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n.秤,天平,平衡,[商] 收支差额,结余,余额 v.平衡,称,权衡,对比,结算 n.资产平稳表


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动词过去式:balanced 过去分词:balanced 现在分词:balancing 第三人称单数:balances

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equalize  measure  scale  stabilize  steady  weigh  unbalance    


/'bæləns; `bæləns/
1 [C] instrument used for weighing, with a central pivot, a beam and two scales or pans 天平; 秤. => illus at scale3 见scale3之插图.
2 [U]
(a) even distribution of weight; steadiness 平衡; 平稳
*Riders need a good sense of balance. 骑车的人必须善 于保持平衡.
(b) steadiness of mind; sanity 心境的平稳; 心智健全
*His wife's sudden death upset the balance ofhis mind. 他妻子突然去世, 他感到六神无主.
3 [U, sing](a) ~ (in sth/between A and B) condition that exists when two opposites are equal or in correct proportions 均衡状态; 均势
*Try to achieve a better balance between work and play. 争取把工作和娱乐更好地结合起来.
* This newspaper maintains a good balance in its presentation of different opinions. 这家报纸刊登不同意见始终做到不偏不倚.
(b) pleasing proportion of parts in a whole 谐调; 匀称
*All the parts of the building are in perfect balance. 建筑物的各部分都显得非常匀称.
* This painting has a pleasing balance of shapes and colours. 这幅画在构图和色彩方面都十分谐调.
4 [C usu sing 通常作单数] (finance 财) difference between two columns of an account, ie money received or owing and money spent or owed 收支差额; 余额
*I must check my bank balance, ie find out how much money I have in my account. 我要核对一下我在银行的余额(看我的帐户上有多少钱).
5 (a) [C usu sing 通常作单数] amount (of money) still owed after some payment has been made 余欠之(钱)数
*The balance (of 500) will be paid within one week. 余欠之数(500英镑)将于一周内付清.
(b) the balance [sing] remainder of sth after part has already been used, taken, etc 剩余
*The balance of your order will be supplied when we receive fresh stock. 贵方所订购货物之其余部分, 一俟我方进货即可供应.
* When will you take the balance of your annual leave? 你打算什么时候使用剩余的年假? =>Usage at rest3 用法见 rest3.6 (idm 习语) (be/hang) in the balance (of a decision, result, sb's future, etc) (be) uncertain or undecided (指决定、结果、某人的未来等)不能确定的, 尚未决定的
*The future of this project is (hanging) in the balance. 这项目的下一步仍

/'bæləns; `bæləns/
1 (a) [Tn, Tn.pr] keep or put (sth) in a state of balance1(2a) 使(某物)保持平衡
*a clown balancing a stick on the end of his nose 在鼻尖上立着棍子使之保持平衡的丑角.
(b) [I, Ipr] be or put oneself in a state of balance 使自己保持平衡
*He balanced precariously on the narrow window-ledge. 他在狭窄的窗台上很难保持平衡.
* How long can you balance on one foot? 你能单脚站立多久?
2 (finance 财)
(a) [Tn] compare the total debits and credits in (an account) and record the sum needed to make them equal 结算
*balance an account/one's books 结帐
* balance the budget, ie arrange for income and expenditure to be equal 平衡预算(使收支相抵).
(b) [I] (of an account, a balance sheet, etc) show equal totals of debits and credits (指帐目、资产负债表等)显示借贷相抵(收支平衡)
*Do the firm's accounts balance? 这家公司的帐目收支是否平衡?
(c) [Tn] be of the same value as (sth opposite); offset 与(某对比事物)等价; 抵销
*This year's profits will balance our previous losses. 本年度的盈利将与上一年度的亏损相抵.
* (fig 比喻) His lack of experience was balanced by his willingness to learn. 他悉心好学弥补了经验不足.
3 [Tn.pr] ~ A against B compare the value of one plan, argument, etc with that of another 将此一计划、主张等与彼一计划、主张等作价值上的比较; 权衡二者之利弊
*She balanced the attractions of a high salary against the prospect of working long hours. 她对高薪和长工时两者的利弊作了权衡比较.
4 [Tn] give equal importance to (different parts of sth) 对(某事物的不同部分)给予同等的重视; 等量齐观
*This school aims to balance the amount of time spent on arts and science subjects. 这所学校在时间安排上努力做到文理并重.
* Try to balance your diet by eating more fruit and less protein. 多吃些水果, 少摄入些蛋白质, 使饮食均衡合理.
1. By itself, nature can keep the balance and provide plenty of clean water for us. Nature recycles water.

2. Bad as well as good moods add flavor to life and build character. The key is balance.

3. We must learn to live in balance with nature, or our shining planet Earth will die.
    我们必须学会与大自然和谐相处。不然的话, 我们这个熠熠生辉的星球就会死亡。

4. Women, she believes, should take responsibility for the natural balance of their body chemistry.

5. That kind of question can often get them started toward regaining more of a balance in their lives.

6. They jumped back over the counter. One of them lost his balance when he landed on the floor and fell over. The other two swore at him again. Then they left through the door, warning us, "Don't move. Stay like that with your hands up for ten minu

7. To reduce these seniors' risk of falling, Tinetti used multiple methods, including having an exercise teacher go to a person's home and teach balance exercises.

8. The Balance of Nature

9. Those who prepare the horoscopes look for balance so that the woman's strengths balance the man's weaknesses and man's strengths balance the woman's weaknesses.

10. There was a bar hanging from the top of the tower, and I seized it for balance.