美音:[fɔl ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[fɔl ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.秋天,落下,瀑布,降低,落差,采伐量,堕落,下降 vi.倒下,落下,来临,失守,变成,垮台,下跌,阵亡 vt.<美><英方>击倒,砍倒(树木) adj.秋天的


fall为小学词汇   词频:1741


动词过去式:fell 过去分词:fallen 现在分词:falling 第三人称单数:falls

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autumn  defeat  descend  destroy  drop  hairpiece  lapse  overthrow  plunge  ruin  slip  tumble  wig    


/fɔ:l; fɔl/
v (pt fell / fel; fZl/, pp fallen / 5fR:lEn; `fRlEn/)
1 [I, Ipr, Ip] come or go down from force of weight, loss of balance, etc; descend or drop 落下; 跌落; 降落; 掉下
*The rain was falling steadily. 雨不停地下着.
* The leaves fall in autumn. 秋天树叶凋落.
* He slipped and fell ten feet. 他失足自十英尺高处跌了下来.
* That parcel contains glass don't let it fall. 那包裹里有玻璃制品--别掉在地上.
* The book fell off the table onto the floor. 那本书从桌上掉到地上.
* He fell into the river. 他掉进河里了.
* I need a new bicycle lamp my old one fell off and broke. 我需要一个新的自行车车灯--旧的摔破了.
2 [I, Ipr] ~ (on/upon sb/sth) come as if by dropping suddenly; descend 突然降临; 来临
*A sudden silence fell. 突然静了下来.
* Darkness falls quickly in the tropics. 热带地区天黑得很快.
* Fear fell upon them. 他们突然感到很害怕.
3 [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (down/over) stop standing, esp suddenly; collapse 倒下(尤指突然间); 倒塌
*Many trees fell in the storm. 在那场暴风雨中有许多树都倒了.
* He fell on his knees (ie knelt down) and begged for mercy. 他跪下求饶.
* The toddler tried to walk but kept falling down. 那小孩学着走路但老是跌跤.
* She fell over and broke her leg. 她跌倒後摔折了腿.
* (fig 比喻) Six wickets fell (ie Six batsmen in cricket were dismissed) before lunch. 午饭前有六个板球击球员被杀出局.
4 [Ipr] hang down 垂下; 低垂
*Her hair fell over her shoulders in a mass of curls. 她的鬈发披在肩上.
* His beard fell to his chest. 他的胡须垂到胸前.
5 [I] decrease in amount, number or intensity (数量、数目)下降; (强度)变弱
*Prices fell on the stock market. 股市行情下跌.
* Her spirits fell (ie She became sad) at the bad news. 她听到这坏消息後情绪很低落.
* Her voice fell as they entered the room. 他们走进房间时她的声音低了下来.
* The temperature fell sharply in the night. 夜间温度急剧下降.
6 [I, Ip] ~ (away/off) slope downwards 向下倾斜
*Beyond the hill, the land falls (away) sharply towards the river. 山那边地面呈陡坡向河边倾斜.
7 [I]
(a) lose one's position, office or power; be defeated 失去地位、职位或权力; 垮台
*The government fell after the revolution. 政府在那场革命之後垮台了.
(b) die in battle; be shot 阵亡; 被击毙
*Half the regiment fell before the enemy onslaught. 在敌军猛攻下, 这个团有一半人阵亡了.
* Six tigers fell to his rifle. 他用步枪射倒了六只老虎.
(c) (of a fortress, city, etc) be captured (指要塞、城市等)沦陷, 失守
*Troy finally fell (to the Greeks). 特洛伊最终被(希腊人)攻陷.
8 [I] (dated 旧) sin; do wrong 犯罪; 堕落
*Eve tempted Adam and he fell. 夏娃诱惑亚当, 结果他犯了罪.
9 [Ipr] ~ on/over sth take the direction or position specified 朝某方向; 占据某位置
*Which syllable does the stress of this word fall on? 这个字的重音是在哪个音节上?
* My eye fell on (ie I suddenly saw) a curious object. 我突然看见一个奇怪的东西.
* A shadow fell over the room. 有个影子映入室内.
10 [La, Ln, Ipr] ~ (into sth) pass into a specified state; become 进入某种状态; 变成
*fall asleep 入睡
* The horse fell lame. 那马瘸了.
* He fell silent. 他静了下来.
* Has she fallen ill again? 她又病了吗?
* When does the rent fall due? ie When must it be paid? 租金何时到期?
* She fell an easy prey to his charm. 她一下子被他迷住了.
* He fell into a doze, ie began to doze. 他打起瞌睡来了.
* The house fell into decay. 那房子腐朽了.
11 [I, Ipr] happen or occur; have as a date 发生; 适逢(一日期)
*Easter falls early this year. 今年的复活节来得早.
* Christmas Day falls on a Monday. 今年的圣诞节是星期一.
12 [I, Ipr] be spoken 被说出
*I guessed what was happening from a few words she let fall, ie from what she said. 我从她说的几句话中猜出发生什么事了.
* Not a word fell from his lips. 他什么话也没说.
13 (For idioms containing fall, see entries for ns, adjs, etc 与fall搭配的其他习语见有关名词、形容词等的词条, 如 fall in love (with sb) => love1; fall flat => flat3.)
14 (phr v) fall about (infml 口) laugh uncontrollably 无法控制地大笑
*We all fell about (laughing/with laughter) when he did his imitation of the tea-lady. 看到他模仿女勤杂工的样子, 我们全笑得前仰後合, 无法自制.

/fɔ:l; fɔl/
1 [C] act or instance of falling 落下; 跌落; 降落; 掉下
*I had a fall (from a horse) and broke my arm. 我(从马上)跌下来把胳膊摔断了.
* That was a nasty fall. 这一跤摔得不轻.
2 ~ (of sth)
(a) [C] amount of sth that falls or has fallen 某物降落的数量
*a heavy fall of snow/rain 一场大雪[大雨]
* a fall of rock(s) 落下的岩石.
(b) [C esp sing 尤作单数] distance through which sb/sth falls or descends 降落的距离; 落差
*a fall of twenty feet 下落二十英尺
* a twenty-foot fall 二十英尺的落差.
3 [C] decrease in value, quantity, intensity, etc 价值、数量、强度等的降低
*a steep fall in prices 价格的暴跌
* a fall in the numbers attending 出席人数的减少.
4 [sing] ~ (of sth) (esp political) defeat; collapse (尤指政治方面的)失败; 垮台
*the fall of the Roman Empire 罗马帝国的灭亡
* The fall of the Government resulted in civil war. 政府倒台导致内战爆发.
5 [C] (US) = autumn
*in the fall of
1970 在1970年的秋季
* several falls ago 几年之前
* [attrib 作定语] fall fashions 秋季式样.
6 (a) [C] ~ (from sth) loss of innocence or a state of goodness 堕落; 变坏
*a fall from grace 失宠.
(b) the Fall [sing] (Bible 圣经) loss of mankind's innocence following the disobedience of Adam and Eve (亚当和夏娃偷食禁果後)人类的堕落.
7 [C] (usu pl, esp in geographical names 通常作复数, 尤用于地名中) large amount of water falling down from a height; waterfall 瀑布
*The falls upstream are full of salmon. 该瀑布上流有许多大麻哈鱼.
* Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉瀑布.
8 (idm 习语) pride comes/goes before a fall => pride. ride for a fall => ride2.
1. Why does a person standing in a bus or train tend to fall when a sudden start is made?

2. These fall into the same category.

3. These matters fall within/go beyond the cognizance of this court.

4. The bush acted as a cushion to my fall.

5. The fall of the river here is two feet.

6. The day of retribution shall fall upon him.

7. The seeds must be carefully chosen; they must fall on good ground; they must be sedulously tended, if the vivifying fruits are to be at hand when needed.

8. There are plenty of high-rise windowsills to fall from!

9. They feared that the mummy would fall to pieces when they cut it open, but fortunately this has not happened.

10. The heavy raids began in the middle of August, and Nazi bombs started to fall along England's Channel Coast.