美音:[di:p ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[di:p ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
adj.深的,纵深的,远离中心的,深奥的,难懂的,(指人)诡计多端的,低沉的(声音) adv.深入地,迟 n.深渊,深处


deep为中学词汇   词频:1987


名词:deepness 副词:deeply 形容词比较级:deeper 最高级:deepest

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/di:p; dip/
adj (-er, -est)
1 (a) extending a long way from top to bottom 深的(从顶端延伸到底部)
*a deep well, river, trench, box 深的井、河、沟、箱子. Cf 参 看 shallow.
(b) extending a long way from the surface or edge 深的(从表面或边缘延伸)
*a deep wound, cleft, border, shelf 深进去的伤口、裂缝、边缘、搁板
* a big, deep-chested wrestler 身材魁梧、胸部很厚的摔角者.
(c) (after ns, with words specifying how far 用于名词後, 与说明多远的词连用) extending down, back or in 深的(向下、向後、向里延伸)
*water six feet deep 六英尺深的水
* a plot of land
100 feet deep, ie going back this distance from a road, fence, etc 深远达100英尺的土地
* People stood twenty deep (ie in lines of twenty people one behind the other) to see her go past. 人们一层层站成二十排以观看她经过的情形.
2 (a) [attrib 作定语] taking in or giving out a lot of air 深的(吸进或呼出大量空气)
*a deep sigh/breath 深深的叹息[呼吸].
(b) going a long way down or through sth 深的(沿某物向下或穿过某物)
*a deep thrust/dive 深刺[深潜].
3 (of sounds) low in pitch; not shrill (指声音)低沉的, 不尖锐的
*a deep voice, note, rumbling, etc 低沉的嗓音、音调、隆隆声等.
4 (of sleep) from which one is not easily awakened (指睡眠)不易醒的, 酣睡的.
5 (of colours) strong; vivid (指颜色)浓重的, 鲜明的, 鲜艳的
*a deep red 深红色.
6 [pred 作表语] ~ in sth
(a) far down in sth 在某物深远处
*with his hands deep in his pockets 双手深插在衣袋里
* rocks deep in the earth 地下深处的岩石.
(b) absorbed in sth; concentrating on sth 专心于或集中于某事物
*deep in thought, study, a book 沉思、专心于学习, 全神贯注于书中.
(c) very involved in sth; overwhelmed by sth 深陷于某事物; 被某事物的负担压倒
*deep in debt, difficulties 深陷于债务、困难之中.
7 [usu attrib 通常作定语] (fig 比喻)
(a) difficult to understand or find out 难以理解的; 难以发现的
*a deep mystery, secret, etc 难以理解的奥妙、难以发现的秘密.
(b) learned; profound 博学的; 渊博的; 造诣深的
*a deep thinker 知识渊博的思想家
* a person with deep insight 具有远见卓识的人
* a deep discussion 深入的讨论.
(c) concealing one's real feelings, motives, etc; devious 隐藏自己真正感情、动机等的; 狡猾的; 不诚实的
*He's a deep one. 他是个城府很深的人.
8 (a) (of emotions) strongly felt; intense (指情感)可强烈感觉到的, 强烈的, 剧烈的
*deep outrage, shame, sympathy, etc 强烈的愤怒、羞辱、同情心等.
(b) extreme 极度的
*in deep disgrace, trouble 在极度的耻辱、苦恼中.
9 (idm 习语) beauty is only skin deep => beauty. between the devil and the deep blue sea => devil1. go off the `deep end (infml 口) become extremely angry or emotional 变得极度愤怒或激动
*When I said I'd broken it, she really went off the deep end. 我说我把它给弄坏了, 她可真气极了. in deep `water(s) in trouble or difficulty 处于麻烦或困难之中
*Having lost her passport, she is now in deep water. 她丢了护照身陷困厄. of the blackest/deepest dye => dye2. throw sb in at the deep end (infml 口) introduce sb to the most difficult part of an activity, esp one for which he is not prepared 使某人做最困难的事(尤指其无准备的).

/di:p; dip/
adv (-er, -est)
1 far down or in 深深地
*We had to dig deeper to find water. 我们必须再挖深些才能找到水.
* They dived deep into the ocean. 他们深深地潜入海中.
* The gold lies deep in the earth. 黄金埋藏于地下深处.
* He went on studying deep into the night. 他继续学习至深夜.
2 (idm 习语) deep `down (infml 口) in reality; in spite of appearances 实际上; 在心底
*She seems indifferent, but deep down she's very pleased. 她貌似无动于衷, 其实心里非常高兴. go `deep (of attitudes, beliefs, etc) be strongly and naturally held or felt (指态度、信仰等)强烈, 坚定
*Her faith goes very deep. 她的信念很坚定.
* Your maternal instincts go deeper than you think. 你的母性本能远比你想像的强. still waters run deep => still1.

/di:p; dip/
n the deep [sing] (dated or fml 旧或文) the sea 海洋.
1. Exploring really deep caves is not a task for the Sunday afternoon rambler.

2. Exploring really deep caves is not a task for the Sunday afternoon rambler.

3. Buried somewhere in deep grass there is a rusting lawn mower which I have promised to repair one day.

4. By building the city both deep into the ground and high above it, there would be room for far more people and everything else than there is in today´s two dimensional city.

5. But there is still fiery hot rock deep inside.

6. We tramped through the wood for over two hours until we arrived at a deep stream.

7. We informed him that the fissure extended for fifty yards and was two feet wide and four feet deep.

8. We tramped through the wood for over two hours until we arrived at a deep stream.

9. We think of the deep lakes and oceans.

10. Well, I measured the distance of ground, and calculated how deep it was to be dug, how broad, and how the earth to be thrown out.