美音:[´fʌŋkʃən ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´fʌŋkʃən ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.官能,功能,作用,职责,典礼,仪式,[数]函数 vi.(器官等)活动,运行,行使职责


function为短语/超纲词汇   词频:3927


形容词:functionless 动词过去式:functioned 过去分词:functioned 现在分词:functioning 第三人称单数:functions

近义词, 同义词


act  ceremony  exercise  gathering  operate  perform  rite  ritual  serve  service  work    


/'fʌŋkʃn; `fʌŋkʃən/
1 special activity or purpose of a person or thing 作用; 功能; 机能; 职能; 职责
*to fulfil a useful function 起到有益的作用
* The function of the heart is to pump blood through the body. 心脏的功能是把血液输往全身.
* It is not the function of this committee to deal with dismissals. 处理解雇问题不是本委员会的职责.
2 important social event or official ceremony 重大的社交聚会; 典礼; 宴会
*Heads of state attend numerous functions every year. 国家首脑每年要出席很多重大宴会.
3 (mathematics 数) quantity whose value depends on the varying values of others 函数
*X is a function of Y. X是Y的函数.
4 any of the basic operations of a computer (计算机的任何基本的)功能
*What functions can this program perform? 这一程序有哪些功能?

1 [I] work; operate 起作用; 运转
*His brain seems to be functioning normally. 他的大脑看来功能正常.
* This machine has stopped functioning, ie is out of order. 这机器坏了.
2 [Ipr] ~ as sth work as sth; operate or perform the function(1) of the thing specified 起某物的作用; 具有某物的功能; 起到所述事物的作用
*The sofa can also function as a bed. 这沙发也可以当床.
* Some English adverbs function as adjectives. 英语中有些副词可作形容词用.


In computer programming, a variadic function is a function of indefinite arity, i.e.
1. But can the colossal cities of the future really function without overloading all their services to the point of collapse and destroying the environment through pollution of air and water?

2. But as a woman's power is still strongly perceived to be tied up with the ability to bear children, ageing demonstrates to the world her decline, her uselessness for her primary function.

3. While clothing serves a purely practical function, how you dress also communicates many things about your social status, state of mind and even your aspirations and dreams.

4. The function of bones is largely to give rigidity.

5. The heart performs a vital bodily function.

6. And because there is so much of it the function would seem to be important.

7. And function best when more or less continuously active.

8. Some scientists speculate the reduction in mental function often attributed to getting old may really be a penalty of neglecting to stay physically active, in addition to related factors such as medicines and poor diet.

9. Careful care of the body chemistry, she says, not only improves looks but also enhances energy processes and even expands awareness and mental function.

10. Once on the edge of the educational system, such schools, or jukus, are now so common in Japan that, especially for those people at the top level of society, they have begun to function as a kind of shadow educational system, replacing regular school