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n.力量,武力,精力,魄力,势力,暴力,[复]军队,影响力 vt.强制,强加,(用武力)夺取,促使,推动,施加压力


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名词:forcer 动词过去式:forced 过去分词:forced 现在分词:forcing 第三人称单数:forces 形容词:forceable



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/fɔ:s; fɔrs/
1 [U]
(a) physical strength or power 力; 力量
*the force of the blow, explosion, collision, etc 打击力、爆炸力、碰撞力
* They used brute force to break open the door. 他们靠蛮劲把门撞开了.
(b) violent physical action 暴力; 武力
*The soldiers took the prisoners away by force. 士兵们强行把犯人带走了.
* renounce the use of force 放弃使用武力.
2 (a) [U] (intensity of) strength or power; influence 力量(的强度); 影响力
*the full force of her argument 她的论据的全部力量
* He overcame his bad habits by sheer force of will. 他全凭毅力改掉了坏习惯.
* Through force of circumstances the plans had to be changed. 情况所迫, 只得修改计画.
(b) [C] person, thing, belief, etc with such strength or power; influence 具有此种力量的人、事物、信仰等; 影响
*She's a force to be reckoned with, ie someone to be treated seriously. 她是不可忽视的力量.
* the two main political forces of left and right 左派和右派两股主要的政治力量
* powerful economic forces 强大的经济实力
* Is religion a force for good? 宗教是诱导人们积德行善的力量吗?
* the forces of evil still at work today 至今仍在作祟的邪恶势力.
3 [C, U] (in scientific use) measurable influence or intensity tending to cause movement (科技用语)力
*The force of gravity pulls things towards the earth's centre. 地心吸力把物体吸向地心.
4 [C] (power of the) wind, rain or another of the natural elements 风、雨或其他自然现象(的力量)
*fighting against the forces of nature 与大自然作斗争. =>Usage at strength 用法见strength.
5 [C usu sing 通常作单数] measure of wind strength 风力
*a force
9 gale 9级风.
6 [CGp] group of people organized for a specified purpose 为某目的而组织起来的人
*a sales/labour force 推销人员[劳动群众]
* Our work-force are completely dependable. 我们的工作人员的能力完全可靠.
7 [CGp] organized body of armed and specially trained people 武装力量; 部队
*the police force 警察部队
* peace-keeping forces 维持和平部队
* the armed forces of a country, ie the army, navy and air force 国家的武装力量(陆、海、空三军).
8 [U] (legal) authority (法律的)权威, 威力
*This decree has the force of law behind it. 这一裁决有法律的力量作後盾.
9 (idm 习语) break the force of sth reduce or weaken the impact of sth such as a fall or blow 降低或减弱某事物(如下落或打击)的冲撞力
*The force of his fall was broken by the straw mats. 草垫的缓冲作用减弱了他下跌的力量. bring sth/come into `force (cause a law, rule, etc to) become effective or come into operation (使法律、规则等)生效, 开始执行
*When do the new safety rules come into force? 新的安全规则何时生效? (from/out of) force of `habit (because of) the tendency to do (some) things in a certain way from always having done so in the past (出于)习惯势力
*It's force of habit that gets me out of bed at 7.15 each morning. 我每天早晨7点15分就起床, 这已成了习惯. in `force
(a) (of people) in large numbers (指人)大量的, 大批的
*The police were present at the demonstration in (full) force. 警方派出大队人马在示威游行的现场戒备.
(b) (of a law, rule, etc) effective or in operation (指法律、规则等)有效的, 现行的
*The new safety regulations are now in force. 新的安全规则现已生效. join forces => join.

/fɔ:s; fɔrs/
1 [Tn.pr, Cn.t] make (sb/oneself) do sth he/one does not want to do; compel; oblige 使(某人[自己])做不愿做的事; 强迫; 逼迫; 迫使
*force a confession out of sb 逼某人招供
* The thief forced her to hand over the money. 强盗逼她把钱交出来.
* He forced himself to speak to her. 他硬着头皮和她搭话.
* The president was forced into resigning/to resign. 会长被迫辞职.
2 [Tn.pr, Tn.p] use physical strength to move (oneself) against resistance; use physical strength to move (sth) 靠体力使(自己)逆阻力而动; 用力使(某物)移动
*force one's way through a crowd 挤过人群
* force a way in/out/through 挤入[出/过]
* (fig 比喻) The government forced the bill through Parliament. 政府迫使议会通过该法案.
* force clothes into a bag 硬把衣服塞进包里.
3 [Tn, Cn.a] break (sth) open using physical strength 用力打开(某物)
*force (open) a door, lock, window, safe 强行打开门、锁、窗户、保险柜.
4 [Tn] cause or produce (sth) by effort, esp when under stress 勉强促成或产生(某事物)(尤指迫于压力)
*a forced smile/laugh, ie not the natural result of amusement 强作笑脸[强装欢笑].
5 [Tn] cause (fruit, plants, etc) to reach maturity earlier than is normal by keeping them under special conditions 使(果实、植物等)早熟.
6 (idm 习语) force sb's `hand make sb do sth unwillingly or sooner than he intended 迫使某人勉强或提前做某事. `force the issue act so as to make an immediate decision necessary 为迫使立即做出必要的决定而采取行动. force the `pace go very fast in a race, etc in order to tire the other competitors (在比赛等活动中为使对手疲劳)加快速度.
7 (phr v) force sth back try very hard not to show (an emotion) 极力不流露出(某种感情)
*force back one's tears 强忍着眼泪. force sth down
(a) compel sb/oneself to swallow (food and drink) when he/one does not want to 强迫某人[自己]咽下(食物和饮料)
*After being ill I didn't feel like eating but I managed to force something down. 我病後不想吃东西, 不过还是勉强咽了一点.
(b) compel (an aircraft) to land, eg because a bomb is found on board 迫使(飞机等)降落(如因发现机上有炸弹). force sth on sb make sb accept sth against his will 勉强某人接受某事物
*force one's ideas, company, attention on sb 把自己的思想强加于人、硬要陪伴某人、硬要照料某人
* Higher taxes were forced on the people. 政府强行提高税收.
1. Brute force was used to put down the revolt.

2. Water streamed in torrents over its sides with such force that it set up a huge wave in the canal.

3. While the reasons for entering the work force may vary from country to country, women everywhere are finding that to give their children an adequate life, getting a job is no longer optional.

4. The force there assembled was trivial compared with the Danish horde.

5. The contradiction as a result may be that these children, conversely, will push further, unconsciously hoping that, if they push too hard, they will force their parents into setting limitations.

6. The anger and frustration displayed by people who do not understand what is happening to them will be a terrible and dangerous force in all the major industrial economies.

7. They had the English Channel as a barrier against the Nazi ground forces, and they had the Royal Air Force(RAF) to battle the Nazis in the sky.

8. The 3,600 police officers in the force deal with all the typical problems thrown up by the Britain of the 1990s.

9. The force of habit — literally the established wiring of your brain — will pull you away from practicing these skills.

10. Now, while Japan's industry and technology are highly developed, they have not replaced the fundamental force of human energy and motivation.