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n.机会,可能性,偶然性,运气 v.碰巧,偶然发生,冒...的险adj.偶然的


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/tʃɑ:ns; [US] tʃæns; tʃæns/
1 [U] way in which things happen without any cause that can be seen or understood; luck; fortune 无任何可见到的或可了解的原因而发生的情况; 机会; 运气
*Chance plays a big part in many board games. 在许多棋类游戏中, 大多靠碰运气取胜.
* It was (pure) chance our meeting in Paris/that we met in Paris. 我们在巴黎相遇(纯)属巧合.
* trust to chance 凭机会; 碰运气
* leave nothing to chance, ie take great care in planning sth to reduce the chance of bad luck 不靠运气(极仔细地计划某事物以减少不利的可能性)
* a game of chance, ie one decided by luck, not skill 靠碰运气的游戏
* [attrib 作定语] a chance meeting, encounter, occurrence, happening, etc 巧遇、偶然相遇、偶发事件、偶然发生的事.
2 ~ of (doing) sth/to do sth/that... [C, U] possibility; likelihood 可能性
*Is there any chance of getting tickets for tonight's performance? 有可能得到今晚演出的票吗?
* What are the chances of his coming? 他来的可能性有多大?
* She has a good chance/no chance/not much chance/only a slim chance of winning. 她大有希望[没有可能/没什么希望/只有些微的可能]获胜.
* What chance of success do we have? 我们成功的把握有多大?
* There's a faint chance that you'll find him at home. 在他家里找到他的可能性很小.
3 [C] ~ (of doing sth/to do sth) occasion when success seems very probable; opportunity 很有可能成功的时机; 机会
*It was the chance she had been waiting for. 这就是她一直等待的机会.
* You won't get another chance of going there. 你没有再到那里去的机会了.
* Please give me a chance to explain. 请给我个机会让我解释一下.
* You'd be a fool to ignore a chance like that. 你放弃掉那样的机会可太蠢了.
* This is your big chance! ie your best opportunity of success. 这是你的大好机会! =>Usage at opportunity 用法见opportunity.
4 [C] risk; gamble 冒险; 赌博
*This road may not be the one we want but that's a chance we're going to have to take. 我们要走的并不是这条路--但我们还是要冒险试一试.
5 [C] unplanned event, esp a lucky one; accident 意外事件; (尤指)机会; 机遇
*By a happy chance a policeman was passing as I was attacked. 在我受到攻击时, 幸好有个警察经过.
6 (idm 习语) as ,chance would `have it by coincidence; as it happens 凑巧; 碰巧
*As chance would have it he was going to London as well and was able to give me a lift. 赶巧他也去伦敦, 所以能载我一程. by `any chance perhaps; possibly 或许; 可能
*Would you by any chance have change for 5? 你能找换5英镑的零钱吗? by `chance by accident; accidentally; unintentionally 偶然地; 意外地; 非有意地
*I met her quite by chance. 我遇见她完全是偶然的. a cat in hell's chance => cat1. `chance would be a fine thing (infml 口) I would like to do sth but will never have an opportunity to do it 愿作某事但永远没有机会去作. the chances are (that)... (infml 口) it is likely that... 很可能...
*The chances are that she'll be coming. 很可能她要来. an even chance => even1. even chances/odds/money => even1. a fighting chance => fight1. give sb/sth half a `chance give sb/sth some opportunity of being or doing sth 给某人[某事物]一些机会去成为或去做某事物
*She's keen and I'm sure she'll succeed given half a chance. 她聪明机智, 只要有点儿机会我肯定她会成功. have an eye for/on/to the main chance => eye1. no chance (infml 口) there is no possibility of that 没有可能; 没有希望. not have a chance/hope in hell => hell. on the (off) chance (of doing sth/that...) in the hope of sth happening, although it is unlikely 希望某事发生(虽然可能性不大); 抱(一线)希望
*I didn't think you'd be at home, but I just called on the `off chance. 我想你不会在家的, 只是抱着一线希望给你打个电话. a sporting chance => sporting. stand a chance (of sth/of doing sth) have a chance of (achieving) sth 有(完成)某事物的希望; 有达到某目的的机会
*He stands a (good/fair) chance of passing the examination. 他考试及格(大[很])有希望. take a `chance (on sth) attempt to do sth, in spite of the possibility of failure; take a risk 试图做成某事物(虽然有失败的可能性); 冒险; 碰运气. take `chances behave riskily 冒险
*You should never take chances when driving a car. 开车时决不应冒险. take one's `chance profit as much as one can from one's opportunities 从自己的机遇中尽量取得利益.

/tʃɑ:ns; [US] tʃæns; tʃæns/ v
1 (fml 文) happen by chance 偶然发生; 碰巧
*She chanced to be in/It chanced that she was in when he called. 他打电话时碰巧她在家. =>Usage at appear 用法见appear.
2 [Tn, Tg] (infml 口) risk (sth) 冒(某事的)险
*`Take an umbrella.' `No I'll chance it (ie risk getting wet).' `带着雨伞吧.' `不带了--豁出去了(可能被淋湿).'
* We'll have to chance meeting an enemy patrol. 我们不得不冒着可能遇上敌人巡逻兵的危险.
3 (idm 习语) ,chance one's `arm (infml 口) take a risk, although it is likely that one will fail (尽管可能失败)仍冒险试一试.
4 (phr v) chance on sb/sth (fml 文) happen to meet sb or find sth 偶然遇见某人; 偶然发现某事物.
1. By the time Ben was tired out, Tom had traded the next chance to Billy Fisher for a kite in good repair; and when he played out, Johnny Miller bought in for a dead rat and a string to swing it with; and so on, and so on, hour after hour.

2. But a cloned child born to such suspect parents stands no greater or lesser chance of being loved, or rejected, than a child created the normal way.

3. For they came and went with such frequency that I never even got a chance to learn their names.

4. Without something of this kind, searching for intelligences on other planets would be like trying to meet a friend in London without a pre-arranged rendezvous and absurdly wandering the streets in the hope of a chance encounter.

5. This means that effectively we have no chance of finishing on time.

6. This gives the muscles of your lens and iris a chance to shift position.

7. This gives the muscles of your lens and iris a chance to shift position.

8. This applies particularly to chemical industries, where chance discoveries play a much larger part than they do in physical and mechanical industries.

9. Though Mrs. Bussman was fully acquainted with this story, she thought that there was a chance in a million that she might be right.

10. The customer gets such things as a seat on a plane, a room in a hotel, and a chance to sit on a beach in the sunshine.