美音:[´entə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´entə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
vt.进入,加入,参加,登录,开始 vi.进去,[戏]登场,参加 n.输入,回车


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动词过去式:entered 过去分词:entered 现在分词:entering 第三人称单数:enters 形容词:enterable

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go-into  join  set-foot-in  exeunt  exit  go    


/'entə(r); `ɛntɚ/
1 (a) [I, Tn] come or go in or into (sth) 进来; 进去; 进入(某物)中
*Don't enter without knocking. 进屋前先敲门.
* enter a room 进屋
* The train entered the tunnel. 火车进了隧道.
* Where did the bullet enter the body? 子弹是从身体的什么地方射入的?
(b) [I] come or go onto a stage 登台; 上场
*Enter Hamlet/Hamlet enters, eg stage directions in a printed play 哈姆雷特上场(如剧本的舞台说明).
2 [Tn no passive 不用于被动语态] become a member of (sth); gain admission to (sth) 成为(某组织)的成员; 得到进入(某组织)的允许
*enter a school, college, university, etc 考上学校、学院、大学等
* enter the Army/Navy/Air Force 参加陆军[海军/空军]
* enter a profession 从事一职业
* enter the Church, ie become a priest 成为牧师.
3 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) (in sth) record (names, details, etc) in a book, computer, etc
*register sth (在册子等上)记录名字、细节等; 登记某事物
*I haven't entered your name and occupation yet. 我尚未记下你的名字和职业.
* All expenditure must be entered (up) in the account book. 一切开支必须入帐.
4 (Tn) declare that one will take part in (a competition, etc) 报名参加(比赛等)
*enter a race, an examination 报名参加赛跑、考试.
5 [Tn] (fml 文) present (sth) for consideration 提出(某事物)供考虑
*enter a plea of not guilty 提出无罪抗辩
* enter a protest 提出抗议.
6 (idm 习语) enter the lists (against sb) challenge sb or accept a challenge from sb to a contest 要求与某人比赛; 答应与某人比赛.
7 (phr v) enter into sth
(a) begin to deal with sth 开始处理某事物
*Let's not enter into details at this stage. 咱们不要在现阶段着手处理具体问题.
(b) be able to understand and appreciate sth 能懂得并欣赏某事物; 领略; 体会
*enter into the spirit of an occasion, ie begin to enjoy and feel part of it 领略个中乐趣.
(c) (not passive 不用于被动语态) form part of sth 形成某事物的一部分
*This possibility never entered into our calculations. 我们从未考虑过有这种可能性. enter into sth (with sb) begin sth; open sth 开始某事
*enter into negotiations with a business firm 开始与一公司协商
* (fml 文) I dared not enter into conversation with him. 我未敢与他交谈. enter on/upon sth (fml 文)
(a) make a start on sth; begin sth 着手做某事物; 开始某事
*enter upon a new career 开始一新事业
* The President has just entered upon another term of office. 总统刚刚开始另一任期.
(b) (law 律) take possession of sth; begin to enjoy sth 获得某物; 开始享有某物
*He entered on his inheritance when he was 21. 他21岁时继承了财产. enter (sb) for sth give the name of (oneself or sb else) for a competition, race, etc 报名参加竞赛等
*I've entered for the high jump. 我已报名参加跳高比赛.
* The teacher entered him for the examination. 老师替他报名参加考试.
* enter a horse for a race 给马报名参加赛跑.


1【go into】
2【start working】
3【start an activity】
5【write information】
7【period of time】
8【start to exist】
9 enter somebody's life
10【official statement】
Phrasal verbs
 enter into something
 enter upon something
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French;Origin: entrer, from Latin intrare, from intra 'inside']
a) [I and T]
to go or come into a place
 Silence fell as I entered the room.
 Few reporters dared to enter the war zone.
b) [T]
if an object enters part of something, it goes inside it
 The bullet had entered his brain.
to start working in a particular profession or organization, or to start studying at a school or university
 Both the boys entered the army.
 She entered politics in 1996.
 He entered the Church (=became a priest) as a young man.
to start to take part in an activity, or become involved in a situation
 He entered the election as the clear favourite.
 The rebels were prepared to enter negotiations (=start discussing something) .
a) [T]
to put information into a computer by pressing the keys
 Press the return key to enter the information.
enter sth into sth
 The names are entered into a database.
b) [I and T]
if you enter a computer system, you are given permission to use it by the computer
 It won't let you enter without a password.
to write information on a particular part of a form, document etc
 Don't forget to enter your postcode.
enter in/into
 Enter your name in the space provided.
to arrange to take part in a race, competition, examination etc, or to arrange for someone else to take part
 At least 30 schools entered the competition.
enter for
 Decisions about when he or she is entered for an examination should be taken very carefully.
to begin a period of time when something happens
 The economy entered a period of recession in the mid 1980s.
enter its third week/sixth day/second year etc
 The talks have now entered their third week.
if a new idea, thought etc enters your head, or a new quality enters something, it suddenly starts to exist there
 A note of panic entered her voice.
it never entered sb's head/mind
(=used to say that someone never considered a particular idea, especially when this is surprising)
 It never entered his head that she might be seeing someone else.
enter sb's life
if someone or something enters your life, you start to know them or be affected by them
 By the time Angie entered his life, he was almost 30.
to make an official statement
 Wilson entered a plea of not guilty (=said that he was not guilty at the beginning of a court case) .
 Residents entered a number of objections to the scheme.
enter into [enter into sth] phr v
enter into an agreement/contract etc
to make an official agreement to do something
enter into an agreement/contract etc with
 Some local authorities have entered into partnership with private companies.
to start discussing or dealing with something
 It could be a problem, but we don't need to enter into that just yet.
enter into discussions/negotiations (with sb)
 The government refused to enter into discussions with the opposition.
[usually in negatives]
to affect a situation and be something that you consider when you make a choice
 He always buys the best - money doesn't enter into it.
enter into the spirit of it/things
to take part in a game, party etc in an eager way
enter upon [enter upon sth] phr v
to start doing something or being involved in it
 countries newly entering upon industrialization
1. Every year I enter for the garden competition too, and I always win a little prize for the worst garden in the town!

2. But no one has to muster up courage to enter a less pretentious antique shop.

3. Babies of two months old do not appear to be reluctant to enter the water.

4. We enter chatting about any little things that we have in common and the white man would sit calmly in his seat, listening to me with interest.
    我们闲谈一些平常的琐事, 白人会安静地坐着,兴味盎然地听着。

5. This is where age and maturity enter.

6. Take care, however, not to enter someone's "personal space" by getting too close, too soon.

7. The owner hands out AIDS information to all her clients when they enter the shop and shows videos on AIDS prevention while they wait for their hair to dry.

8. The fat man laughed to himself as he unlocked the door of his room and stood aside to let his frustrated guest enter.

9. No problem. Just sit down in front of your home computer or TV and enter what you want, when you want it, from an electronic catalogue containing thousands of titles.

10. Have you the requisite visa to enter Canada?