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adj.干的,干燥的,口渴的 vt.(使)干燥,(使)变干 v.干燥


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名词复数:drys 名词:dryness 副词:dryly 形容词比较级:drier/dryer 最高级:driest/dryest 动词过去式:dried 过去分词:dried 现在分词:drying 第三人称单数:dries

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arid  parched  thirsty  wet    


/draɪ; draɪ/
adj (drier, driest)
1 not (or no longer) wet, damp or sticky; without moisture 乾的; 乾燥的
*Is the washing dry yet? 洗的衣服乾了吗?
* Don't use this door until the paint is dry. 油漆未乾, 别走这个门.
* This pastry is too dry add some water. 做点心的面太乾--加点儿水吧.
2 with little rainfall 少雨的; 乾旱的
*a dry spell, climate, country 乾旱期、乾燥的气候、乾旱的国家
* I hope it stays dry for our picnic. 我盼着别下雨, 我们好去野餐.
3 not supplying liquid 不提供液体的; 乾涸的
*The wells ran dry. 井都乾了.
* The cows are dry, ie not producing milk. 那些母牛不产奶.
4 without liquid 无液体的
*a dry cough, ie without phlegm 乾咳(无痰)
* My throat feels dry. 我嗓子发乾.
* a dry shampoo, ie in powder form 乾洗发剂(粉状).
5 (of a country or region) where it is illegal to buy or sell alcoholic drink (指某国家或地区)禁酒的
*Some parts of Wales are dry on Sundays. 威尔士的一些地区星期日禁酒.
6 (infml 口) (making one) thirsty (令人)口渴的
*I'm a bit dry. 我有点儿渴.
* dry work 令人口渴的工作.
7 [attrib 作定语] without butter 无黄油的
*dry bread, toast, etc 无黄油的面包、烤面包片等.
8 (of wines, etc) not sweet or fruity (指酒等)乾的(无甜味的或无水果味的)
*a crisp dry white wine 清新可口的乾白葡萄酒
* a dry sherry 乾雪利酒.
9 plain; without anything pleasant or interesting 平淡的; 枯燥的; 无趣味的; 乾巴巴的
*They offered no apology, just a dry explanation for the delay. 他们没有为延误道歉, 只做了个乾巴巴的解释.
10 (of humour) pretending to be serious (指幽默)装成正经的
*a dry wit 假装正经的诙谐.
11 unemotional; cold 不动感情的; 冷淡的
*a dry manner, greeting, tone of voice 冷淡的态度、招呼、声调.
12 dull; boring 枯燥的; 乏味的
*Government reports tend to make rather dry reading. 政府的报告往往读来枯燥无味.
13 (idm 习语) boil dry => boil2. (as) ,dry as a `bone completely dry 完全乾燥的. (as) ,dry as `dust very boring 非常乏味的. high and dry => high. home and dry => home3. keep one's powder dry => powder. milk/suck sb/sth dry obtain from sb all the money, help, information, etc he has to give 竭力从某人处获取其所有的金钱、帮助、消息等; 榨取. not a dry eye in the house (joc 谑) everybody in the audience was crying or deeply affected 观众都在哭或深受感动. > dryly (also drily)/ 5draIlI; `draIlI/ adv
*`They're not likely to give you money,' he remarked dryly. `他们不大可能给你钱,'他冷淡地说. dryness n [U].

/draɪ; draɪ/
v (pt, pp dried)
1 [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] (cause sb/sth to) become dry (使某人[某物])变乾
*Leave the dishes to dry (off). 把盘子放着晾乾.
* Dry your hands on this towel. 用这条毛巾把手擦乾.
2 [I] (infml 口) (of an actor) forget one's lines (指演员)忘记台词.
3 (phr v) dry (sb) out (infml 口) treat (sb) or be treated for alcoholism (为某人)戒酒. dry (sth) out (cause sth soaked in water, etc to) become completely dry (使浸水等之物)完全变乾, 乾透
*Your clothes will take ages to dry out. 你的衣服要很长时间才能乾透. dry up
(a) (of rivers, wells, etc) become completely dry (指河流、井等)乾涸.
(b) (fig 比喻) (of any source or supply) no longer be available (指资源或供应)耗尽, 枯竭
*If foreign aid dries up the situation will be desperate. 倘若外援枯竭, 形势将极为严重.
(c) (infml 口) stop talking 停止谈话; 住口; 住嘴
*Dry up and listen to me. 住嘴, 听我说.
(d) be unable to continue talking, esp because one has forgotten what one was going to say 不能继续谈下去(尤指忘记要说的话); 忘词儿. dry (sth) up dry (dishes, cutlery, etc) with a towel after washing them 用毛巾擦乾(洗过的盘子、餐具等).
1. By working at tremendous speed, the men managed to get the dish on to dry land before the wave returned.

2. But there were times when not a single piece of dry wood could be found and even Humboldt lay with his eyes wide open, listening to the roars of the beasts that surrounded them.

3. The ground must be neither too wet nor too dry.

4. This realization now entered my life like a flow of water dividing previously dry and solid ground, creating two banks, one of which was my past — so familiar and predictable that even my unhappiness then made me happy now just to think of it;
    这种认识就象一股水流一样流进我的生活,把先前干涸坚实的土地一分为二,造成了河流的两岸。河岸的一边是我的过去——这对我来说是如此熟悉, 如此地可以预料,以至于我只要想到它,原先使我感到不快的东西也会使现在的我变得开心起来。

5. The owner hands out AIDS information to all her clients when they enter the shop and shows videos on AIDS prevention while they wait for their hair to dry.

6. He put a large quantity of vermouth, both sweet and dry, into a pitcher of ice, added a smaller amount of gin, stirred the concoction rapidly, and poured it out.

7. Dry wood makes a good blaze.

8. Dry wood burns easily.

9. After a bath I dry myself with a towel.

10. An ancient bus stopped by a dry river bed and a party of famous actors and actresses got off.