美音:[(noun) led (verb) li:d (verb) led ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[(noun) led (verb) li:d (verb) led ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
vt.领导,引导,致使 vi.领导,(道路等)通向,导致,用水砣测深 n.领导,领先,导线,铅,(自船上测海水深度的)铅陲,石墨,铅笔芯


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动词过去式:led 过去分词:led 现在分词:leading 第三人称单数:leads

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conduct  direct  escort  guide  head  run    


/led; lɛd/
1 [U] (chemistry 化) heavy soft metal of dull greyish colour, used for water pipes, in roofing, as a radiation shield, etc and which is mixed with other metals to form alloys 铅. =>App
10 见附录10.
2 [C, U] (thin stick of) graphite used as the part of a pencil that makes a mark 铅笔心.
3 [C] (nautical 海) lump of lead fastened to a cord, used for measuring the depth of water beneath a ship 测深锤.
4 leads/ ledz; lZdz/ [pl]
(a) strips of lead used to cover a roof (铺屋顶用的)铅皮, 长条铅板.
(b) area of roof (esp flat) covered with these 铅皮铺的屋顶.
(c) framework of lead strips holding glass panes, eg in a lattice window 固定玻璃的铅框(如格子窗上的).
5 (idm 习语) swing the lead => swing1.

/li:d; lid/
1 [U, sing] guidance given by going first or in front; example 带领; 领头; 榜样
*He's the chief trouble-maker; the others just follow his lead. 他是首要的捣乱分子, 其余的人只是跟着学的.
2 [sing] distance by which one competitor, etc is in front 领先的距离
*have a lead of three metres, two lengths, half a lap, etc 领先三米、两个自首至尾的距离、半圈等
* The company has built up a substantial lead in laser technology. 该公司在激光技术方面已大大领先.
3 the lead [sing] first place or position 首位; 最先的地位
*move/go into the lead 进入领先地位
* take (over) the lead (from sb)/lose the lead (to sb) (从某人处)夺得领先地位; 将领导地位丧失(给某人).
4 [C] principal part in a play, etc; person who plays this part 剧中的主角; 扮演主角的演员
*play the lead in the new West End hit 在伦敦西区群众喜闻乐见的新戏中担任主角
* [attrib 作定语] the lead guitarist of the group 队中第一吉他手.
5 [C] (in card-games) act or right of playing first (纸牌戏中)首先出牌, 首先出牌权
*Whose lead is it? 谁先出牌?
6 [C] piece of information or evidence that might provide the solution to a problem; clue 线索
*The police are investigating an important new lead. 警方正在调查一条重要的新线索.
7 [C] (also leash) strap or cord for leading or controlling a dog 系狗用的带子或绳索
*You must keep your dog on a lead in the park. 在公园里要牵着你的狗.
8 [C] length of wire conveying electrical current from a source to a place of use 导线; 引线.
9 (idm 习语) follow sb's example/lead => follow. give (sb) a `lead
(a) encourage others by doing sth first 带头做某事以鼓励他人
*The Church should give more of a lead on basic moral issues. 教会应当就基本道德问题多做出些榜样.
(b) provide a hint towards the solution of a problem 提示解决问题的线索. take the `lead (in doing sth) set an example for others to follow 为他人树立榜样.

/li:d; lid/
v (pt, pp led / led; lZd/)
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p]
(a) show (sb) the way, esp by going in front 给(某人)指路; (尤指)领路
*lead a guest to his room 领客人到他自己的房间
* He led the group out into the garden. 他把那些人领出去进了花园.
(b) guide or take (sb/sth) by holding, pulling, etc 带领(某人[某物])(扶着、牵着等)
*lead a blind man across the road 领着一盲人过马路
* She grasped the reins and led the horse back. 她抓住 绳把马牵了回去.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.t] ~ sb (to sth) influence the actions or opinions of sb 引导某人; 影响某人的言行
*He's too easily led. 他太容易受人左右了.
* What led you to this conclusion? 你是怎样得出这个结论的?
* Don't be led astray (ie tempted to do wrong) by him. 不要被他引入歧途.
* Her constant lying led me to distrust everything she said. 她总撤谎, 我完全不相信她的话了.
3 [Ipr, Ip] be a route or means of access 通; 达
*This door leads into the garden. 此门通往花园.
4 [Ipr] ~ to sth have sth as its result 导致某种结果
*This misprint led to great confusion. 这个印刷错误造成很大的混淆.
* Your work seems to be leading nowhere, ie achieving nothing. 你的工作似乎不会有什么结果.
5 [Tn] have a certain kind of life (used esp with the ns shown) 过某种生活(尤与所示名词连用)
*lead a miserable existence, a life of luxury, a double life, etc 过悲惨的生活、豪华的生活、双重人格的生活等
* decide to lead a new life 决定过新生活.
6 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (in sth) be in first place or ahead of (sb/sth) 处于首位或领先于(某人[某事物])
*The champion is leading by eighteen seconds. 该冠军领先十八秒.
* lead the world in cancer research 在癌症研究方面走在世界前列.
7 [I, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (into sth) be the leader or head of (sb/sth); direct; control 为(某人[某事物])的领袖或首脑; 率领; 指挥
*I'll take part, but I won't want to lead. 我参加, 但不想当领导.
* lead an army, an expedition, a strike 领导军队、探险、罢工
* lead a discussion, the singing, the proceedings 引导讨论、指挥唱歌、主持程序
* Who is to lead the party into the next election? 谁率领该党参加下次选举?
8 [Tn] (in card games) play (sth) as one's first card (纸牌戏中)首先出(某牌)
*lead trumps, the two of clubs, etc 先出王牌、梅花2等.
9 [Ipr] ~ with sth
(a) (journalism 新闻) have sth as the main news item 以(某事物)作主要新闻
*We'll lead with the dock strike. 我们把码头工人罢工当作头条新闻.
(b) (in boxing) use (a particular punch) to begin an attack (拳击)以(某一拳法)出击
*lead with one's left/right 以左[右]拳出击.
10 (idm 习语) all roads lead to Rome => road. the blind leading the blind => blind1. lead sb by the `nose make sb do everything one wishes; control sb completely 牵着某人的鼻子走; 完全控制某人. lead sb a (merry) `dance cause sb a lot of trouble, esp by making him follow from place to place 给某人造成极大麻烦(尤指令其跟着东奔西跑). lead a `dog's life be constantly worried, troubled or miserable 过狗一般的生活(长期忧虑、痛苦或悲伤). lead sb a `dog's life make sb's life wretched 使某人生活痛苦不堪. lead sb to the `altar (dated or joc 旧或谑) marry sb 与某人结婚. lead sb to believe (that)... cause sb to believe (sth that is false or uncertain) 使某人相信(某假事或不确之事). lead sb up the garden `path deceive sb 欺骗某人. lead the `way (to sth) go first; show the way 先行; 带路
*Our scientists are leading the way in space research. 我们的科学家在宇宙探索中处于领先地位.
11 (phr v) lead (sth) off start (sth) 开始(某事)
*Her recital led off/She led off her recital with a Haydn sonata. 她在独奏会上首先演出的是海顿的奏鸣曲. lead sb on (infml 口) persuade sb to believe or do sth by making false promises or claims 劝诱某人相信或做某事
*The salesman tried to lead me on with talk of amazing savings on heating bills. 推销员竭力怂恿我, 说可以节省一大笔取暖费用. lead up to sth prepare, introduce or go before sth 于某事之先作准备、引进或进行
*the events leading up to the outbreak of war 导致战争爆发的事件.
1. Because of this, the Cutty Sark lost her lead.

2. Who is going to lead ( the army)?

3. We want it to stay down the hole until we can lead it off in a controlled manner.

4. We enjoy reading about them, especially when we find that, like the praying mantis, they lead perfectly horrible lives.

5. When Kizzy was four or five, the African would take her by the hand and lead her round the farm and teach her names of things in his native tongue: one word for tree, another for rock, another for cow.

6. The first of the two ships to reach Java after the race had begun was the Thermopylae, but on the Indian Ocean, the Cutty Sark took lead.

7. The article began: ´Hundreds of steps lead to the high wall which surrounds the president´s palace.´

8. They can be friendly and affectionate towards humans, but they lead mysterious lives of their own as well.

9. To be a healthy person physically and psychologically, one should lead a balanced life, summarize some psychology experts.
    一些心理学专家概括说, 为了做生理和心理上都健康的人,我们必须过一种平衡的生活。

10. That can lead to "court-shopping", since what matters is the law of the country where the couple is getting divorced.
    这就可能导致 "逛法庭"的现象,因为问题的关键在于夫妇办理离婚时所在国的法律。