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英音:[fɔ: ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
prep.(表示目的)为了,因为,至于,对于,适合于 conj.因为


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/fə(r); fɚ; strong form 强读式 fɔ:(r); fɔr/
1 (indicating the person intended to receive or benefit from sth 表示接受某事物或从某事物中受益的人)
*a letter for you 给你的信
* Are all these presents for me? 这些礼物都是给我的吗?
* Save a piece for Mary. 给玛丽留一块吧.
* Have you made a cup of tea for Mrs Watson? 你给华生太太沏茶了吗?
2 (indicating purpose or function 表示目的或功能)
*go for a walk 去散步
* It's a machine for slicing bread. 这是切面包片的机器.
* Are you learning English for pleasure or for your work? 你学英语是出于兴趣还是为了工作?
* (infml 口) What did you shout at him for? ie Why did you shout at him? 你为什么朝他大声喊叫?
* For sales to (ie In order that sales may) increase, we must lower our prices. 我们为了增加销售量, 必须把价格降低.
3 (indicating destination, aim or reason 表示目的地、目标或原因)
*depart for home 动身回家
* head for the shore 向岸边行进
* Is this the train for Glasgow? 这是开往格拉斯哥的火车吗?
* Passengers for Oxford must change at Didcot. 前往牛津的旅客必须在迪德考特换车.
* She knew she was destined for a great future. 她知道自己前程远大.
* It's a book for (ie intended to be read by or to) children. 这是一本儿童读物.
* a chair for visitors 来宾用的座椅
* bicycles for sale or for hire 供出售或出租的自行车.
4 in order to help or benefit (sb/sth) 有助于或有益于(某人[某事物])
*Would you please translate this letter for me? 你给我翻译这封信行吗?
* What can I do for you? 您想要什么?
* fighting for their country 为其国家而战
* Take some aspirin for (ie to lessen the pain caused by) your headache. 你头痛吃点阿司匹林吧.
* The deputy manager ran the firm for (ie instead of) him while he was ill. 在他生病期间, 副经理代他主持公司事务.
5 as the price, reward or penalty of sth 作为对某事物的代价、报酬或惩罚
*I bought a book for £3. 我花3英镑买了一本书.
* She gave me their old TV for nothing. 她把他们的旧电视机送给我了.
* He got a medal for bravery. 他因勇敢而获得一枚奖章.
* You can go to prison for dangerous driving. 鲁莽驾驶可导致入狱.
6 as the replacement of (sth else) 以取代(他事物)
*exchange one's car for a new one 用自己的汽车换一辆新的
* Don't translate word for word. 不要逐字硬译.
7 in defence or support of (sb/sth) 保卫、支持或拥护(某人[某事物])
*Are you for or against the new road scheme? 你对修建新道路的计画是赞成还是反对?
* Three cheers for the winner! 为获胜者三呼喝采!
* We're petitioning for our right to keep a school in our village. 我们为在村中保留一所学校这一权利进行请愿.
* I'm all for pubs being open all day. 我完全赞成酒馆整日营业.
8 (a) as a representative of (sb/sth) 代表(某人[某事物])
*I am speaking for all the workers in this firm.我代表公司全体工作人员讲话.
* Who's the MP for Bradford? 谁是代表布拉德福德的下院议员?
(b) meaning (sth) 意为(某事物)
*What's the `S' for in A S Hornby? 在A S Hornby中的S代表哪个字?
* Shaking your head for `No' is not universal. 世界上并非所有的人都用摇头来表示`不'.
9 (after a v 用于动词後) in order to obtain (sth) 为得到(某事物)
*search for treasure 寻宝
* hope for a settlement 希望得到和解
* pray for peace 为和平祈祷
* fish for trout 钓鳟鱼
* ask the policeman for directions 向警察问路
* go to a friend for advice 向朋友请教
* There were
50 applicants for the post. 有50人申请这个职位.
10 (after an adj 用于形容词後) considering what can be expected from (sb/sth) 就(某人[某事物])而言
*It's quite warm for January. 就一月份来说, 天气相当暖和了.
* She's tall for her age. 从她的年龄来看, 她个子算是高的.
* He's not bad for a beginner. 就新手而论, 他已经很不错了.
11 (after a comparative adj 用于比较级的形容词之後) following (sth) 随(某事物)而来
*You'll feel all the better for a good night's sleep. 你好好睡上一夜, 心情就好多了.
* This room would look all the better for a spot of paint. 上一点油漆能让这房间增色不少.
12 as the equivalent of (sth); in return for (sth) 与(某事物)相对应; 作为对(某事物)的回报
*There's one bad apple for every three good ones. 每四个苹果里就有一个坏的.
* You get a coupon for every
3 gallons of petrol. 每买三加仑的汽油就可获得一张优惠券.
13 with regard to (sb/sth); concerning (sb/sth) 对于, 至于, 关于(某人[某事物])
*anxious for sb's safety 为某人的安全担忧
* ready for a holiday 准备好去度假
* eager for them to start 急着要他们开始
* Fortunately for us, the weather changed. 我们真好运气, 天气变了.
14 because of (sth); on account of (sth) 因为, 由于(某事物)
*famous for its cathedral 以大教堂而闻名
* for the following reasons 由于以下的原因
* Please take care of her for my sake. 请为了我好好照顾她.
* I couldn't speak for laughing. 我笑得说不出话来.
* He didn't answer for fear of hurting her. 他没回答是怕伤她的感情.
* He gave me roses for my birthday. 他送我玫瑰花来庆贺我的生日.
15 (a) (indicating a length of time 表示一段时间)
*I'm going away for a few days. 我要离开几天.
* He was in prison for twenty years. 他在监狱中蹲了二十年.
* You said you would love me for ever. 你说过你永远爱我.
(b) (indicating that sth is intended to happen at the specified time 表示某事物在所述时间要发生)
*a reservation for the first week in June 六月第一周的预订
* The appointment is for
12 May. 约会定在5月12日.
* We're invited for 7.30. 我们接到邀请, 时间为7点30分.
(c) (indicating the occasion when sth happens 表示某事物发生的场合或时机)
*I'm warning you for the last time stop talking! 我最後一次警告你--不要再说话了!
* I'm meeting him for the first time today. 今天我要与他初次见面.
16 (indicating a distance 表示距离)
*He crawled on his hands and knees for
100 metres. 他爬行了100米.
* The road went on for miles and miles. 这条路很长很长.
17 (a) (used after an adj and before an/pron + infinitive 用于形容词之後和名词[代词]之前+不定式)
*It's impossible for me to leave my family. 我是不可能离开家的.
* It's useless for us to continue. 我们继续下去是徒劳的.
* (fml 文) For her to have survived such an ordeal was remarkable. 她居然能经得起这种磨难, 真了不起.
* It's customary for the women to sit apart. 按习俗, 妇女要分开坐.
* His greatest wish was for his daughter to take over the business. 他最大的心愿是让女儿接管公司.
(b) (used after a n and before a n/pron + infinitive 用于名词之後和名词[代词]之前+不定式)
*no need for you to go 不需要你去
* time for us to leave 我们该动身的时间
* a rush for them to finish 他们需仓促完成.
(c) (used after too + adj or adj + enough 用于too+形容词之後或形容词+enough之後)
*The box is too heavy for me to lift. 这个箱子太重了, 我提不动.
* Is it clear enough for you to read? 这个清楚不清楚? 你能念吗?
* The coffee was too hot for her (to drink). 咖啡太烫, 她没法喝.
(d) (used before a n/pron + infinitive to show purpose or design 用于名词[代词]+不定式之前, 表示目的或意图)
*letters for the manager to sign 需要经理签字的信件
* money for you to invest wisely 你要看准机会投资的钱
* I would give anything for this not to have happened. 我宁愿付出任何代价, 也不愿出了这件事.
* It's not for me (ie It is not my responsibility) to say 这不是由我来说的话.
(e) (used after more with than 用于more与than结构之後)
*Nothing could be more desirable than for them both to get jobs in Leeds. 要是他俩都能在利兹找到工作, 那就再好不过了.
* Nothing would please me more than for her to win the next election. 她若能在下次竞选中获胜, 我就再高兴不过了.
18 (idm 习语) be `for it (infml 口) expect to be punished or to get into trouble 会受惩罚或惹出麻烦
*The headmaster saw me draw the picture on the blackboard I'm for it now. 校长看见我在黑板上画画, 这下子我可惹出麻烦了. for `all despite; in spite of 尽管; 虽然
*For all his talk about sports cars and swimming-pools he's just an ordinary bank-clerk. 别看他大谈昂贵的汽车跑车和私人游泳池, 其实他只不过是个银行的普通职员.
* For all you say, I think she's the best teacher we've got. 不管你怎么说, 我仍然认为她是我们最好的老师.
* For all his wealth and fame, he's a very lonely man. 他虽然又有钱又有名, 但很孤独.
* He has great power and wealth, but is still unhappy for all that. 他有钱有势, 可尽管如此却并不快乐.

/fə(r); fɚ; rare strong form 罕, 强读式 fɔ:(r); fɔr/
conj (dated or fml 旧或文) (not used at the beginning of a sentence 不用于句首) because 因为; 由于
*We listened eagerly, for he brought news of our families. 他给我们带来了家里的消息, 我们都迫不及待地听着.
* Prepare to alight, for we are almost there. 我们马上就要到了, 准备下车吧.

/,ef əʊ 'ɑ:(r); ,ɛf o `ɑr/
abbr 缩写 = (commerce 商) (of freight) free on rail (ie transported to the train and loaded without the buyer paying extra) (指运费)火车上交货价.