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英音:[´ɑ:gjəmənt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.争论,辩论,论据,论点,~ (for,against),意见


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/'ɑ:gjʊmənt; `ɑrˇjəmənt/
1 [C] ~ (with sb) (about/over sth) disagreement; quarrel 争论; 争辩; 争吵
*get into/have an argument with the referee (about his decision) 与裁判员争辩(他所做的裁判).
2 [U] discussion based on reasoning 争论; 辩论
*We agreed without much further argument. 我们没怎么进一步争论就达成了一致意见.
3 [C] ~ (for/against sth); ~ (that...) reason or reasons put forward 论据; 论点; 理由
*There are strong arguments for and against capital punishment. 对于执行死刑, 赞成与反对的双方都有强有力的论据.
* The Government's argument is that they must first aim to beat inflation. 政府的论点是必须首先着眼于抑制通货膨胀.
4 [C] summary of the subject matter of a book, etc; theme 概要; 梗概; 主题.
5 (idm 习语) for the sake of argument => sake.

1 An argument (over/about sth) is a strong verbal disagreement between people *argument一词(後可接over/about某事物)指人与人之间用激烈言语表达的分歧
*Most families have arguments over money. 大多数家庭都有金钱方面 的争执.
* I had an argument with my neighbour about a tree in his garden. 我和邻人因其花园 一棵树的事而争了起来.
2 A quarrel is a sharp, often angry, exchange of words between people *quarrel指尖锐的, 常为气愤的言语交锋
*The whole thing turned into a bitter quarrel. 整件事酿成了激烈的争吵.
3 A row is angry and may involve shouting, usually for a short time *row一词意含愤怒, 可能夹杂着喊叫, 通常为时短暂
*She had a dreadful row with her parents and left home. 她和父母大吵一场就离开了家. A row can also take place between public figures or organizations *row还可发生于头面人物之间或组织机构之间
*There was a huge row in Parliament and the minister resigned. 议会上举座哗然, 部长旋即辞职.
4 Altercation is a formal word and indicates a noisy argument. *altercation是个文雅的词, 意为吵吵嚷嚷的争辩.
5 A fight generally involves force or weapons rather than words *fight一般涉及使用暴力或凶器而不限于言语
*The argument turned into a fight when knives were produced. 一亮出刀来, 那场争论就演变成武斗了.



a situation in which two or more people disagree, often angrily
= disagreementargument with
 I broke the vase during an argument with my husband.
argument about/over
 an argument about who was responsible for the accident
 Henning told the police that she and her husband had an argument before he left.
 I got into an argument with the other driver.
 Shelton and the woman had a heated argument (=very angry one) .
 a fierce argument between the two politicians
win/lose an argument
 The party hopes to win the argument about how to reform the health system.
a set of reasons that show that something is true or untrue, right or wrong etc
 We need to provide a convincing argument as to why the system should be changed.
argument for/against
 a powerful argument against smoking
 A good argument can be made for comparing the IT revolution with the invention of writing itself.
 the arguments in favour of banning tobacco advertising
argument that
 the familiar argument that the costs outweigh the benefits
when you disagree with something or question whether it is right
do sth without (further) argument
 Ian accepted the suggestion without argument.
for the sake of argument
(=in order to discuss all the possibilities)
 If, for the sake of argument, you aren't offered the job, what will you do?





使用国家:Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Late Roman

释义:Feminine form of BENIGNO

1. But the most important argument for a broad education is that in studying the accumulated wisdom of the ages, we improve our moral sense.
    但是赞成宽泛教育的最重要的理由是, 在学习世世代代积累起来的知识的同时,我们也提高了自己的道德感。

2. Both Plomin's and Benbow's findings would seem to give support to the argument that outstanding mental abilities are largely the result of genetics.

3. When Churchill completed his argument, Stalin leaned forward and said he wanted to ask an indiscreet question: "Do the British really believe in Overlord, or are you only saying so to reassure the Russians?"

4. The statement was germane to the argument.

5. The kernel of the argument is who discovered the islands first.

6. The lawyer based his argument on the premise that people are innocent until they are proved to be guilty.
    律师的论点所依据的前提是, 人们在没有被证明有罪之前都是无罪的.

7. The two men quarrelled bitterly and it was clear that the argument could only be settled by a fight.

8. This led to yet another angry argument.

9. That such couples have other options (artificially bringing egg and sperm together, or adopting a child) is not an argument for denying them the right to clone.

10. The book, however, is much more than an argument against the latest racially biased theory.