美音:[´kredət ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´kredət ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.信任,信用,声望,荣誉,[财务]贷方,银行存款 vt.相信,信任,把...归给


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动词过去式:credited 过去分词:credited 现在分词:crediting 第三人称单数:credits


cred=to believe(相信)

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belief  faith  honor  trust  debit  discredit  distrust    


/'kredɪt; `krɛdɪt/
1 (a) [U] permission to delay payment for goods and services until after they have been received; system of paying in this way 赊购; 赊购制度
*refuse/grant sb credit 拒绝[允许]某人赊购物品
* No credit is given at this shop, ie Payment must be in cash. 本店概不赊欠.
* I bought it on credit, ie did not have to pay for it until some time after I got it. 我以赊购方式买下了它.
* High interest rates make credit expensive. 由于利率很高, 赊购并不划算.
* give sb six months' interest-free credit, ie allow sb to pay within six months, without adding an extra charge for interest 给予某人六个月的无息赊欠期
* [attrib 作定语] a credit period, agreement, limit 赊欠期限、协议、限额.
(b) [U] sum of money in sb's bank account (某人银行帐户中的)存款数额
*How much do I have to my credit? ie How much money is in my account? 我帐上有多少存款?
* Your account is in credit, ie There is money in it. 你的帐上有余额.
* [attrib 作定语] I have a credit balance of 250. 我帐上有250英镑的存款余额.
(c) [C] sum of money lent by a bank, etc; loan (银行等的)借款; 贷款
*The bank refused further credits to the company. 银行拒绝再向这家公司提供贷款.
(d) [C] (in bookkeeping) (written record of a) payment received (簿记中的)付方, 贷方
*Is this item a debit or a credit? 这笔帐属于借方还是属于贷方? Cf 参看 debit.
2 [U] ~ (for sth) praise; approval; recognition (used esp with the vs shown) 称赞; 赏识; 表扬(尤与以下示例中的动词连用)
*He got all the credit for the discovery. 这一发现全都归功于他了.
* I can't take any credit; the others did all the work. 我不能接受任何荣誉, 所有的工作都是别人做的.
* She was given the credit for what I had done. 事情是我做的, 她却受到称赞.
* At least give him credit for trying, ie praise him, even though he did not succeed. 至少也应该肯定他敢于尝试(虽未取得成功也该给予表扬).
* Give credit where it's due. 该表扬就给予表扬.
* There was little credit for those who had worked hardest. 几乎没表扬那些工作最努力的人.
* His courage has brought great credit to/reflects credit on (ie gives a good reputation to) his regiment. 他很勇敢使他所在的团大为增光.
3 [U] belief; trust; confidence 相信; 信任; 信赖
*The rumour is gaining credit, ie More and more people believe it. 相信那谣言的人越来越多了.
* Recent developments lend credit to (ie strengthen belief in) previous reports. 最近的事态发展说明先前的报道是可靠的.
4 credits [pl] (also credit titles) list of actors, director, cameramen, etc who worked on a film, TV programme, etc, shown at the beginning or end 片头字幕, 片尾字幕(在电影、电视节目等的片头或片尾所显示的演员、导演、摄制人员等的名单).
5 [C] (US education 教) entry on a record showing that a student has completed a course 学分
*gain credits in Math and English 取得数学课和英语课的学分.
6 [sing] addition to the reputation or good name of sb/sth 为某人[某事物]增光
*This brilliant pupil is a credit to his teachers. 这名优秀生为老师增了光.
7 (idm 习语) be to sb's credit; do sb credit; do credit to sb/sth make sb worthy of praise 使某人值得赞扬
*Jack, to his credit, refused to get involved. 杰克好就好在拒不参与.
* It is greatly to your credit that you gave back the money you found; your honesty does you credit. 你拾金不昧是非常难能可贵的; 你很诚实, 应该受表扬.
* His improved performance does credit to his trainer. 他的表演有进步, 这应该归功于他的教练.
* It does her credit that she managed not to get angry. 她沉住气没发脾气, 这是值得称赞的. have sth to one's credit have achieved sth 完成某事物
*He is only thirty, and already he has four films to his credit, ie he has made four films. 他才三十岁, 却已拍过四部影片了.

/'kredɪt; `krɛdɪt/
1 [Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth with sth; ~ sth to sb/sth
(a) believe that sb/sth has sth; attribute sth to sb/sth 认为某人[某事物]有某事物; 把某事物归功于某人[某事物]
*Until now I've always credited you with more sense. 在这以前, 我一直都认为你不至如此糊涂.
* The relics are credited with miraculous powers. 这些早期遗物被认为具有神奇的力量.
* Miraculous powers are credited to the relics. 人们认为这些早期遗物具有神奇的力量.
(b) record an amount as being paid into sb's bank account 把金额记入某人银行帐户的贷方
*credit a customer with
8 把8英镑记入客户贷方
* credit
8 to a customer/an account 在客户[帐户]的贷方记入8英镑.
2 [Tn] (used mainly in questions and negative sentences 主要用于疑问句及否定句) believe (sth) 相信(某事物)
*Would you credit it? ie It is incredible. 你相信吗?
* I can barely credit what she said. 我简直不能相信她的话.
1. Besides, if Hans comes here, he will ask me to give him some flour on credit, and I cannot do that.

2. Besides criminal history, workers' insurance claims, and civil court records, one of their core products is credit information, which isn't always accurate.

3. It is probably a mistake to credit dolphins with any motive of lifesaving.

4. And they can travel now and pay later by using their credit cards.

5. Always give others credit that is rightfully theirs.

6. She also takes credit for being the first person to use both legs of a pair of stockings at the same time, one leg for onions, one leg for potatoes or garlic.

7. Primarily, the banker-customer relationship is that of debtor and creditor----who is which depending on whether the customer´s account is in credit or is overdrawn.

8. Modern means of transportation, communication, advertising and credit have all played a part in the growth of a giant new industry, tourism.

9. My father's father, Jacob Volk (雅各布·沃尔克), took credit for the wrecking ball.

10. Your date of birth, Social Security Number, credit and medical histories.