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heart为中学词汇   词频:672


动词过去式:hearted 过去分词:hearted 现在分词:hearting 第三人称单数:hearts

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/hɑ:t; hɑrt/
1 [C]
(a) hollow muscular organ that pumps blood through the body 心; 心脏
*His heart stopped beating and he died soon afterwards. 他心脏停止了跳动, 随即死亡.
* [attrib 作定语] have heart trouble/disease 患心脏病
* a heart hospital 心脏专科医院. =>illus at respire 见respire插图.
(b) part of the body where this is 心脏的部位
*He pressed her hand against his heart. 他把她的一只手按在自己胸部心脏的地方.
2 [C] centre of a person's thoughts and emotions, esp of love; ability to feel emotion 内心; 衷心; 心灵; 心肠; (尤指)爱心
*I have everything my heart desires. 我心满意足.
* She knew it in her heart. 她心里明白.
* He has a kind heart. 他心肠好.
* The princess captured the hearts of the nation. 那位公主赢得了全体国民的心.
3 [U] enthusiasm 热心; 热情
*I want you to put more heart into your singing. 我希望你在唱的时候多带点感情.
4 [C]
(a) central, innermost or most important part of sth 某事物的中心; 核心部分; 要点; 实质
*in the heart of the forest 在森林中央
* get to the heart of the matter, subject, mystery 把握住事情、问题、难解事物的实质.
(b) inner compact part of a cabbage, lettuce, etc (洋白菜、莴苣等的)菜心.
5 (a) [C] thing shaped like a heart, esp a regular red shape used to represent a heart, eg to symbolize love or on a playing-card 心形物; (尤指象徵爱情的或纸牌上的)红心, 红桃.
(b) hearts [sing or pl v] suit of playing-cards marked with these 一组红桃牌
*the ten of hearts 红桃十点
* Hearts is/are trumps. 红桃是王牌. =>illus at playing-card 见playing-card插图.
(c) [C] playing-card of this suit 红桃牌
*play a heart 打出红桃牌.
6 [C] (used as a term of endearment 用作亲昵语) beloved person 心爱的人
*dear heart 心肝宝贝儿.
7 (idm 习语) after one's own `heart of exactly the type one likes best 正合某人心意
*He likes good wine too he's obviously a man after my own heart. 他也喜欢好酒--真是与我臭味相投了. at `heart in one's real nature; basically 内心里; 基本上
*I'm a country girl at heart. 我实际上是个乡下姑娘. bare one's heart/soul => bare2. break sb's/one's `heart make sb/one feel very sad 使某人[自己]很伤心
*It breaks my heart to see him crying. 我见他在哭, 感到难过极了.
* It broke her heart when he left. 他离开时她心都碎了. by `heart from memory 凭记性
*learn/know a poem by heart 记住[能背出]一首诗. a change of heart => change2. close/dear/near to sb's `heart of deep interest and concern to sb 使某人很感兴趣; 为某人深切关注
*This subject is very close to my heart. 这题目使我很感兴趣. cross my heart => cross2. cry one's eyes/heart out => cry1. do one's `heart good cause one to feel encouraged, cheerful, etc 使人感到鼓舞、欢欣等
*It does my heart good to see the children enjoying themselves. 我看到孩子们玩得很高兴, 心中非常愉快. eat one's heart out => eat. find it in one's heart/oneself to do sth => find1. from the (bottom of one's) `heart sincere(ly) 衷心(的); 真诚(的)
*This advice comes from the heart. 这个劝告是真心实意的. give one's heart to sb/sth come to love sb/sth 爱上某人[某事物]. have sth at `heart be anxious to support or defend sth 很关心某事物; 亟欲支持或维护某事物
*He has your welfare at heart, ie wants you to be happy, etc. 他非常关心你的幸福. have a `heart (infml 口) be sympathetic or kind; show mercy 发慈悲; 做好事. have the heart (to do sth) (usu in negative sentences or questions with can or could 通常在否定句或疑问句中与can或could连用) be cruel or unfeeling enough (to do sth) 忍心(做某事)
*I hadn't the heart to refuse. 我不忍心拒绝. have one's heart in one's `boots be very gloomy and depressed 极为悲观消沉. have one's heart in one's `mouth be badly frightened 非常惊恐
*My heart was in my mouth. 我吓得要命. have one's `heart in the right place have true or kind feelings 怀有真情或善意. have one's heart set on sth = set one's heart/hopes on sth. heart and `soul enthusiastically; energetically 满腔热情地; 全力地
*devote oneself heart and soul to one's work 全心全意地致力于工作. one's heart `bleeds for sb (often ironic 常作反语) one pities or feels sorry for sb 怜悯或同情某人. one's heart goes out to sb one feels compassion for sb 同情或怜悯某人. a heart of `gold a very kind nature 非常善良的本性; 好心肠
*He sometimes seems bad-tempered but really he's got a heart of gold. 他有时显得脾气暴躁, 而实际上却心地善良. a heart of `stone a pitiless and unfeeling nature 冷酷无情的本性; 铁石心肠. one's heart is in sth one is enthusiastic about sth 热心于某事物
*I want her to take the exam again but her heart's not in it. 我想让她重考一次, 她却掉以轻心. one's heart sinks one feels disappointed 感到失望
*When I saw the pile of dirty dishes, my heart sank. 我看到那一堆肮脏的餐具时, 感到很扫兴. in good `heart in good condition or spirits 兴致勃勃(地); 兴高采烈的. in one's ,heart (of `hearts) in one's inmost feelings 在内心深处
*He knew in his heart that he was doing the wrong thing. 他心里明白自己做的是错事. lose heart => lose. lose one's heart to sb/sth => lose. open one's heart/mind to sb => open2. search one's heart/conscience => search v. set one's heart on (having/doing) sth want sth greatly 渴望某事物. sick at heart => sick. sob one's heart out => sob. strike fear, etc into sb/sb's heart => strike2. take `heart (at sth) become encouraged or more confident 鼓足勇气; 增强信心. take sth to `heart be much affected or upset by sth 深受某事物困扰; 因某事物而烦恼
*I took your criticism very much to heart. 我听到你的批评受到很大震动. to one's heart's con`tent as much as one wishes 尽情地. wear one's heart on one's sleeve => wear2. with ,all one's `heart/one's whole `heart completely; sincerely 全心全意地; 真心实意地
*I hope with all my heart that you succeed. 我衷心希望你成功. young at heart => young.



artery, brain, fatty, tissue, heart, kidney, intestine, intestine2, small, large, liver, lung, muscles, stomach, vein, throat
1【body organ】
3【your chest】
5 from the (bottom of your) heart
6 in your heart (of hearts)
7【important part of something】
9 at heart
10【the centre of an area】
11 close/dear to somebody's heart
12 by heart
13 somebody's heart sinks
14 with all your heart
15 take something to heart
16 somebody's heart goes out to somebody
17【card games】
18 do something to your heart's content
19 somebody's heart misses/skips a beat
20 set your heart on something
21 a man/woman etc after my own heart
22 cry/sing etc your heart out
23 your heart's desire/everything your heart could desire
24 not have the heart to do something
25 somebody's heart isn't in it
26 do something out of the goodness of your heart
27 take somebody to your heart
29 give/lose your heart to somebody
30 my heart was in my mouth
31 somebody's heart is in the right place
32 it does your heart good to see/hear something
33 somebody's heart leaps
34 be in good heart
35 have a heart!
36 know the way to somebody's heart
37 my heart bleeds (for somebody)
[Language: Old English;Origin: heorte]
the organ in your chest which pumps blood through your body
 Regular exercise is good for the heart.
 Can you hear my heart beating ?
Her cheeks were hot and her heart was pounding .
My heart raced . Were we going to land safely?
Daniel had no history of heart problems .
She suffers from a rare heart condition .
His breathing and heart rate were now normal.
the part of you that feels strong emotions and feelings
 His heart was full of anger and grief.
 The plight of the refugees had tugged at the nation's heart.
 The doctor had an extremely kind heart.
 She could hardly speak for the ache in her heart .
 It would break Kate's heart (=make her extremely sad) to leave the lovely old house.
 He left the country with a heavy heart (=great sadness) .
 Edith loved her boy with all her heart and soul .
 I was still pretty innocent then when it came to affairs of the heart (=matters relating to love and sex) .
 a woman with a heart of gold (=very kind character)
 Sometimes I think he's got a heart of stone (=very cruel character) .
 I'm glad I followed my heart rather than my head for once.
kind-hearted/cold-hearted/hard-hearted etc
(=having a kind, unkind, cruel etc character)
 He thinks of himself as a warm-hearted and caring human being.
【YOUR CHEST】 [C usually singular]
the part of your chest near your heart
 He put his hand on his heart.
a shape used to represent a heart
from the (bottom of your) heart
with great sincerity and strength of feeling
 Leonard spoke from the heart.
 I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
 She sang the songs straight from the heart .
in your heart (of hearts)
if you know, feel, or believe something in your heart, you are secretly sure about it although you may not admit it
 In her heart she knew she would never go.
 Deep in his heart , he wanted Laura back.
the most important or central part of a problem, question etc
the heart of sth
 difficult issues at the heart of science policy
 We must get to the heart of the problem.
confidence and courage
 This inspiring service gave us new heart .
 We mustn't lose heart when people complain.
 We've got to take a bit of heart from the fact that we won.
at heart
if you are a particular kind of person at heart, that is the kind of person that you really are even though you may appear or behave differently
 He may be a working class boy at heart, but his lifestyle has been transformed.
 Let's face it, we're all romantics at heart.
have sb's (best) interests at heartatinterest1 (5)
young at heartatyoung1 (5)
the middle part of an area furthest from the edge
in the heart of sth
 You're lucky to live in a house like this in the heart of London.
at the heart of sth
 an old house at the heart of an ancient forest
close/dear to sb's heart
very important to someone
 The President liked to go to Williamsburg, a place close to his heart.
 Money is dear to Kathleen's heart.
by heart
when you know something by heart, you remember all of it exactly
 After a few days of phoning Stephanie, he knew her number by heart.
 Actors have to learn their lines by heart.
sb's heart sinks
used to say that someone suddenly lost hope and began to feel unhappy
 Her heart sank when she saw the number of books she had to read.
with all your heart
with all your strength, energy, or emotion
 He hates Los Angeles with all his heart.
 We sang the hymn with all our hearts.
take sth to heart
to consider what someone says to you very seriously, often because it upsets you
 Anne took his criticisms very much to heart.
 We took Stephen's warnings to heart.
sb's heart goes out to sb
used to say that someone feels a lot of sympathy towards another person
 My heart goes out to the families of the victims.
a heart shape printed in red on a playing card
b) hearts [plural]
the suit (=set) of playing cards that have these shapes on them
 the ace of hearts
one of the cards in this set
 Have you got any hearts?
do sth to your heart's content
to do something as much as you want
 She had lazed around the pool to her heart's content.
 The dog can run to its heart's content out there.
sb's heart misses/skips a beat
used to say that someone suddenly feels a moment of fear or excitement
 His heart missed a beat as he saw the body of a small child at the water's edge.
set your heart on sth
to want something very much
 His father bought him the bike he had set his heart on.
 She had set her heart on becoming a hairdresser.
a man/woman etc after my own heart
someone who likes the same things or behaves in the same way that you do
 Geoff really is a man after my own heart.
cry/sing etc your heart out
if you cry, sing etc your heart out, you do it with all your energy or emotion
 He found me crying my heart out and was so kind.
eat your heart outateat, pour your heart outatpour
your heart's desire/everything your heart could desire
the one thing you want most, or everything that you could possibly want
 To have a baby was her heart's desire.
not have the heart to do sth
to be unable to do something because it will make someone unhappy
 I didn't have the heart to tell her that her beautiful vase was broken.
sb's heart isn't in it
used to say that someone does not really want to do something
 She's getting bored with the job and her heart's not in it.
do sth out of the goodness of your heart
to do something out of kindness, not because you have been asked or expect a reward
 All these people were helping us out of the goodness of their hearts.
take sb to your heart
if people take someone to their hearts, they like them very much
 The fans have taken Hudson to their hearts.
the firm middle part of some vegetables
 artichoke hearts
give/lose your heart to sb
to start to love someone very much
my heart was in my mouth
used to say that you suddenly felt very afraid
sb's heart is in the right placeinformal
used to say that someone is really a kind person and has the right feelings about something important
 I don't think his idea will work, though his heart's in the right place.
it does your heart good to see/hear sth
used to say that something makes you feel happy
sb's heart leaps
literary used to say that someone suddenly feels happy and full of hope
 'I couldn't live without you,' he said and Jane's heart leapt.
be in good heart
formal to feel happy and confident
 The team are in good heart and ready for the season's matches.
have a heart!
used to tell someone not to be too strict or unkind - used humorously
know the way to sb's heart
to know the way to please someone - used humorously
my heart bleeds (for sb)
used to say that you do not really feel any sympathy towards someone
a broken heartatbroken2 (9)
cross my heartatcross1 (11)
have a change of heartatchange2 (1)
sick at heartatsick1 (9)
strike at the heart of sthatstrike1 (7)
wear your heart on your sleeveatwear1 (8)
win sb's heartatwin1 (3)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
somebody's heart beats
somebody's heart pounds/thuds/thumps (=it beats very strongly)
somebody's heart races (=it beats very fast)
a weak heart (=an unhealthy heart)
heart trouble/problems
a heart condition (=something wrong with your heart)
somebody's heart rate (=the number of times their heart beats per minute)

a firm rather dry variety meat (usually beef or veal)
1. Even the movements of the heart and lungs are greatly reduced.

2. Eighteen days after the world´s first heart-transplant operation, Washkansky died of pneumonia at his hospital in Cape Town.

3. Even then he would not stop until at last, in 1793, when he was 65 years old, he died of a heart attack.

4. Eliot, 64, suffered a heart attack at age 44.
    埃利奥特, 现年64岁, 在44岁时曾有过一次心脏病发作,

5. But 46 days after his operation, Britain´s first heart transplant patient died.

6. But Hunter worked so hard that he overstrained his heart.

7. But nowadays even, it is not uncommon for a person to be brought back with heart massage (按摩) perhaps a full hour or more after he's "dead."

8. But most of all, he sunk his dishonest gains into this village that captured his heart with its fine stone cottages, its central area of green grass, green rows of hedges, and its fantastic view of rolling fields and pine forests disappearing into th

9. What he looked for in others was a "good heart", and if he found one, the owner was good enough for him.

10. The man took heart and, sure enough, on New Year´s Eve he was able to hobble along to a party.