美音:[kaunt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[kaunt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
v.数,计算,计算在内,认为,有价值 n.计数,计算,注意,伯爵


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动词过去式:counted 过去分词:counted 现在分词:counting 第三人称单数:counts


count=to count(计算)

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add  consider  depend  judge  number  regard  rely  total  countess    


/kaʊnt; kaunt/ v
1 [I, Ipr] ~ (from sth) (to sth) say or name numbers in order 数; 计数
*He can't count yet. 他还不会数数.
* count from
1 to
20 从1数到20
* I can count (up) to 100. 我能数到100.
2 [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) calculate the total of sth 算某物的总数
*Don't forget to count your change. 别忘了数一数你的零钱.
* Have the votes been counted up yet? 选票算好了没有?
3 [Tn] include (sb/sth) in a calculation 把(某人[某物])计算在内
*fifty people, not counting the children 五十人, 儿童除外.
4 (a) [I, Ipr] ~ (for sth) be of value or importance 有价值; 有重要性
*Her opinion counts because of her experience. 因为她有经验, 所以她的意见很重要.
* Knowledge without common sense counts for little. 光有学问而无常识, 则这种学问无甚价值.
* We've only a few bullets left, so make each one count, ie use it effectively. 我们只剩几颗子弹了, 因此要弹不虚发.
(b) [I, Ipr] ~ (as sth) be accepted or valid 认可; 有效
*You didn't shut your eyes before you made the wish, so it doesn't count! 你祈求实现愿望时没闭上眼睛, 所以不算数!
* A few lines of rhyming doggerel don't count as poetry. 几行押韵的蹩脚诗算不上是诗.
5 [Cn.a, Cn.n, Cn.n/a] ~ sb/sth (as) sb/sth consider sb/sth to be sb/sth 认为(某事物或某人)...
*I count myself lucky to have a job. 我有工作实在很幸运.
* I count him a good judge of character. 我认为他很会判断别人品性的好坏.
* We count her as one of our oldest friends. 我们把她看作交情最久的一个朋友.
6 (idm 习语) count one's `blessings be grateful for what one has 知足
*Don't complain! Count your blessings! 别怨天尤人了! 你应该知足! count one's `chickens (before they are `hatched) be too confident that sth will be successful 小鸡还没孵出, 先计算鸡数; 打如意算盘. count the cost (of sth) suffer the consequences of a careless or foolish action 因粗心或做了蠢事而吃苦头; 自作自受
*The town is now counting the cost of its failure to provide adequate flood protection. 该镇未采取适当的防洪措施, 现在吃到了苦头.
7 (phr v) count against sb; count sth against sb be considered/consider sth to be to the disadvantage of sb 认为(某事物)对某人不利
*Your criminal record could count against you in finding a job. 你有前科对你找工作很不利.
* He is young and inexperienced, but please do not count that against him. 他年轻又无经验, 但请不要因此而小看他. count among sb/sth; count sb/sth among sb/sth be regarded/regard sb/sth as one of the stated group 视某人[某事物]为某集体的一员
*She counts among the most gifted of the current generation of composers. 她算是当代最有才华的一位作曲家.
* I no longer count him among my friends. 我不再把他当作朋友. count down signal the approach of a moment (eg for launching a space vehicle) by counting seconds backwards, eg 10, 9, 8, 7... 倒数计秒(如10、9、8、7...). count sb/sth in include sb/sth 把某人[某事物]算在内
*See how many plates we have, but don't count in the cracked ones. 看看我们有多少个盘子, 但不要算有裂纹的.
* If you're all going to the party, you can count me in, ie I will come with you. 要是你们全都去参加聚会, 就可以把我也算上. count on sb/sth rely on sb/sth with confidence 依靠、依赖、信赖或指望某人[某事物]
*count on sb's help/on sb to help 依靠某人的帮助
* Don't count on a salary increase this year, ie You may not get one. 别指望今年会加薪. count sb/sth out
(a) count (things) one by one, esp slowly (慢慢地)逐个数东西
*The old lady counted out thirty pence and gave it to the shop assistant. 老太婆一个个地数出三十便士给了售货员.
(b) count up to ten over (a boxer who has been knocked down), signifying his defeat 对被击倒的拳击者数到十後判其失败
*The referee counted him out in the first round. 裁判判定他在第一回合被击败.
(c) (infml 口) not include sb/sth 不包括某人[某事物]
*If it's going to be a rowdy party, you can count me out, ie I shall certainly not attend. 要是弄成了吵吵闹闹的聚会, 我可不参加. count towards sth be included as a qualification for sth (按照获得某事物的条件)被包括在内
*These payments will count towards your pension. 你付的这些款项将来算在你的养老金里. count up to sth reach the specified total; add up to sth 达到某总数; 共计
*These small contributions soon count up to a sizeable amount. 这些捐款很快就集少成多, 总数相当可观.

/kaʊnt; kaunt/
1 [C] action of counting; number reached by counting 计数; 数出的数
*a second count of the votes in an election 选举中的第二次点票
* I want you to start on a count of 5, ie after I have counted up to 5. 我要你在我数到5时开始.
* By my count (ie As I have counted them) that's five cakes you've had already. 我数着你已经吃了五块蛋糕.
2 [C usu sing 通常作单数] total number of things found in a sample tested 样品中被检验物的含量
*a high pollen count 花粉含量高.
3 (usu 通常作 the count) [sing] (in boxing) act of counting sb out (count1 7) (拳击比赛中对被击倒的某人)数十(而判其失败)
*(fig 比喻) Little Jimmy was really out for the count (ie completely exhausted) after that long tiring day. 小吉米劳累了一天已经筋疲力尽了.
4 [C]
(a) (law 律) any of a group of offences of which a person is accused (被控的)事项, 罪状
*two counts of forgery and one of fraud 两项伪造罪和一项诈骗罪
* She was found guilty on all counts. 她被判各项罪名成立.
(b) any of a set of points made in a discussion or an argument (讨论或争论的)事项, 问题
*I disagree with you on both counts. 我对你的两个论点均未敢苟同.
5 (idm 习语) keep/lose `count (of sth) know/not know how many there are of sth 知[不知]其数
*So many arrived at once that I lost count (of them). 同时来了这么多, 我数不清了.

/kaʊnt; kaunt/
n title of a nobleman in France, Italy, etc, equal in rank to a British earl (法、意等国家的)伯爵(相当于英国的earl). Cf 参看 countess.
1. We want every minute to count.

2. This was a great lesson to me, and now I saw, though too late, the folly of beginning a work before we count the cost, and before we judge rightly of our own strength to go through with it.

3. Here we are, all by ourselves, all 22 million of us by recent count, alone in our rooms, some of us liking it that way and some of us not.

4. "You are full of surprises," he said to her. "Even I can never count upon how you are going to act under given conditions.
    "你可真让人吃惊," 他说,"我都说不准你什么时候会怎么做。

5. Probably the first way of keeping time was to count days.

6. I have lost count of the times we have been filming police officers on the street when local residents have come up to us and told us it is the first time in weeks they have seen police in the area.