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evil  sin  vice  wrongdoing    


/kraɪm; kraɪm/ n
1 (a) [C] offence for which one may be punished by law 罪; 罪行
*commit a serious crime 犯重罪
* a minor crime like shoplifting 入店行窃之类的小罪
* convicted of crimes against humanity 被判犯有违反人性的罪行.
(b) [U] such offences; law-breaking 犯罪活动; 不法行为
*an increase in crime 犯罪活动的增加
* The police prevent and detect crime. 警察的职责是防止和侦查犯罪活动.
* He took to a life of crime, ie became a criminal. 他已沦为罪犯.
* [attrib 作定语] crime prevention, rates 防止犯罪的措施、犯罪率
* crime fiction, writers, novels, etc, ie dealing with crime, its detection, etc 描写犯罪活动的小说、作家、长篇小说等.
2 (usu 通常作 a crime) [sing] foolish or immoral act 愚蠢的行为; 缺德行为
*It's a crime to waste money like that. 那样浪费金钱是一种罪过.
* It's a crime the way he bullies his children. 像他那样欺负自己的孩子真缺德.


[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Latin;Origin: crimen 'judgment, accusation, crime']
illegal activities in general
 We moved here ten years ago because there was very little crime.
 Women commit far less crime than men.
 Police officers are being given new powers to help combat crime .
 the reasons why people turn to crime
 The town has a relatively low crime rate .
 The latest crime figures show a drop in the number of robberies.
 We need to focus more on crime prevention .
 Violent crime is on the increase in the city.
 There has been a rise in serious crime in the area.
 He became involved in petty crime as a teenager.
 a police crackdown on car crime
 Street crime was rising rapidly in the Russian capital.
 a new support group for victims of crime
 Politicians are trying to appear tough on crime .
 the latest novel by crime writer Ed McBain
an illegal action, which can be punished by law
 He insisted that he had not committed any crime .
 Rape is a very serious crime .
 men who have been found guilty of violent crimes
crime against
 Crimes against the elderly are becoming more common.
 The City Council made it a crime to drink alcohol in the street.
 Police are still busy hunting for clues at the scene of the crime (=where the crime happened) .
a life of crime
when someone spends their life stealing and committing other crimes, in order to get money to live
the perfect crime
a crime that no one knows has been committed, so no one can be punished for it
crime of passion
a crime, especially murder, caused by sexual jealousy
crime against humanity
a crime of cruelty against large numbers of people, especially in a war
crime doesn't pay
used to say that crime does not give you any advantage, because you will be caught and punished - used when warning people not to get involved in crime
something that someone is blamed or criticized for doing - use this when you think someone is treated very unfairly
 My only crime is that I fell in love with another girl.
 Johnson's biggest crime was that he told the truth.
it's a crime
spoken said when you think something is very wrong, and someone should not do it
 It would be a crime to waste all that good food.
partners in crimeatpartner1 (5), white-collar
COLLOCATES for sense 1
commit crime
combat/fight crime
turn to crime (=start committing crimes)
crime rate (=the amount of crime that happens somewhere)
crime figures/statistics
crime prevention
violent crime
serious crime
petty crime (=crime that is not very serious)
car crimeBritish English
street crime
victim of crime
juvenile/youth crime (=by children and teenagers)
tough on crime (=always punishing crime severely)
HINT sense 1
Do not say 'make/do (a) crime'. Use commit : Young men are more likely to commit crime. She has committed a terrible crime.
crimes that involve stealing things: robbery, burglary, theft, shoplifting, fraud, carjacking
crimes that involve attacking people : assault, mugging, murder, rape
someone who commits crimes: criminal, thief, crook, burglar, mugger, robber, pickpocket, rapist, offender, lawbreaker
See also: criminal, offence, felony, misdemeanour, organized crime, war crime

1. Electronic monitors would watch over the public areas so that there would be little crime.

2. Bribery of government officials is a crime.

3. What is the relationship of crime to poverty?

4. When I met her on the other side we laughed with wicked pleasure, as we'd gotten away with a crime.

5. They acquitted him of this crime.

6. The detection of crime is not always easy.

7. The enormity of the crime has shocked even experienced policemen.
    这件罪行极端凶残, 连经历丰富的警察都感震惊.

8. Have you seen the latest statistics on crime?

9. According to the witness´s testimony, you were present when the crime was committed.
    根据证人证词所示, 案发时你在犯罪现场.

10. Actually the biggest threat to the traditional image and role of police officers does not come from guns and armed crime but the increase in the tasks we expect the police to carry out.