美音:[kʌt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[kʌt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
v.切(割、削),(直线等)相交,剪,截,刺穿,刺痛,删节,开辟 n.(刀、剑、鞭等的)切削,削减,删节,伤口,切口


cut为小学词汇   词频:1696


形容词:cuttable 动词过去式:cut 过去分词:cut 现在分词:cutting 第三人称单数:cuts

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abbreviate  abridge  compress  condense  contract  curtail  reduce  sever  shorten  split  bind  chain  fasten  knot  link  tie    


/kʌt; kʌt/
v (-tt-; pt, pp cut)
1 [Ipr, Tn] make an opening, slit or wound in (sth) with a sharp-edged tool,(eg a knife or a pair of scissors) 切; 割; 剪; 砍
*You need a powerful saw to cut through metal. 切割金属需用强劲的锯.
* He cut himself/his face shaving. 他刮胡须时割破了脸.
* She cut her finger on a piece of broken glass. 她被一块碎玻璃划伤了手指.
* cut sb's throat, ie kill sb with a deep wound in the throat 割断某人咽喉.
2 (a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (from sth); ~ sth (for sb) remove sth (from sth larger) using a knife, etc (用刀等自较大物体上)切下、割下、剪下或砍下某物
*cut some flowers 剪下一些花朵
* How many slices of bread shall I cut (ie from the loaf) ? 我该切多少片面包?
* She cut a slice of beef from the joint. 她从大块的牛肉上切下一片来.
* Please cut me a piece of cake/cut a piece of cake for me. 请给我切块蛋糕.
* Cut yourself some pineapple. 你自己切点菠萝吃吧.
* Cut some pineapple for your sister. 给你姐姐切几片菠萝吧.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (in/into sth) divide sth (into smaller pieces) with a knife, etc (用刀等)把某物切割成小块
*Will you cut the cake? 请你切蛋糕好吗?
* If you cut the bread (ie into slices) we'll make some toast. 你要是把面包切成片, 我们就烤点儿面包片.
* She cut the meat into cubes. 她把肉切成小块儿.
* cut apples into halves, thirds, quarters, etc 把苹果切成两半、三瓣、四瓣等
* The bus was cut in half/in two by the train. 公共汽车被火车撞成两截.
(c) [Tn] separate (sth) into two pieces; divide (把某物)一分为二; 分割
*cut a rope, cable, thread, etc 割断绳子、缆索、线等
* Don't cut the string, untie the knots. 别剪断绳子, 把结解开.
* The Minister cut the tape to open a new section of the motorway. 部长为一段新高速公路的竣工剪彩.
(d) [Tn, Cn.a] shorten (sth) by cutting; trim 剪短(某物); 修剪
*cut one's hair, one's nails, a hedge 剪头发、指甲、树篱
* cut (ie mow) the grass 刈草
* He has had his hair cut (short). 他理发了.
(e) [Tn, Tn.pr] make or form (sth) by removing material with a cutting tool 切成, 剪成, 挖成, 刻成(某物)
*cut a diamond 雕琢 钻石
* The climbers cut steps in the ice. 登山者在冰上凿出踏脚处.
* cut a hole in a piece of paper 在纸上挖个洞
* cut one's initials on a tree 在树上刻自己姓名的首字母. =>Usage 见所附用法.
3 [I]
(a) be capable of being cut 可被切、剪等
*Sandstone cuts easily. 砂岩容易切割.
(b) be capable of cutting 可用以切、剪等
*This knife won't cut. 这把刀不快.
4 [Tn] cause physical or mental pain to (sb) 使(某人)感到疼痛或痛苦
*His cruel remarks cut her deeply. 他那些无情的话伤透了她的心.
5 [Tn] harvest (a crop) 收割(庄稼)
*The wheat has been cut. 小麦已经收割.
6 [Tn] (of a line) cross (another line) (指直线)(与另一直线)相交
*Let the point where AB cuts CD be called E. 设AB线与CD线的相交点为E.
* The line cuts the circle at two points. 一直线与圆相交于两点.
7 [I, Tn] lift and turn up part of (a pack of playing-cards) in order to decide who is to deal, play first, etc 切牌(从一副纸牌中拿起一部分翻转过来以决定由谁发牌、谁先出牌等)
*Let's cut for dealer. 咱们切牌决定由谁发牌吧.
* cut the cards/pack 切牌.
8 (a) [Tn, Tn.pr] reduce (sth) by removing a part of it 削减(某事物)
*cut prices, taxes, spending, production 削价、减税、紧缩开支、减少产量
* His salary has been cut (by ten per cent). 他的薪水减少了(百分之十).
* The new bus service cuts the travelling time by half. 新的公共汽车交通服务使运行时间减少了一半.
* Could you cut your essay from
10000 to
5000 words? 请把你的那篇文章从10000字删减到5000字行吗?
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) remove sth (from sth); leave out or omit sth 删除, 删节(某物)
*Two scenes were cut by the censor. 有两个镜头被审查员剪掉了.
(c) [Tn] (infml 口) stop (sth) 停止(某事)
*Cut the chatter and get on with your work! 别唠唠叨叨了, 继续工作吧!
9 (a) [Tn] prepare (a film or tape) by removing or rearranging parts of it; edit 剪辑(影片或磁带); 编辑.
(b) [I] (usu imperative 通常用于祈使句) stop filming or recording 停止拍片或录音、录像
*The director shouted `Cut!' 导演喊了一声 停! 
(c) [Ipr] ~ (from sth) to sth (in films, radio or television) move quickly from one scene to another (电影、电视)转换画面; (无线电)瞬间转换
*The scene cuts from the shop to the street. 镜头从商店转换到街道.
10 [Tn] switch off (a light, car engine, etc) 关上(电灯、汽车发动机等).
11 [Tn] (infml 口) stay away from (sth) deliberately; not attend 不出席; 不到场
*cut a class, lecture, tutorial, etc 旷课、不听讲座、不上辅导课.
12 [Tn] (infml 口) refuse to recognize (sb) 不认, 不理睬(某人)
*She cut me (dead) in the street the other day. 几天前她在街上竟把我视若路人.
13 [I, Tn] (in cricket) hit (the ball) in the direction one is facing with the bat held horizontally (板球)切击(横握球板向正面方向击球)
*He cut the ball to the boundary. 他把球切击到边线.
14 [Tn] have (a new tooth) beginning to appear through the gum 开始长(新牙).
15 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) (esp US) make sth less pure; dilute or weaken sth 往某物中搀入杂质; 将某物冲淡或稀释
*cut whisky with water 往威士忌酒里搀些水.
16 [Tn] record music on (a gramophone record) 灌制(唱片)
*The Beatles cut their first disc in 1962. 披头士乐队于1962年灌了第一张唱片.
17 (idm 习语) cut and `run (sl 俚) make a quick or sudden escape 急忙逃走. (For other idioms containing cut, see entries for the ns, adjs, etc 与cut搭配的其他习语见有关名词、形容语等的词条, 如 cut corners => corner; cut it/things fine => fine3. )
18 (phr v) cut across sth not correspond to (the usual divisions between groups) 与(通常的分类)不符
*Opinion on this issue cuts across traditional political boundaries. 人们对这问题的看法, 超越了他们沿袭至今的政治界线. cut across, along, through, etc (sth) go across, etc (sth), esp in order to shorten one's route 穿过(某地)(尤指抄近路)
*I usually cut across/through the park on my way home. 我在回家途中通常抄近路穿过公园.

*Compare cut, saw, chop, hack, slash and tear. 试比较cut、saw、chop、hack、slash、tear这几个词. Notice that they are used with a variety of prepositions and particles. 注意这些词总是与各类介词及小品词连用. Cut has the widest use and indicates making an opening in something or removing a part of something with a (usually) sharp instrument or object *cut使用最广, 意为用(通常指)利器破开某物或除去某物之一部分
*She cut her finger on some broken glass. 她被碎玻璃划破了手指.
* He cut the advertisement out of the newspaper. 他把那广告从报纸上剪了下来. We saw wood by cutting it with a saw and chop it by cutting it with an axe 用锯锯木头为saw, 用斧子劈木头为chop
*We can saw off any dead branches and chop them for firewood. 我们可以把枯枝锯掉劈成柴. Hack suggests hitting something with violent cutting blows, usually in order to destroy or remove it completely *hack指劈或砍某物, 通常旨在将其彻底毁坏或清除
*The explorers hacked (away) at the undergrowth to make a path. 勘探人员披荆斩棘开辟道路.
* Developers have destroyed the landscape by hacking down all the trees. 土地开发商把树都砍掉了, 破坏了风景. Slash indicates damaging or injuring somebody or something with long swinging cuts of a knife or sword *slash指挥动刀剑猛砍或猛劈某人或某物
*The football hooligans had slashed some of the seats in the train. 足球迷中的流氓用刀砍坏了列车上的一些座位. We tear things by pulling them apart with our hands 用手把东西扯破为tear
*Can I tear this article out of the newspaper? 我可以把这篇文章从报纸上撕下来吗?
* She tore up his letter in anger. 她愤怒地撕毁了他的信.

/kʌt; kʌt/
1 wound or opening made with a knife, pair of scissors, etc (刀、剪刀等留下的)伤口, 破口
*a deep cut in the leg 腿上很深的伤口
* cuts on the face 脸上的伤口
* make a cut in sth 在某物上划一刀
* a cut in the edge of the cloth 在布的边沿上剪的一道口子.
2 (a) act of cutting 切; 割; 剪; 砍
*Your hair could do with a cut, ie is too long. 你该理发了.
(b) stroke made with a knife, sword, whip, etc (刀、剑、鞭子等的)抡, 挥, 削, 砍, 击, 抽
*a cut across the hand 手上挨的一鞭子.
3 ~ (in sth) reduction in size, length, amount, etc (体积、长度、数量等的)减小, 减短, 减少
*a cut in expenditure, prices, production 费用、价格、产量的降低
* He had to take a cut in (his) salary. 他不得不接受减薪.
* tax cuts 减税
* a power cut, ie temporary reduction or stoppage of an electric current 电力不足(电力暂时性的减弱或断电).
4 ~ (in sth) act of removing part of a play, film, book, etc (戏剧、影片、书等的)删节, 删剪
*There are several cuts in the film, ie parts that have been cut out by the censor. 影片中有几处给剪掉了.
* Where can we make a cut in this long article? 这篇长文在什么地方可以删掉一些?
5 piece of meat cut from the carcass of an animal (从屠宰後动物躯体上)切下的肉块
*a lean cut of pork 一块瘦猪肉
* a cut off the joint, ie a slice from a cooked joint of meat 从一大块熟肉上切下的一片.
6 style in which a garment is made by cutting (服装剪裁的)式样, 款式
*I don't like the cut of his new suit. 我不喜欢他那套新衣服的式样.
7 (in cricket) stroke played in the direction one is facing with the bat held horizontally (板球中的)切球
*a cut to the boundary 切至边线的一击.
8 remark, etc that hurts sb's feelings 伤人感情的言语等
*What she said was a cut at (ie was directed at) me. 她的话是冲着我来的.
9 (infml 口) share of the profits from sth (从利润中分得的)份额
*Your cut will be 200. 你的一份是200英镑.
10 (idm 习语) a cut above sb/sth (infml 口) rather better than sb/sth 略优于某人[某事物]
*Her work is a cut above that of the others. 她干的工作比别人要好些.
* She's a cut above the rest (of her colleagues). 她比其他(共事的)人略胜一筹. cut and `thrust (of sth) lively argument; attack and counter-attack 激烈的争论; 交锋
*the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate 议会辩论中的唇枪舌剑. the cut of sb's `jib (dated 旧) person's appearance, manner or style 人的外貌、姿态或风度
*I must say I didn't like the cut of his jib. 说实在的, 我不喜欢他那个样子. a short cut => short1.


Sherman is the northernmost and least populous town of Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 3,581 at the 2010 census.
1. Eliot says you can first make a list of 12 things, then cut it down to 6 and set your priorities.

2. But people who are cut off not only from foreign tourists, but even from their own countrymen can be hostile to travellers.

3. But before the Suez Canal was cut in 1869, Asia was also linked to Africa.

4. Will the cut leave a scar?

5. We were cut off by the tide.

6. Without machinery, the ancient Egyptians cut and moved and lifted each of these stones.

7. We budget it, save it, waste it, steal it, kill it, cut it, account for it; we also charge for it. It is a precious resource.
    我们安排时间、节约时间、浪费时间、挤抢时间、消磨时间、缩减时间、对时间的使用作出解释; 我们还要因时间而收取费用。时间是一种宝贵的资源。

8. The blood had congealed round the cut on her knee.

9. There is a cut on his cuff.

10. The shears aren´t sharp enough to cut the grass.
    这把大剪刀不够快, 剪不动草.