美音:[´kʌvə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´kʌvə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.盖子,封面,藉口 vt.覆盖,铺,掩饰,保护,掩护,包括,包含,适用 vi.覆盖,涂,代替


cover为短语/超纲词汇   词频:1674


名词:coverer 动词过去式:covered 过去分词:covered 现在分词:covering 第三人称单数:covers 形容词:coverable


cover=to cover(掩盖)

近义词, 同义词



/'kʌvə(r); `kʌvɚ/
1 (a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (up/over) (with sth) place sth over or in front of sth; hide or protect sth in this way 覆盖或遮掩某物; (以覆盖或遮掩方式)隐藏或保护某物
*Cover the table with a cloth. 在桌子上铺上台布.
* He covered (up) the body with a sheet. 他用单子盖住那具尸体.
* She covered her knees (up) with a blanket. 她把毯子盖在膝盖上.
* The hole was covered (over) with canvas. 这个洞被帆布遮盖住了.
* He covered the cushion with new material. 他给靠垫蒙上了新的料子.
* He laughed to cover (ie hide) his nervousness. 他哈哈大笑以遮掩紧张的心情.
* She covered her face with her hands. 她双手掩面.
(b) [Tn] lie or extend over the surface of (sth) 平铺或展开在(某物)之表面; 盖住
*Snow covered the ground. 积雪覆盖了大地.
* Flood water covered the fields by the river. 洪水淹没了河边的田地.
* Rubble covered the pavement. 人行道上铺了碎石块.
2 [Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth in/with sth sprinkle, splash or scatter a layer of liquid, dust, etc on sb/sth 在某人[某物]上洒上、溅上或撒上一层液体、尘土等
*I was covered in/with mud by a passing car. 一辆过路的汽车溅了我一身泥.
* The wind blew from the desert and covered everything with sand. 沙漠那边吹来的风把所有的东西都蒙上了一层沙子.
3 [Tn] include (sth); deal with 包括(某事物); 涉及; 处理; 适用于
*research that covers a wide field 涉及范围很广的研究工作
* Her lectures covered the subject thoroughly. 她的演讲对这个问题阐述得很透彻.
* Is that word covered in the dictionary? 这部词典里有那个单词吗?
* Do the rules cover (ie Can they be made to apply to) a case like this? 这些规则是否适用于这样的情况?
* the salesman covering the northern part of the country, ie selling to people in that region 负责在该国北部地区促销的推销员.
4 [Tn] (of money) be enough for (sth) (指钱)够(某事物)之用:
10 will cover our petrol for the journey. 10英镑就足够支付我们旅行的汽油费.
* The firm barely covers (its) costs; it hasn't made a profit for years. 该公司几乎入不敷出, 已经多年没有盈利了.
5 [Tn] travel (a certain distance) 走(一段路程)
*By sunset we had covered thirty miles. 到日落的时候, 我们已走了三十英里.
6 [Tn] (of a journalist) report on (a major event such as a trial, an election, a riot, etc) (指新闻记者)报道(审判、选举、动乱之类的大事)
*cover the Labour Party's annual conference 报道工党年会新闻.
7 [I, Ipr] ~ (for sb) do sb's work, duties, etc during his absence 代替某人工作、履行职责等
*I'll cover for Jane while she's on holiday. 简休假时我替补她工作.
8 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (against/for sth) insure sb/sth against loss, etc 给某人[某事物]保险
*Are you fully covered against/for fire and theft? 你是否保了足够的火险和盗窃险?
9 [Tn]
(a) protect (sb) by shooting at a potential attacker (以火力)掩护(某人)
*Cover me while I move forward. 我前进时, 你掩护我.
* The artillery gave us covering fire, ie shot to protect us. 炮火掩护着我们.
(b) (of guns, fortresses, etc) be in a position to shoot at and therefore control (an area, a road, etc); dominate (指枪炮、堡垒等)射程达到, 掩护, 控制(某区域、道路等); 支配
*Our guns covered every approach to the town. 我们的炮火控制了通往市区的各条道路.
(c) keep aiming a gun at sb (so that he cannot shoot or escape) (用枪炮)瞄准某人(使其不能还击或逃跑)
*Cover her while I phone the police. 你用枪看住她, 我给警方打电话.
* Keep them covered! 把枪口对准他们!
10 [Tn] (of a male animal, esp a horse) copulate with (a female) (指雄性动物与(雌性动物)交配(尤指马).
11 (idm 习语) cover/hide a multitude of sins => multitude. cover one's tracks leave no evidence of where one has been or what one has been doing 掩盖行踪或所做的事的痕迹. cover oneself with glory (rhet 修辞) acquire fame and honour 获得名声及荣誉
*The regiment covered itself with glory in the invasion battle. 该团在反侵略的战斗中赫赫有名.
12 (phr v) cover sth in put a protective covering over (an open space) 给露天场所加顶
*We're having the yard/passage/terrace covered in. 我们给院子[过道/阳台]加了顶子. cover (oneself) up
(a) dress warmly 穿暖和
*Do cover (yourself) up
*it's freezing outside. 衣服穿暖一点
(b) put on (extra) clothes, esp to avoid embarrassment (多)穿衣物, (尤指以免尴尬). cover (sth) up (derog 贬) make efforts to conceal a mistake, sth illegal, etc 掩盖错误、非法的事物等
*The government is trying to cover up the scandal. 政府企图遮掩这件丑事. cover up for sb conceal sb's mistakes, crimes, etc in order to protect him 为某人掩饰错误或隐瞒罪行等.

/'kʌvə(r); `kʌvɚ/
1 [C]
(a) thing that covers 掩蔽物; 覆盖物; 罩子; 套子
*a plastic cover for a typewriter 打字机的塑料外罩
* Some chairs are fitted with loose covers. 有些椅子配有椅套.
(b) top; lid 顶子; 盖子
*the cover of a saucepan 长柄锅的锅盖.
2 [U] place or area giving shelter or protection 隐蔽处; 避难所; 庇护所
*There was nowhere we could take cover (ie go for protection) from the storm. 我们没有地方躲避这场风暴.
* The land was flat and treeless and gave no cover to the troops. 该处地势平坦又没有树木, 部队无处隐蔽.
* The bicycles are kept under cover, eg in a shelter, shed, etc. 自行车存放在棚子下面.
3 [C] either or both of the thick protective outer pages of a book, magazine, etc, esp the front cover (书刊等的)封面
*a book with a leather cover 一本有皮面的书
* The magazine had a picture of a horse on the cover, ie the front cover. 这本杂志封面上画着一匹马.
* read a book from cover to cover, ie from beginning to end 从头到尾读完一本书.
4 the covers [pl] bedclothes 毯子; 被子
*push back the covers and get out of bed 掀开被子起床.
5 [C usu sing 通常作单数]
(a) ~ (for sth) means of concealing sth illegal, secret, etc 隐瞒非法事物、秘密等的手段
*His business was a cover for drug dealing. 他的商行是进行毒品交易的幌子.
(b) false identity 虚假的身分; 伪装
*The spy's cover was that she was a consultant engineer. 那女间谍伪装成顾问工程师.
* The agent's cover had been broken/blown (ie revealed), and he had to leave the country. 那特务暴露了身分, 只好离开该国.
6 [U] protection from attack 防护; 掩护
*Artillery gave cover (ie fired at the enemy to stop them firing back) while the infantry advanced. 炮火掩护步兵前进.
* For this operation we need plenty of air cover, ie protection by military aircraft. 为进行这次军事行动, 我们需要充足的空中掩护.
7 [U] ~ (for sb) performance of another person's work, duties, etc during his absence 代替他人工作、履行职责等; 替补; 代劳
*This doctor provides emergency cover (for sick colleagues). 这位医生代(患病的同事)急诊值班.
8 [U] ~ (against sth) insurance (against loss, injury, etc) 保险(以防损失、伤亡等)
*a policy that gives cover against fire 投保火险的保险单.
9 [C] envelope or wrapper 封套; 封皮
*a first-day cover, ie an envelope with a newly issued stamp on it 首日封(贴有新发行的邮票的信封)
* under plain cover, ie in an envelope or a parcel that does not show the sender, contents, etc 在未写明寄件人、内容等的信封或包裹内
* (commerce 商) under separate cover, ie in a separate parcel or envelope 在另一包裹或另函内.
10 [U] woods or undergrowth that can conceal animals, etc 动物等隐身的树林或矮树丛
*cover for game birds 猎禽的藏身处
* The fox broke (ie left) cover and ran across the field. 狐狸离开了它所隐身的树林, 窜过了农田. Cf 参看 covert2.
11 [C] place laid at table for a meal (餐桌上布置的)席位
*Covers were laid for six. 布置了六个席位.
12 (a) the covers [pl] (in cricket) area to the right of and in front of the batsman (板球)外场防守区(击球员右方及前方的区域)
*fielding in the covers 在外场防守区进行防守.
(b) [C] player who fields in the covers 外场防守员
*The ball went past cover. 球越过了外场防守员.
13 (idm 习语) under cover of sth
(a) concealed by sth 在某事物掩护下
*We travelled under cover of darkness. 我们在夜幕掩护下行进.
(b) with pretence of sth 以某事物为藉口; 藉某事物之名
*under cover of friendship 藉友谊之名
* crimes committed under cover of patriotism 打着爱国的旗号犯下的罪行.


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1. Each teenager is expected to cover his or her own expenses for articles for personal use, entertainment, long-distance telephone calls and clothing.

2. But a series of new environmental laws, together with the creation of parks and nature preserves that cover one quarter of the country, are aimed at protecting Costa Rica’s remaining forests.

3. For there is seldom anything to cover them over.

4. We had money to cover small purchases, and, apart from wearing down-scale clothing, we did nothing in any of these settings to draw attention to ourselves; we merely shopped quietly in our accustomed manner.

5. This temptation to cover the distance between himself and the reader,

6. The room, which was fairly big, was furnished with large chairs and a round table with a green baize cover.

7. They cover their eyes; they put their heads down; they sing to themselves; they try to play games or even fall asleep.

8. Now the slanting rays cover a much larger surface of the earth than the same number of rays coming straight down.

9. Health insurance does not cover AIDS, abortion and suicide, nor dental and eyesight bills.

10. Housing developments and shopping centers cover much of the Earth with paved and concrete surfaces.