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英音:[breık ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.休息,暂停,破裂,突变 v.打破,违犯,折断,削弱,超过,突变


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动词过去式:broke 过去分词:broken 现在分词:breaking 第三人称单数:breaks

近义词, 同义词


burst  crack  fracture  interruption  interval  letup  pause  rest  rupture  violation  mend  repair    


/breɪk; brek/
v (pt broke/ brEUk; brok/, pp broken/ 5brEUkEn; `brokEn/)
1 (a) [I, Ipr] ~ (in/into sth) (of a whole object) separate into two or more parts as a result of force or strain (but not by cutting) (指完整物体)破, 碎, 断(非切割所致)
*The string broke. 绳子断了.
* Glass breaks easily. 玻璃容易破碎.
* The bag broke under the weight of the shopping inside it. 买的东西太重, 把袋子撑破了.
* She dropped the plate and it broke into pieces/in two. 她把盘子摔碎[两半]了.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (in/into sth) cause (a whole object) to do this 弄破, 弄碎, 弄断(完整物体)
*break a cup, vase, window, etc 打破杯子、花瓶、窗户等
* She fell off a ladder and broke her arm. 她从梯子上摔下来, 跌断了胳膊.
* If you pull too hard you will break the rope. 如果太用力拉, 就会把绳子拉断.
* He broke the bar of chocolate into two (pieces). 他把巧克力掰成两半.
2 [I, Tn] become unusable by being damaged; make (sth) unusable by damaging 已坏; 损坏(某物)
*My watch is broken. 我的表坏了.
3 [Tn] cut the surface of (the skin) so as to cause bleeding 弄破(皮肤)表面以致出血
*The dog bit me but didn't break the skin. 那狗咬了我一口, 但是没有把皮咬破.
4 [Tn] not follow or obey (sth); fail to observe (a law, promise, etc) 不依从或不服从(某事物); 不遵守(法律、诺言等)
*break the law, the rules, the conditions, etc 违反法律、规则、所定条件等
* break an agreement, a contract, a promise, one's word, etc 违反协议、合同、诺言、自己说的话等
* break an appointment, ie fail to come to it 爽约(未能赴约)
* He was breaking the speed limit, ie travelling faster than the law allows. 他违章超速行驶.
5 [I, Ip] ~ (off) stop doing sth for a while; pause 稍停; 停顿
*Let's break for tea. 咱们停一停, 喝点儿茶.
6 [Tn]
(a) destroy the continuity of (sth); interrupt 中断(某事物); 打断
*break sb's concentration 分散某人的注意力
* We broke our journey (to London) at Oxford, ie stopped in Oxford on the way to London. 我们在牛津中止了(去伦敦的)行程.
* a broken night's sleep, ie a night during which the sleeper keeps waking 夜间断断续续

/breɪk; brek/
1 ~ (in sth)
(a) opening made by breaking; broken place 裂缝; 破裂处
*a break in a fence, wall, water-pipe 篱笆、墙壁、水管的裂口.
(b) gap; space 空隙; 空间
*a break in the clouds, ie where blue sky is visible 云层间的空隙(可以看到蓝天)
* Wait for a break in the traffic before crossing the road. 要等到暂无车辆来往时, 再过马路.
2 (a) interval, esp between periods of work; pause (时间的)间隙(尤指工作期间的); 停歇
*morning break, eg between lessons at school 上午的休息(如课间时)
* lunch-break, eg in an office, a school or a factory 午餐时间的休息(如办公室、学校或工厂中的)
* have/take an hour's break for lunch 休息一小时进午餐
* work for five hours without a break 五小时一直不间断地工作
* a break in a conversation 谈话中的停顿.
(b) short holiday 短期假日
*a weekend break in the country 在乡村过的周末假日.
3 ~ (in sth); ~ (with sb/sth)
(a) change or interruption in sth continuous (有连贯性的事物的)改变, 中断
*a break in a child's education 孩子教育的中断
* a break in the weather, ie a change from bad to good weather 天气的转变(由坏转好)
* a break with tradition, ie a significant change from what is accepted in art, behaviour, morals, etc 与旧传统决裂(背离公认的艺术、行为、道德等准则).
(b) discontinuation or end of a relationship 中止或断绝关系
*a break in diplomatic relations 外交关系的中断
* She's been depressed since the break with her boy-friend. 她自从与男朋友断绝关系以来一直情绪消沉.
4 (infml 口) piece of luck, esp one that leads to further success 机会; 幸运; (尤指)转运, 转机
*a big/lucky break 难得的[幸运的]机会
* a bad break, ie a piece of bad luck 坏运气(倒霉)
* give sb a break, ie a chance to show his ability 给某人一次机会(表现才能的时机).
5 (in cricket) change in direction of a bowled ball as it bounces (板球)(投的球)改向反弹
*an off/a leg break, ie a ball that spins to the right/left on bouncing 球向右的[左的]旋转反弹.
6 (also break of service, service break) (in tennis) instance of winning a point when one's opponent is serving (网球)接对手发球时

*Break applies especially to a rest during the working day or at school *break尤用作工间或课间的休息
*a lunch, coffee break 午餐时间的、喝咖啡时间的休息
* the mid-morning break 上午的中间休息
10 minutes' break 10分钟的休息. It also covers the meanings of several other words. 这个词还含有其他几个词的意思. A pause is usually short and often applied to speech *pause通常为时很短, 常用于指讲话中的停顿
*a pause for breath 喘口气的停顿
* a pause/break in the conversation 谈话中的停顿. Recess is the scheduled holiday of Parliament, and in US English it is also the break between school classes.*recess是议会的规定假日, 美式英语中还指学校课间的休息. An interval in British English is the break between the parts of a play, etc *interval在英式英语中指戏剧等演出的幕间休息
*We had a quick drink in the interval. 我们在中间休息时匆匆喝了点东西. This is also called an intermission, especially in US English. 这种休息也叫 intermission, 尤用于美式英语. An interlude may be an interval or a short event during a longer activity, often contrasting with it *interlude可指interval, 也可指在一长期活动中的片段, 往往是相对长期活动而言的
*Her time in Paris was a happy interlude in a difficult career. 她在巴黎期间是她艰辛的事业中一段愉快的插曲. A rest does not indicate a definite length of time, but suggests a necessary period of relaxation after an activity *rest不表示确切的时间长短, 而是指在一活动之後需要松驰的一段时间
*You look tired. You need a good rest. 你看来累了. 你需要好好休息一下.
1. Brittle things break easily.

2. The sorry-looking, blackened figure that emerged, admitted that he had tried to break into a shop during the night.

3. The police were called in to break up the fracas.

4. They prophesy that war will break out between the two countries.

5. The sorry-looking, blackened figure that emerged, admitted at once that he had tried to break into the shop during the night but had got stuck in the chimney.

6. Then Columbus took the egg and struck its small end gently upon the table so as to break the shell a little.

7. This society, he explained, would consist of trained volunteers who would always be ready to travel to the scene of any war that might break out.

8. The old girl deserved a break, we thought.

9. The third day — it was Wednesday of the first week — Charles banged a see-saw (翘翘板) on to the head of a little girl and made her bleed, and the teacher made him stay inside all during morning break.
    第三天 -- 这是第一周的星期三 -- 查尔斯玩翘翘板时砸到了一个小女孩的头,她的头流了血,因此老师命令他在早晨休息的时候一直呆在教室里面。

10. No one wants to break the stillness.