneself/put on `airs behave in an unnatural or affected way in order to impress others 装模作样; 装腔作势. hot air => hot. in the `air
(a) in circulation; current 在流传中; 流行的
*There's (a feeling of) unrest in the air. 四处充满了不安(的感觉).
(b) uncertain; undecided 未确定的; 悬而未决的
*Our plans are still (up) in the air. 我们的计划仍悬而未决. in the open air => open1. light as air/as a feather => light3. ,on/,off the `air broadcast(ing)/not broadcast(ing) on radio or television (无线电或电视)广播[停播]
*This channel comes on the air every morning at
7 am. 这个频道每天早晨7点钟开始播放.
* We'll be off the air for the summer and returning for a new series in the autumn. 我们将于夏季停播而于秋季开始播放一套新节目. ,take the `air (dated or fml 旧或文) go out of doors in order to enjoy the fresh air 到户外呼吸新鲜空气. tread on air => tread. vanish, etc into thin air => thin. with one's nose in the air => nose1.

/eə(r); ɛr/
v [Tn]
1 (a) put (clothing, etc) in a warm place or the open air in order to make it quite dry 晾(衣物等); 晾乾.
(b) let air into (a room, etc) to cool or freshen it 通风; 透风.
2 express (an idea, a complaint, etc) publicly 公开表示(意见, 不满等)
*air one's views, opinions, grievances, etc 述说自己的看法, 意见, 冤情等
* He likes to air his knowledge, ie let others see how much he knows. 他喜欢炫耀自己的知识.


The Banagher Horse Fair, the oldest horse fair in Ireland, is held every September in Banagher, County Offaly, Republic of Ireland.
1. But can the colossal cities of the future really function without overloading all their services to the point of collapse and destroying the environment through pollution of air and water?

2. But I did not know that the sun could shine and the air remain cold; no one had ever told me.

3. But then Sam lets go of the swing. He flies into the air and lands face down in the dirt.

4. We couldn´t induce the old lady to travel by air.

5. When farmer spray poison to kill plant pests, poison is sent into the air the water and the soil.
    农民为了杀死害虫而喷撒农药的时候,有毒物就被排放到空气中, 水里和土壤里.

6. Will you venture a flight in an air plane?

7. We could not live without air.

8. With the hand held high in the air, hold the string so that the weight nearly touches the ground.

9. Will you travel by sea or by air?

10. We know that the air holds some of the warmth coming from the sun.