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-y 表示“人”的名词字尾 变化型 -yer

近义词, 同义词


matron  woman  gentleman    


/'leɪdɪ; `ledɪ/
1 [C] woman of good manners and dignified behaviour 举止文雅的女子; 淑女
*She's a real lady never loses her temper. 她是个有教养的女子--从来不发脾气. Cf 参看 gentleman.
2 [C] (esp formerly) woman of good family and social position (尤指旧时)出身高贵有地位的女子
*She was a lady by birth. 她出身高贵.
3 [C] (esp in polite use) woman (尤作礼貌用语)女士, 夫人, 小姐
*Ask that lady to help you. 请那位小姐帮你忙吧.
* The lady at the tourist office told me it opened at
1 pm. 旅行社的那位小姐告诉我下午一点开门.
* the old lady next door 隔壁那位老太太
* the `tea-lady 女勤杂工
* [attrib 作定语] a lady doctor 女医师.
4 [C] (US infml 口) (used as a term of address 用作称呼) woman 女士; 太太; 夫人; 小姐
*Hey lady you can't park there! 嘿, 小姐--那儿不能停车!
5 Lady
(a) (esp in the UK) title used with the surname of the wives of some nobles (尤指在英国)夫人(某些贵族妻子的尊称, 用时带姓)
*Lady (Randolph) Churchill (伦道夫·)邱吉尔夫人.
(b) (esp in the UK) title used with the first name of the daughters of some nobles (尤指在英国)小姐(某些贵族女儿的尊称, 用时带名)
*Lady Philippa (Stewart) 菲利帕(·斯图尔特)小姐.
(c) part of an official title of respect 官衔敬称的一部分:Lady `Mayoress (女)市长阁下
* Lady `President (女)总统阁下.
6 Ladies [sing v](Brit) women's public lavatory 女厕所
*Is there a Ladies near here? 附近有女厕所吗?7 (idm 习语) the ,lady of the `house woman with authority in a household 女主人; 主妇
*Might I speak to the lady of the house? 我可以和府上女主人说句话吗? one's young lady/young man => young.

1 POLITE ADDRESS Ladies and gentlemen are used as the plural forms of sir and madam. 称谓敬辞
*ladies 和 gentlemen sir madam 的复数.
2 REFERRING TO PEOPLE Lady and gentleman are used instead of woman and man to show politeness. 间接敬称
*要用 lady gentleman, woman man.


[Language: Old English;Origin: hlAfdige, from hlaf 'bread' + -dige 'one who kneads']
a) a woman of a particular type or age
young/old/elderly etc lady
b) a word meaning woman, used especially to describe women's sports or products made for women
ladies' team/champion/championship etc
 the ladies' darts team
ladies' fashion/clothing/shoes etc
 ladies' underwear
c)old-fashioned a word meaning woman, used in order to be polite
 The young lady at reception sent me up here.
 Give your coat to the lady over there.
lady doctor/lawyer etc
(=a polite word, which many women find offensive, for a woman doctor, lawyer, etc)
a woman who is polite and behaves very well
 She knows how to behave like a lady.
used as the title of the wife or daughter of a British nobleman or the wife of a knight
 Lady Spencer
the ladies
a)BrE a women's toilet
American Equivalent: ladies' room
the gents'
b) a word meaning women, often used humorously
 His boyish good looks made him a favourite with the ladies.
ladies' man
spoken formal used to speak to a group of women
 Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?
a woman, especially one with a strong character - used to show approval
 She can be a tough lady to negotiate with.
lady friend
a woman that a man is having a romantic relationship with - often used humorously
= girlfriend
 I saw Chris with his new lady friend.
lady of leisure
a woman who does not work and has a lot of free time - used humorously
 So you're a lady of leisure now that the kids are at school?
AmE spoken used when talking directly to a woman you do not know, when you are angry with her
 Hey lady, would you mind getting out of my way?
Our Lady
an expression used to mean Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ
the lady of the house
old-fashioned the most important woman in a house, usually the mother of a family
old-fashioned a woman born into a high social class in Britain
 I could see the Queen, surrounded by her lords and ladies.
old-fashioned a man's wife
 the captain and his lady
bag lady,cleaning ladyatcleaning, first lady,leading ladyatleading1 , lollipop lady, old lady,young ladyatyoung1 (3)
1. Everyone in the party was attracted by the imposing elderly lady.

2. Bassanio, Antonio´s best friend, was in love with Portia, a rich andbeautiful lady who also loved him.

3. We couldn´t induce the old lady to travel by air.

4. The benign old lady sent us a kind and warm smile.

5. The old kind lady has compassion on all sufferers.

6. The old lady thought he was a fussy creature.

7. The robber tied the old lady to a pillar.

8. The old lady walked slowly up the hill.

9. The reader´s hair stands on end when he reads in the final pages of the novel that the heroine, a dear old lady who had always been so kind to everybody, had, in her youth, poisoned every one of her five husbands.

10. The old lady was glad to be back at the block of flats where she lived.