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n.家庭,家族,家属,亲属,子女,僚属 adj.家庭的,家族的


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group  household  kin    


/'fæməlɪ; `fæməlɪ/
1 (a) [CGp] group consisting of parents and their children 家; 家庭
*Almost every family in the village owns a television. 村上几乎每家都有电视机.
* All my family enjoy skiing. 我全家都喜欢滑雪.
* He's a friend of the family, ie is known and liked by the parents and their children. 他是那家的朋友.
(b) [CGp] group consisting of parents, their children and close relatives 家庭成员及关系密切的亲戚
*the Royal Family, ie the children and close relatives of the Sovereign 王室
* All our family came to our grandfather's eightieth birthday party. 我们全家和所有的亲戚都来参加祖父的八十岁寿宴.
(c) [attrib 作定语] suitable for all members of this group to enjoy together, regardless of age 适合全家大小一起欣赏的
*a family film 适合全家大小一起看的电影
* family entertainment 适合全家大小一起参加的娱乐.
2 [CGp, U] person's children 子女
*Give my regards to Mr and Mrs Jones and family. 代我向琼斯夫妇及其子女问好.
* Do they have any family? 他们有儿女吗?
* They have a large family. 他们子女很多.
3 (a) [CGp] all the people descended from a common ancestor 家族
*Some families have farmed in this area for hundreds of years. 有些家族在该地区务农已达数百年.
* She comes from a famous family. 她出生于名门望族.
* [attrib 作定语] the family estate 家族的地产
* the family jewels 家传的珠宝.
(b) [U] ancestry 家世; 世系
*a man of good family 家世很好的人.
4 [C]
(a) group of related genera of animals or plants (动植物的)科
*Lions belong to the cat family. 狮子属于猫科动物. Cf 参看 phylum, class 7, order1 9, genus 1, species 1.
(b) group of things (eg languages) with common features and a common source 具有相同特徵和同一来源的一组事物(如语言)
*the Indo-European family of languages 印欧语系.
5 (idm 习语) (put sb/be) in the family way (infml 口) (make sb/be) pregnant (使某人)怀孕的. run in the `family be a feature that keeps coming back in different generations of a family 为某家族中各代人呈现出的共有特徵; 世代相传
*Red hair runs in his family. 他家族的人头发都是红色的. start a family => start2.



1【closely related group】
2【all your relations】
4 family size/pack etc
5【group of animals/things】
6 she's/he's family
7 in the family way
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: familia 'people living in a house', from famulus 'servant']
a group of people who are related to each other, especially a mother, a father, and their children
 Do you know the family next door?
 The Webb family still has its farm over there.
[also + plural verb]BrE
 The family now live in London.
 The whole family had caught colds.
For younger members of the family, there is an outdoor play area.
This house isn't big enough for a family of seven .
My family has always been close .
Is there a history of heart disease in your immediate family ?
He lost contact with his extended family .
the traditional nuclear family
children living in a one-parent family
 The Royal Family must now rethink its attitude to marriage.
 the break-up of the family unit
【ALL YOUR RELATIONS】 [C,U also + plural verb British English]
all the people you are related to, including those who are now dead
 I'm moving to Detroit because I have some family there.
 My family come from Scotland originally.
in sb's family
 That painting has been in our family (=been owned by our family) for 200 years.
 Asthma runs in the family (=is common in the family) .
 Couples with young families wouldn't want to live here.
 They're getting married next year, and hope to start a family (=have children) straight away.
bring up/raise a family
 the problems of bringing up a family on a very low income
family size/pack etc
a container or package containing a large amount of a product
a group of related animals, plants, languages etc
the cat/parrot/squirrel etc family
 The cat family includes lions and tigers.
 Spanish and Italian are part of the Romance language family.
she's/he's familyinformal
used to emphasize your connection with someone who is related to you
in the family way
COLLOCATES for sense 1
the whole family/all the family
member of a family/family member
a family of three/four/five etc
a close/close-knit family (=a family whose members have a close relationship)
immediate family (=closest relations)
nuclear family (=a family consisting of a mother, a father, and their children)
family background (=the sort of family someone comes from)
one-parent family/single-parent family
the Royal Family (=the King or Queen and their family)
family home/car/holiday etc
a family film/show etc (=that is suitable for children as well as adults)
family life
family resemblance (=when members of the same family look like each other)
family gathering (=when members of a family who do not live together arrange to meet)
family unit

1. Eric had been the eldest son of the family, very much older than his two brothers.

2. Even though friends and family support the idea of going, it is difficult to say good-bye at this moment.
    即使朋友们及家人支持他们出国留学, 但在此时此刻说声再见却是很困难的。

3. Even young students who plan on staying in the United States just long enough to finish two semesters of high school have difficulty finding a host family.

4. Every family needs to have earthquake emergency plans.

5. C.You decide the fairest thing is not to celebrate with the family at all; it's less trouble.

6. By comparison, nearly half of male high-school students express their preference for a traditional, male-headed, one provider, nuclear family, where the wife stays home as mother and housewife.
    与此相比, 几乎有一半男中学生表达了他们对传统的、以男人为家长的、只有一个人养家糊口的核心家庭的偏爱,在这种家庭里妻子作为母亲和家庭主妇呆在家里。

7. Based partly at a community centre and partly in family homes, the Otherwise Club includes some 35 families around north London.

8. Both these women — mothers of the bride and groom — would have insisted they wanted only the best for their children but they defined "the best" as staying home to help support the family.

9. Both marriage and family involve long-term obligations and responsibility for shared care, not just the search of happiness, that hollow goal of the modern age.

10. But changes came to the family when I was thirteen, and I was sent to school in Jacksonville.