美音:[kætʃ ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[kætʃ ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.捕捉,捕获物,(窗)钩 v.捕获,赶上(车船等),发觉,感染(疾病) vi.抓住,燃着


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动词过去式:caught 过去分词:caught 现在分词:catching 第三人称单数:catches 形容词:catchable

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apprehend  arrest  capture  discover  seize  surprise  take    


/kætʃ; kætʃ/
v (pt, pp caught/ kR:t; kRt/)
1 (a) [Tn] stop and hold (a moving object) esp in the hands 接住(运动的物体)(尤指用手)
*I threw a ball to her and she caught it. 我把球扔给她, 她接住了.
* Our dog likes catching biscuits in its mouth. 我们的狗喜欢用嘴接饼乾.
(b) [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sb (out) (in cricket) dismiss (a batsman) by catching the ball he has hit before it touches the ground (板球)在球触地之前接住球而迫使(击球员)出场; 接杀出局.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] capture (sb/sth) after a chase, in a trap, etc; seize and hold 捉住; 抓住; 逮住; 捕获
*catch a thief 捉贼
* Cats catch mice. 猫捉老鼠.
* How many fish did you catch? 你捕到多少鱼?
* I caught him (ie met him and stopped him) just as he was leaving the building. 他正要离开大楼的时候, 我把他截住了.
* catch sb by the arm, throat, scruff of the neck, etc 抓住某人的胳臂、掐住某人的脖子等.
3 [Ipr, Cn.g] find or discover (sb doing sth); take by surprise 发现或发觉(某人正做某事); 突然抓住
*I caught her with her fingers in the biscuit tin. 我看见她手指还在饼乾盒里呢.
* I caught a boy stealing apples from the garden. 我撞见一个男孩儿偷园里的苹果.
* You won't catch me working (ie I would never work) on a Sunday! 你决见不到我在星期日工作!
4 [Tn] be in time for (and get on) (sth) 及时赶到; 赶上
*catch a bus, plane, train, etc 赶上公共汽车、飞机、火车等
* catch the post, ie post letters before the box is emptied by the postman 赶上邮局的一班收信时刻(在邮递员将信箱里的信取走之前寄出).
5 [Tn] (US infml 口) see or hear (sth); attend 看或听(某事物); 参加
*Let's eat now and maybe we could catch a movie later. 咱们现在就吃, 说不定吃完能赶场电影.
6 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (in/on sth) (cause sth to) become fixed, stuck or entangled in or on sth (使某物)固着、卡住、钩住、缠住、绊住、夹住或挂住某物
*The lock won't catch, ie cannot be fastened. 这锁锁不上了.
* Her dress caught on a nail. 她的衣服让钉子给钩住了.
* He caught his thumb in the door. 他的拇指让门夹了.
* He caught his foot on a tree root and stumbled. 他一只脚被树根绊住而跌倒了.
7 [Tn] become infected with (an illness) 感染上, 传染上(疾病)
(a) cold 患感冒
* catch 'flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc 染上流感、肺炎、支气管炎等.
8 [Tn] hear (sth); understand 听见(某事物); 理解; 了解
*Sorry, I didn't quite catch what you said. 对不起, 我没听清你的话.
* I don't catch your meaning. 我不明白你的意思.
9 [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n] hit (sth) 击中(某物)
*The stone caught him on the side of the head. 那块石头击中他头部的侧面.
* She caught him a blow on the chin. 她打了他下巴一拳.
10 [I] begin to burn 烧着; 着火
*These logs are wet
*they won't catch. 这些木头很湿, 点不着.
11 [Tn] reproduce (sth) accurately 精确地再现(某事物)
*The artist has caught her smile perfectly. 艺术家巧妙地捕捉住她的笑容.
12 (idm 习语) be caught/taken short => short2. catch sb `at it = catch sb red-handed. catch sb's at`tention/`eye attract sb's attention 吸引某人的注意
*Try to catch the waiter's eye. 招呼服务员.
* A newspaper headline caught his attention. 报纸的大标题引起他的注意. catch one's `breath stop breathing for a moment (because of fear, shock, etc)(因恐惧、震惊等)一时停止呼吸, 屏息
*He caught his breath in surprise. 他惊奇得屏住了呼吸. catch one's death (of cold) (infml 口) catch a severe cold 患重感冒
*Don't go out without a coat
*you'll catch your death. 别不穿外套出去, 会得重感冒的. catch/take sb's fancy => fancy1. catch `fire begin to burn, esp accidentally 烧着, 着火(尤指意外地)
*She was standing too close to the fireplace and her dress caught fire. 她站得离壁炉太近了, 衣服烧着了. catch it (infml 口) be punished or scolded 受罚; 挨骂
*If your father finds you here you'll really catch it! 要是你父亲知道你在这里, 你非挨骂不可! catch sb `napping find sb not paying attention 发现某人精神不集中
*Don't let the boss catch you napping! 别让老板发现你走神儿! catch sb on the wrong `foot catch sb when he is not ready or expecting sth 乘某人不备, 出其不意. catch sb red-`handed discover sb in the act of doing sth wrong or committing a crime 当场发现某人正做坏事或犯罪. catch sight/a glimpse of sb/sth see sb/sth for a moment 一眼瞥见某人[某事物]
*She caught sight of a car in the distance. 她一眼瞥见远处的汽车.
* He caught a glimpse of her before she vanished into the crowd. 他看见她一闪就在人群中消失了. catch the `sun become sun-burned 晒焦; 晒黑
*Your back looks sore you've really caught the sun today. 你後背红了--今天真晒坏了. catch/take sb unawares => unawares (unaware). catch sb with his pants/trousers down (infml 口) catch or trap sb when he is unprepared or not being watchful 乘某人措手不及; 乘其不备; 出其不意; 冷不防. the early bird catches the worm => early. set a sprat to catch a mackerel => sprat. set a thief to catch a thief => thief.
13 (phr v) catch at sth = clutch at sth (clutch). ,catch `on (to sth) (infml 口) understand (sth) 理解, 了解, 懂(某事物)
*He is very quick/slow to catch `on. 他理解得很快[很慢]. ,catch `on (with sb) (infml 口) become popular or fashionable 受欢迎; 变得流行
*Mini-skirts first caught on in the 1960's. 超短裙是在六十年代开始流行的. ,catch sb `out show that sb is ignorant or doing sth wrong 显出某人无知或犯错误
*Ask me anything you like you won't catch me out. 你尽管问吧--决问不倒我. ,catch `up (with sb); ,catch sb `up reach (and sometimes overtake) sb who is ahead (eg in a race); reach the same stage as sb 赶上(有时超过)某人; 达到与某人相同的境界
*Go on in front. I'll soon catch you up/catch up (with you). 你先走. 我很快就赶上你.
* After missing a term through illness he had to work hard to catch up (with the others). 他因病一学期未上课, 得努力赶上(其他同学). ,catch `up on sth
(a) spend extra time doing sth, in order to compensate for having neglected it 用额外时间做某事(以弥补所耽误的时间)
*I've got a lot of work to catch `up on. 我有很多工作得赶着做.
(b) acquire information about sth belatedly 事後了解对某事物的情况
*Come over for a chat so we can catch up on each other's news. 来聊聊天, 彼此好通通最近的消息. be ,caught `up in sth be absorbed or involved in sth 被卷入或陷入某事物中
*She was caught up in the anti-nuclear movement. 她投身于反核运动.

/kætʃ; kætʃ/
1 act of catching (esp a ball) 抓住(尤指球)
*a difficult catch 难接的球.
2 (amount of) sth caught 所捕获的某事物(的量)
*a huge catch of fish 捕获大量的鱼
* (infml 口) He's a good catch, ie worth getting as a husband. 他是个好对象(值得嫁给他).
3 device for fastening sth 固着某物的装置
*The catch on my handbag is broken. 我的手提包的扣坏了.
4 hidden difficulty or disadvantage 潜在的困难或不利因素
*The house is very cheap. There must be a catch somewhere. 这所房子非常便宜. 这里面一定有蹊跷.
* [attrib 作定语] a `catch question, ie one intended to trick sb 怪问题(使人上当的问题).
5 type of humorous song for three or more singers, each starting at a different time 轮唱曲.
6 (idm 习语) catch-22/ 9ktF twentI5tu:; 9kAtF 9twZn-tI`tu/ (sl 俚) dilemma faced by sb who is bound to suffer, whichever course of action he takes 进退维谷
*[attrib 作定语] a catch-22 situation 进退维谷的情况.
1. Being a foreigner , Carl did not catch on to the joke.

2. But you were never clever enough to catch me."

3. We want to catch the eight nineteen to London.

4. Widowed now, the wife wonders what she would save from their old home if it were to catch fire:

5. This net is used to catch fish.

6. The farmer sets traps to catch the rats.

7. They are working very hard to catch up in science and technology.

8. Quietly Joan showed him the damp cracked walls, the rotten floorboards, and the collection of buckets, jugs and basins she used to catch rain dripping from the roof.

9. He was rushed to the airport in time to catch the sole plane that might enable him to reach his dying father.
    他被及时送到机场, 赶上那班能把他送到临终的父亲身边的惟一的一架班机。

10. How will I ever catch up? I wondered.