美音:[kli:n ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[kli:n ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
adj.清洁的,干净的,清白的 v.打扫,使干净,清扫


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名词:cleanness 形容词比较级:cleaner 最高级:cleanest 副词比较级:cleaner 最高级:cleanest 动词过去式:cleaned 过去分词:cleaned 现在分词:cleaning 第三人称单数:cleans 形容词:cleanable

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cleanse  purify  tidy  wash  dirty  unclean    


/kli:n; klin/
adj (-er, -est)
1 (a) free from dirt or impurities 清洁的; 乾净的; 无杂质的
*clean hands 乾净的手
* clean air, ie free from smoke, etc 清洁的空气
* a clean wound, ie one that is not infected 未感染的伤口
* wash, wipe, scrub, brush, etc sth clean 把某物洗、擦、擦洗、刷...乾净.
(b) that has been washed since it was last worn or used 洗过的
*a clean dress, towel, knife 洗过的连衣裙、手巾、小刀
* He wears clean socks every day. 他每天穿新洗的袜子.
* put clean sheets on a bed 把洗过的床单铺在床上.
(c) having clean habits; caring about cleanliness 爱乾净的; 讲究清洁的
*Cats are clean animals. 猫很爱乾净.
2 not yet used; unmarked 尚未用过的; 未作过标记的
*a clean sheet of paper 一张白纸.
3 (a) not obscene or indecent 不猥亵的; 不下流的
*Keep it clean! ie Don't tell dirty jokes! 嘴乾净点! (别开下流玩笑!)
(b) (dated 旧) good; innocent 好的; 无辜的; 清白的
*lead a clean life 过清白的生活.
(c) showing or having no record of offences 无过失记录的
*a clean driving-licence, ie one with no endorsements 无违章记录的驾驶执照
* She has a clean record. 她无违法记录.
(d) keeping to the rules; not unfair 遵守规则的; 公平的; 正当的; 不违例的
*a hard-fought but clean match 激烈而规矩的比赛
* a clean tackle, eg in a game of football 正当的抢截(如在足球赛中).
4 having a simple and pleasing shape; well-formed 外形简洁美观的; 形状好的
*a car with clean lines 美观的汽车.
5 with a smooth edge or surface; regular; even 边或面光滑的; 规则的; 均匀的; 整齐的
*A sharp knife makes a clean cut. 快刀切得整齐.
* a clean break, eg the breaking of a bone in one place 整齐的断裂处(如骨折于一处).
6 (esp in sport) skilfully and accurately done (尤指体育运动)动作纯熟准确的, 乾净利落的
*a clean hit, stroke, blow, etc 乾净利落的击中目标、一击、一拳等.
7 (infml 口) (of a nuclear weapon) producing little radioactivity (指核武器)几乎无放射性尘埃的.
8 (idm 习语) (as) clean as a new `pin (infml 口) very clean and tidy 非常整洁. (as) clean as a `whistle (infml 口)
(a) very clean 非常清洁.
(b) skilfully; deftly 熟练地; 灵巧地
*The dog jumped through the hoop as clean as a whistle, ie without touching it. 狗灵巧地跳过钻圈(没有触到圈). a clean bill of `health report showing that one's health is good, esp after illness 健康状况良好的报告(尤指病後)
*The doctor gave him a clean bill of health. 医生给他一份健康良好的报告. a clean `sheet/`slate record of work or behaviour that does not show any wrongdoing in the past 过去工作或操行中无过错的记录
*He came out of prison hoping to start (life) again with a clean sheet, ie with his previous offences forgotten. 他出狱後希望重新做人. (make) a clean sweep (of sth)
(a) the removing of things or people that are thought to be unnecessary 去掉认为不必要的事物或人; 清除; 撤换
*The new manager made a clean sweep of the department. 新经理清除了部门中的冗员.
(b) victory in all of a group of similar or related competitions, games, etc (在所有有关竞争、比赛等中)大获全胜
*The Russians made a clean sweep of (the medals in) the gymnastics events. 俄罗斯运动员囊括体操项目奖牌. keep one's nose clean => nose1. make a clean break (with sth) change one's previous manner of living entirely 完全改变以前的生活方式
*He's made a clean break with the past. 他完全改变了过去的生活方式. make a clean breast of sth make a full confession of sth 完全承认某事物
*He made a clean breast of his crime to the police. 他向警方如实招供. show a clean pair of heels => show2. wipe the slate clean => wipe.

1 completely; entirely 彻底地; 完全地; 全部地
*The bullet went clean through his shoulder. 子弹穿透他的肩膀.
* The thief got clean away. 窃贼逃得无影无踪.
* I clean forgot about it. 我把它忘得一乾二净.
* The batsman was clean bowled, ie without the ball hitting the bat or the pads first. 击球员被迫出局(球未先击中球板或护胫).
2 (idm 习语) come clean (with sb) (about sth) (infml 口) make a full and honest confession 全盘招供; 和盘托出
*I've got to come `clean (with you) I was the one who broke the window. 我(向你)说实话--窗户是我打破的.

/kli:n; klin/
1 (a) [Tn] make (sth) clean or free of dirt, etc 使(某物)清洁或无灰尘等
*clean the windows, one's shoes, one's teeth 擦窗户、擦鞋、刷牙
* I must have this suit cleaned, ie at the dry-cleaner's. 我得把这套衣服送去乾洗.
* The cat sat cleaning itself. 猫坐着舔乾净自己的身体.
(b) [I] become clean 变乾净
*This floor cleans easily, ie is easy to clean. 这地面容易擦洗乾净.
2 (phr v) clean sth down clean sth thoroughly by wiping or brushing it 擦净或刷净某物
*clean down the walls 擦净墙壁. clean sth from/off sth remove sth from sth by brushing, scraping, wiping, etc 从某物上将他物刷掉、刮掉、擦掉等
*She cleaned the dirt from her finger-nails. 她从指甲里剔掉污垢. clean sth out clean the inside of sth thoroughly 彻底将某物内部弄得乾乾净净
*clean out the stables 彻底清扫马厩. clean sb out (of sth) (infml 口) use up or take all sb's money; take or buy all sb's stock 将某人所有的钱用完或取走; 将某人所有的存货取走或买走
*I haven't a penny left; buying drinks for everyone has cleaned me out completely. 我一个便士都没有了, 给大家买饮料把我的钱全花光了.
* The burglars cleaned her out of all her jewellery. 窃贼把她所有的首饰都偷走了. clean (oneself) up (infml 口) wash oneself 把身体洗乾净
*My hands are filthy; I'd better go and clean (myself) up. 我的手脏了, 最好去洗洗. clean (sth) up
(a) remove (dirt, rubbish, etc) from a place to clean it; make (a place) clean by removing dirt, etc 除去(污物、垃圾等)把一地方打扫乾净; 除去污物等使(一地方)乾净
*The workmen cleaned up (the mess) before they left. 工人们清理(杂物)後就走了.
* clean up (a room) after a party 聚会後(把房间)打扫乾净.
(b) (infml 口) make or win (a lot of money) 挣得或赢得(很多钱)
*He cleaned up a small fortune. 他发了一笔小财. clean sth up remove criminals, harmful influences, etc from sth 从某事物中清除罪犯、有害影响等
*The mayor is determined to clean up the city. 市长决心清除市内的不良现象.
* a campaign to clean up (ie reduce the amount of sex and violence shown on) television 清除电视中不良现象的运动(减少播放色情和暴力的节目).


Harry MacLean (born 1943) is a writer and lawyer living in Denver, Colorado who writes true crime books and won an Edgar Award for his book In Broad Daylight.
1. By itself, nature can keep the balance and provide plenty of clean water for us. Nature recycles water.

2. We wore clothing slightly inappropriate for the weather, clean but not ironed,

3. The cup is clean.

4. The cup is clean.

5. The moon was above, cold and beautiful, and the music reminded Soapy of those days when his life contained such things as mothers and roses and clean thoughts and collars.

6. The once unlimited supply of fresh, clean water is now limited.

7. The smoke of one small fire causes no harm to the environment. Natural cleaning processes can clean the particles of smoke from the air.

8. The forests cannot clean the air fast enough.

9. Those traditions teach that African women cook, clean, take care of children, sow and harvest crops and support their husbands.

10. No, say the Americans: our fowl are fine, we simply clean them in a different way.