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n.优美,雅致,优雅 Grace 格雷斯(女子名)


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动词过去式:graced 过去分词:graced 现在分词:gracing 第三人称单数:graces


grat=to please(喜好)

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/greɪs; ˇres/
1 [U] quality of simple elegant beauty (esp in smoothly controlled movement) 优美(尤指动作顺畅协调)
*the grace with which a ballerina leaps into the air 芭蕾舞女演员腾空起舞的优美姿势.
2 [U] God's mercy and favour towards mankind; influence and result of this 上帝对人类的慈悲和恩典; 天恩的应验
*By the grace of God their lives were spared. 蒙上帝恩宠, 他们免于一死.
* Did he die in a state of grace? ie strengthened and inspired by God, esp after having been pardoned and given the Sacraments. 他临终是否曾蒙主感召?(尤指受到宽恕後行圣礼)
* (saying 谚) There, but for the grace of God, go I/we, ie sth equally bad might have happened to me/us. 你瞧, 若非天恩眷顾, 我[我们]也难幸免.
3 [U] extra time allowed to renew a licence, pay an insurance premium, etc after the day when it is due 宽限; 缓期
*have a couple of days' grace 有一两天的宽限期
* Payment is due today, but I gave her a week's grace, ie an extra week to pay. 今天付款到期, 但我给了她一个星期的宽限.
4 [U] favour; goodwill 恩惠; 善意
*He had been the king's favourite, and his sudden fall from grace surprised everyone. 他本是国王的幸臣, 一朝失宠众人无不感到意外.
* an act of grace, ie freely given, not taken as a right 恩惠(迳自施予的, 并非受者有此权利).
5 [C usu pl 通常作复数] pleasing accomplishment 风度; 魅力; 长处; 才艺
*well-versed in the social graces 社交风度潇洒的.
6 [U, C] short prayer of thanks before or after a meal (饭前或饭後的)谢恩祈祷
*Father said
(a) grace. 父亲做了饭前谢恩祈祷.
7 His/Her/Your Grace [C] (used as a title when speaking to or of an archbishop, a duke or a duchess 用作称呼或提及大主教、公爵、公爵夫人、女公爵的尊称)
*Good morning, Your Grace! 大人, 早上好!
* Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Kent 肯特公爵及公爵夫人阁下.
8 the Graces [pl] (in Greek myth) three beautiful sister goddesses who gave beauty, charm and happiness to humans (希腊神话中)美惠三女神(赐予人类美丽、魅力和快乐者).
9 (idm 习语) airs and graces => air1. have the grace to do sth be polite enough to do sth 出于礼貌而做某事
*He might have had the grace to say he was sorry! 他本可以出于礼貌说声抱歉的嘛! in sb's good `graces approved of and favoured by sb 为某人赞同和喜爱
*I'm not in her good graces at the moment. 我此刻尚未讨得她的欢心. a saving grace => save1. with
(a) bad/good `grace reluctantly and rudely/willingly and cheerfully 勉强而粗鲁地[欣然而情愿地]
*She apologized with
(a) bad grace. 她很勉强地道了歉.
* They withdrew their objections with as good a grace as they could manage. 他们极力装出情愿的样子撤回了反对意见. year of grace => year.

1 [Tn] decorate or adorn (sth) 修饰或装扮(某物)
*Fine paintings graced the walls of the room. 这些精美的绘画使四壁生辉.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (with sth) give honour or dignity to sb/sth 给某人[某事物]以荣耀或光彩
*The Queen is gracing us with her presence. 女王莅临使我们不胜荣幸.
* The occasion was graced by the presence of the Queen. 女王驾临使场面增辉.
1. The F-16 can fly straight up. It can spin, dive, turn, climb, roll, and make loops with the grace of an eagle.

2. He smiled at everyone and rushed in and out the sorry little homes with grace, making sympathetic remarks at the disrepair that was pointed out to him.

3. And find some grace and pleasure in our condition, not like a self-centered British poet but like a patient princess sealed up in a tower, waiting for the happy ending to our fairy tale.

4. She dances with a lot of grace.

5. Just looking poor brings with it prejudice, accompanied by removal of much of the social grace most of us take for granted.