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gener=to produce(制造;生产),race(种族) 变化型 gen,gent

近义词, 同义词

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/,dʒenə'reɪʃn; ,dʒɛnə`reʃən/
1 [U]
(a) production 产生; 发生
*the generation of electricity by steam or water-power 蒸汽或水力发电
* the generation of heat by friction 摩擦生热.
(b) (biology 生) production of living beings, esp offspring; procreation 繁殖; (尤指)生育後代.
2 [C] single stage in a family history (家史中的)一代
*a family party at which all three generations were present, ie children, parents and grandparents 三代同堂的家庭聚会
* experience handed down from generation to generation 世代相传的经验.
3 [C, Gp] all people born at about the same time 代(大致在同一时期内出生的所有人)
*My generation behaves differently from my father's and grandfather's. 我这一代人和我父辈及祖辈表现不同.
* [attrib 作定语] a first-, second-, third-, etc generation American, ie sb who himself or whose parents or grandparents, etc emigrated to America 第一、第二、第三等代美国人(本人或其父母或其祖父母等移居美国者).
4 [C] average period, usu considered to be 25-30 years, in which children grow up to become full adults 一代人的期间, 代(通常认为是从儿童长到成年人的25-30年间)
*a generation ago 一代人之前
* within one generation 在一代人的期间内.
5 [C] single stage in the development of a type of product (产品类型的)代
*the new generation of supersonic airliners 新一代的超音速客机
* [attrib 作定语] third-generation robots 第三代机器人.


[C also + plural verb British English]
all people of about the same age
 Like most of my generation, I had never known a war.
 In my generation the divorce rate is very high.
 the need to preserve the planet for future generations
generation of
 the post-war generation of writers
the younger/older generation
(=the younger or older people in society)
 The younger generation don't know what hard work is.
 The story has been handed down from generation to generation .
all the members of a family of about the same age
 Friction is common when three generations live together.
first-generation/second-generation etc
(=being a member of the first, second etc generation to live or be born in a country)
 first-generation immigrants
 a third-generation American
the average period of time between the birth of a person and the birth of that person's children
for generations
 Some families have lived here for generations.
 The country's attitude toward government is harsher than it was a generation ago.
a group of things that were developed from something else, or from which better things were developed
generation of
 the new generation of mobile phones
 the first generation of nuclear power stations
first-generation/second-generation etc
 second-generation computers
the process of producing something or making something happen
= productiongeneration of
 the generation of electricity
1. Every generation seems to need to identify itself."

2. By going for next-generation technology now, Vietnamese telecommunications officials say they'll be able to keep pace with anyone in Asia for decades.

3. We should learn the frugality of last generation.

4. The only way that they can preserve their history is to recount it as sagas----legends handed down from one generation of storytellers to another.

5. ----spawning a new generation of garage start-ups and giving the U.S. a jump on its foreign rivals in getting new products to market fast.

6. And the generation before me said "Go!"

7. As the heads of next-generation start-ups, these Asian innovators can draw on customs and languages to forge tighter links with crucial Pacific Rim markets.

8. At the Nagpur book show, for example, the latest American social publications were conspicuous by their absence and India's politically conscious leadership has been replaced by a new generation, riding on the wave of the Internet, making fortunes wi

9. "Jukus are raising a generation of kids who only know how to pass entrance examinations," said an official of the Japan Teachers Union.

10. "A whole generation still remembers when only 21 miles stood between Hitler and the conquest of England," says a professor of English history.