美音:[´kɔ:nə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´kɔ:nə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.角落,(街道)拐角处,(遥远的)地区,偏僻处,困境,绝路 vt.迫至一隅,垄断,使陷入绝境,把...难住 vi.相交成角,囤积(in)


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动词过去式:cornered 过去分词:cornered 现在分词:cornering 第三人称单数:corners

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/'kɔ:nə(r); `kɔrnɚ/
1 place where two lines, sides, edges or surfaces meet; angle enclosed by two walls, sides, etc that meet 角儿; 角落
*A square has four corners; a cube has eight. 正方形有四个角儿; 立方体有八个角儿.
* standing at a street corner 站在街角儿上
* the shop on/at the corner 位于街角儿的商店
* In the corner of the room stood a big old chair. 屋角儿放着一把旧的大椅子.
* The address is in the top right-hand corner of the letter. 地址在这封信的右上角儿.
* When I turned the corner (of the street) he had disappeared. 我拐过街角儿时他已经不见了.
* He hit his knee on the corner of the table. 他的膝盖撞在桌子角儿上了.
* [attrib 作定语] the corner shop, ie on the corner of two streets 街角儿处的商店.
2 (a) hidden, secret or remote place 隐蔽的、秘密的或偏僻的处所
*money hidden in odd corners 藏在秘密地方的钱.
(b) region; part; area 区域; 部分; 地区
*She lives in a quiet corner of Yorkshire. 她住在约克郡的一个僻静的地区.
3 difficult or awkward situation 困境; 窘况
*Having lied that I still had the money, I was in rather a corner when they asked me to hand it over. 因我谎称钱仍在我处, 所以他们要我交出时, 我很尴尬.
* She'll need luck to get out of a tight corner like that. 她要靠运气才能摆脱那样的困境.
* The interviewer had driven her into a corner. 面试主持人把她追问得很窘.
4 (usu sing 通常作单数) ~ (in sth) (commerce 商) complete ownership or control of supplies of sth, enabling one to decide its price 囤积; 垄断
*a company with a corner in tin ore, wheat, etc 垄断锡矿石、小麦等市场的一家公司.
5 (also `corner-kick) (in soccer) kick from the corner of the field, given to a team when an opposing player kicks the ball over his own goal-line (英式足球)角球.
6 (in boxing and wrestling 拳击或摔跤运动中)
(a) any of the four corners of the ring (拳击场及摔跤场的)场角
*In the blue corner, Buster Smith. 蓝方, 巴斯特·史密斯.
(b) [CGp] group of people (eg trainers) who help a fighter during intervals in the match (比赛休息时向场上队员提供帮助的)辅助人员(如教练员)
*His corner advised him to retire. 教练员建议他退场. =>illus at boxing 见boxing之插图.
7 (idm 习语) cut `corners
(a) drive round corners in a wide curve rather than at a sharp angle (驾驶时)拐小弯而不拐大弯.
(b) do sth in the easiest and quickest way, often by ignoring rules, being careless, etc (做事)走捷径, 图省事(常为忽视规则、粗心大意等)
*We've had to cut a few corners to get your visa ready in time. 我们得简化手续才能将你的签证及时办妥. cut (off) a `corner (esp Brit) go across the corner of sth, not properly around it 不绕角儿走而取捷径斜穿
*The lawn is damaged here because people cut (off) the corner. 由于人们不绕角儿走而抄近道, 这里的草坪已踩坏了. the four corners of the earth the most distance parts of the the earth 世界各个角落; 天涯海角
*Former students of this school are now working in the four corners of the earth. 该校的校友现在世界各地工作. out of the corner of one's eye by looking sharply sideways 瞟; 睨视
*I caught sight of her out of the corner of my eye. 我用眼一瞟, 看见了她. (just) round the `corner very near 很近
*Her house is (just) round the corner. 她家离此不远.
* Good times are just round the corner, ie will soon happen. 好日子近在眼前. turn the `corner pass a critical point in an illness, a period of difficulty, etc and begin to improve (疾病、困难时期等)渡过危险期, 渡过难关.

/'kɔ:nə(r); `kɔrnɚ/
1 [Tn]
(a) get (a person or an animal) into a position from which it is hard to escape 使(某人或某动物)走投无路
*The escaped prisoner was cornered at last. 那逃犯最後走投无路了.
* The runaway horse was cornered in a field. 那匹跑掉的马在田地里被圈住了.
(b) put (sb) into a difficult situation 使(某人)陷于困境
*The interviewer cornered the politician with a particularly tricky question. 采访者用一个极其巧妙的问题难住了那个政客.
2 [I] (of a vehicle or driver) turn a corner (指车或司机)转弯
*The car corners well, ie remains steady on curves. 这车转弯转得很平稳.
* Don't corner so fast! 转弯别转得太快!
3 [Tn] (commerce 商) gain monopoly control of (sth) 垄断(某事物)
*corner the market in silver 垄断白银市场.
1. The children´s shoes were all clumped together in a corner.

2. The men of our family waded down through our flooded meadows with boathooks, in the hope of being able to grapple a corner of the raft and pull it out of the current towards our bank.

3. There is one standing at the corner."

4. The teacher spanked him and made him stand in a corner. He was awfully (非常) fresh."

5. Thursday Charles had to stand in a corner during story-time because he kept pounding his feet on the floor.

6. The story began on a downtown Brooklyn street corner. An elderly man had collapsed while crossing the street, and an ambulance rushed him to Kings County Hospital.

7. The cards with names and other data were folded on the upper right-hand corner so he can photograph them right-side-up.

8. At a corner of Sixth Avenue he saw a brightly-lit shop window.

9. At a quiet corner he suddenly stopped.

10. At last she saw Tom turn the corner by the bombed shops, smiling at her and Nicky, her baby.