美音:[fıt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[fıt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.突然发作,适合,痉挛,一阵 adj.合适的,恰当的,健康的,,准备好的 vt.适合,安装,使合身,使适应,使合格 vi.适合,符合


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形容词比较级:fitter 最高级:fittest 名词:fitter 动词过去式:fitted/fit 过去分词:fitted 现在分词:fitting 第三人称单数:fits 副词:fitly

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/fɪt; fɪt/
adj (-tter, -ttest)
1 [usu pred 通常作表语] ~ for sb/sth; ~ to do sth suitable or suited for sb/sth; well adapted for sb/sth; good enough for sb/sth 对某人[某事物]适宜; 合适; 适当
*a land fit for heroes to live in 适合英雄生活的国土
* The food was not fit for human consumption/not fit to eat, ie was too bad to be eaten. 这食物不适宜人吃.
2 [usu pred 通常作表语] ~ to do sth (infml 口) in such a condition as to be likely or ready to do or suffer sth specified 可能或准备做某事物; 可能或准备受罪
*They worked till they were fit to drop, ie likely to collapse from exhaustion. 他们一直工作到快要累垮了.
* He's so angry that he's in no fit state to see anyone. 他气成那个样子, 简直无法见人.
* (used as an adv after a v and to + infinitive 用作副词, 在动词 及to+不定式之後) He laughed fit to burst. 他要笑破肚子了.
* His shouting was fit (ie loud enough) to wake the dead. 他大喊大叫都要把死人吵醒了.
3 ~ (for sth/to do sth) in good health, esp because of regular physical exercise 健康的(尤指因经常锻炼)
*World-class athletes are extremely fit. 具有国际水平的运动员体格非常好.
* He's been ill and isn't fit for work yet. 他一直在生病, 尚不能工作.
* He keeps himself fit by running
5 miles every day. 他每天跑5英里以保持身体健康.
* fighting fit, ie in very good physical condition and ready for energetic action 健壮而精力充沛. => Usage at healthy用法见healthy.
4 (fml 文) suitable and right, usu according to accepted social standards 恰当的; 正当的; 得体的
*As George introduced Peter and Sarah it is only fit (and proper) that he should be best man at their wedding. 因是乔治介绍彼得与萨拉相识的, 由他来作他们婚礼的男傧相是最合适的.
5 (idm 习语) (as) ,fit as a ,fiddle in very good physical condition 非常健康
*I felt as fit as a fiddle after my walking holiday. 我经过假期徒步旅行, 身体极好. see/think `fit (to do sth) consider it correct, convenient or acceptable (to do sth); decide or choose 认为(做某事)为正当的、适宜的或得体的; 决定; 愿意
*The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letter. 该报认为不宜发表我的信.
* Do as you think fit. 你认为怎么做好就怎么做吧.

/fɪt; fɪt/
v (-tt-, pt, pp fitted; US also fit)
1 (a) [I, Tn] be the right shape and size for (sb) 形状及大小对(某人)合适; 合身
*These shoes don't fit (me). 这双鞋(我)穿着不合适.
* Her coat fits (her) exactly. 她的大衣很合身.
* I can never get clothes to fit me. 我总也买不到合身的衣服.
* a close-fitting dress 紧身连衣裙
* The key doesn't fit the lock. 这把钥匙打不开这把锁.
(b) [Tn.pr esp passive 尤用于被动语态] ~ sb for sth try (clothing) on sb in order to adjust it to the right size and shape 试穿(衣服)
*He went to the tailor's to be fitted for a coat. 他去裁缝店试穿大衣.
2 (a) [Ipr, Ip] be of the right size to go somewhere 大小适合装入某处
*The cooker won't fit in/into your new kitchen. 你的新厨房装不下这套炉具.
* The mask fitted tightly over his face. 他用面具把脸蒙得严严的.
* a tightly-fitting mask 严实的面具
* The lift was so small that only three people could fit in. 电梯很小, 只容得下三个人.
(b) [Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth into sth/in find or have sufficient space or room for sth in a place 找到或尚有足够的地方容纳某物
*We can't fit any more chairs into the room. 房间里没有地方多放椅子了.
* This card just fits nicely into that envelope. 这张卡片正好能装进那个信封里.
3 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ A (on/to B); ~ B with A supply sth and fix or put it into place 安装或装置某物
*fit handles on the cupboards/fit the cupboards with handles 给柜橱安装把手
* The room was fitted with a new carpet. 房间里铺上了新地毯.
4 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ A (onto/to B); ~ A and B together join one thing to another to make a whole 将一物装到另一物上
*fit the tail assembly to the fuselage 把装配好的机尾安装到机身上
* fit the pieces of a model kit together 把模型的各个部件组装在一起.
5 [I, Tn] be in agreement with (sth); match or suit 与(某事物)相符; 相称; 相协调
*Something doesn't quite fit here. 这里有些不太协调.
* All the facts certainly fit your theory. 所有的事实都和你的说法相符.
* The punishment ought to fitthe crime. 罚需当罪.
6 [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sb/oneself/sth for sth make sb/oneself/sth suitable for a particular role or task 使某人[自己]胜任某职位或任务; 使某物适合某用途
*Am I really fitted for the role of director? 我真能胜任董事一职吗?
* His experience fitted him for the job/to do the job. 他有经验, 能胜任这项工作.
7 (idm 习语) fill/fit the bill => bill1. fit (sb) like a `glove
(a) fit the wearer perfectly in size or shape 某人穿着非常合身
*My dress fits (me) like a glove. 我的连衣裙非常合身.
(b) be very suitable and accurate 合适而准确; 恰如其分
*`Cautious' is a description that certainly fits the new president like a glove. 用`谨小慎微'来形容新会长很恰当. if the cap fits => cap.
8 (phr v) fit sb/sth in; fit sb/sth in/into sth succeed in finding time to see sb or to do sth 找到见某人或做某事物的时间
*I'll try and fit you in after lunch. 我尽可能在午饭以後见你.
* I had to fit ten appointments into one morning. 我要在一个上午里安排十个约会. fit in (with sb/sth) be a smoothly fitting part (of sth); be in harmony (with sb/sth) 与(某事物)相适应; 与(某人[某事物])相协调
*He's never done this type of work before; I'm not sure how he'll fit in (with the other employees). 他以前从未做过这种工作, 我不知道他是否能(与其他雇员)配合好.
* Do these plans fit in with your arrangements? 这些计画与你的安排一致吗? fit sb/sth out/up (with sth) supply sb/sth with the necessary equipment, clothes, food, etc; equip 供给某人[某事物]必要的设备、衣物、食品等; 装备
*fit out a ship before a long voyage 为远航的轮船准备必需品
* I'm getting the children fitted out with clothes for their new school. 我在为孩子们准备到新学校去的衣服.

/fɪt; fɪt/
n [sing] (usu with a preceding adj 通常前面有形容词) way in which sth, esp a garment, fits 某物适合的样子; (尤指)合身
*The coat was a good, bad, tight, loose, etc fit. 那件大衣很合身、不合身、很瘦、很宽松等.

/fɪt; fɪt/
1 sudden attack of epilepsy or other disease with violent movements and loss of consciousness (癫痫的)发作; 痉挛; 昏厥
*an epileptic `fit 癫痫发作.
2 sudden (usu short) attack of a minor illness (轻微疾病的)发作(通常为片刻的)
*a fit of coughing 一阵咳嗽
* a `fainting fit 一阵眩晕.
3 sudden burst of (usu uncontrollable) laughter, activity, etc (大笑、活动等的)突然爆发(通常指控制不住的)
*a fit of laughter/(the) giggles 一阵大笑[格格的笑]
* We were all in fits (of laughter) (ie laughing uncontrollably) at his jokes. 他的笑话逗得我们前仰後合.
* a fit of energy, letter writing, spring-cleaning, etc 一股干劲、猛写一阵信、一阵大扫除.
4 short period of an intense feeling (强烈感情的)突发, 冲动
*a fit of anger, rage, frustration, etc 一股怒气、一阵怒火、一阵心烦.
5 (idm 习语) by/in ,fits and `starts in irregular bursts of activity over a period of time 一阵一阵地
*Because of other commitments I can only write my book in fits and starts. 因为我有其他的事要做, 所以这本书只能时写时辍. have/throw a `fit
(a) suffer a fit(1) 癫痫病发作; 痉挛; 昏厥.
(b) (infml 口) be greatly shocked, alarmed, outraged, etc 震惊; 惊恐; 愤怒
*Your mother would have a fit if she knew you were here. 你母亲要是知道你在这里准会非常生气.
1. But Alfred had deduced that the Danes were no longer fit for prolonged
    但阿弗雷德断定, 丹麦人已不再适应长久的战争:

2. But Alfred had deduced that the Danes were no longer fit for prolonged war.
    但阿弗雷德断定, 丹麦人已不再适应长久的战争:

3. But Alfred had deduced that the Danes were no longer fit for prolonged battle:

4. For the simple reason that I was left with several curiously shaped bits of metal which did not seem to fit anywhere.

5. The truck driver was very fit. He rode quickly, making big circles in the parking lot near the border crossing.

6. 6 p.m. The movers finally arrive. I call Max. He's fit to be tied. I point out they're only 10 hours late. Max is not humored.

7. He tore up the manuscript in a fit of petulance.

8. However, remained because they were able to fit in with their surroundings.
    然而, 另一些物种继续生存下来, 因为它们能适应环境.

9. Days do not fit evenly into months, since the time from full moon to full moon is about 29 1/2 days.

10. And days do not fit evenly into years, since the actual journey of the earth round the sun takes 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 46 seconds.