美音:[laı ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[laı ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
vi.躺,平放,展现,展开,位于 v.说谎,躺 n.谎话,谎言


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动词过去式:lay 过去分词:lain 现在分词:lying 第三人称单数:lies

近义词, 同义词

be situated  situate  lie  place  position  establish  foundbe  exist  be present  attend  remain  occur  lie  stand  occupy  people  inhabit  dwell  reside  stay  sojourn  live  abide  lodge  nestle  roost  perch  be located    


exaggerate  fabricate  falsify  fib  recline  repose  rise  truth    


/laɪ; laɪ/
v (pt, pp lied, pres p lying)
1 [I, Ipr] ~ (to sb) (about sth) make a statement one knows to be untrue 说谎
*He's lying. 他在说谎.
* Don't you dare lie to me! 你胆敢跟我撒谎!
* She lies about her age. 她谎报年龄.
2 [I] give a false impression; be deceptive 给人以假象; 不可信
*The camera cannot lie. 照相机不会造假.
* lying smiles 假笑.
3 (idm 习语) lie in one's `teeth/`throat (infml 口) lie grossly and shamelessly 扯弥天大谎; 睁着眼睛说瞎话. lie one's way into/out of sth get (oneself) into or out of a situation by lying 撒谎以求一逞或摆脱困境
*He's lied his way into a really plum job. 他靠撒谎骗得一份好工作. =>Usage at lie2 用法见lie2.

1 statement one knows to be untrue 谎言; 假话
*His story is nothing but a pack of lies. 他说的纯粹是一派鬼话. Cf 参看 fib.
2 (idm 习语) give the lie to sth show sth to be untrue 证明某事不实
*These figures give the lie to reports that business is declining. 这些数字表明报告所谓业务正在滑坡的说法不实. live a lie => live2. nail a lie => nail. Cf 参看 white lie (white1).

/laɪ; laɪ/
v (pt lay / leI; le/, pp lain / leIn; len/, pres p lying)
1 [Ipr] have or put one's body in a flat or resting position on a horizontal surface 躺; 平卧
*The corpse lay face down in a pool of blood. 尸体俯卧在血泊中.
* lie on one's back/side/front 仰卧[侧卧/俯卧]
* Don't lie in bed all morning! 别一上午都躺在床上!
* a dog lying at his master's feet 卧在主人脚旁的狗.
2 [La, Ipr] (of a thing) be at rest on a surface (指物)平放
*The letter lay open on his desk. 那信摊开在他的书桌上. =>Usage 见所附用法.
3 [La, Ipr] be, remain or be kept in a certain state 在、留在或保持在某种状态
*snow lying thick on the ground 地面上厚厚的雪
* These machines have lain idle since the factory closed. 这些机器自工厂关闭以来一直闲置着.
* I'd rather use my money than leave it lying in the bank. 我宁可把钱花了也不想存在银行里.
4 [Ipr] be spread out to view; extend 展现; 伸展
*The valley lay at our feet. 峡谷展现在我们的脚下.
* (fig 比喻) You're still young your whole life lies before you! 你还年轻--整个人生还长着呢!
5 [Ipr] be situated 位于
*The town lies on the coast. 该城位于海边.
* a ship lying at anchor, at its moorings, alongside, etc 锚泊的、系泊的、横泊的船.
6 [Ipr] (of abstract things) exist or be found (指抽象事物)存在, 在于
*I only wish it lay within my power to (ie that I could) help you. 我但愿能够帮助你.
* The cure for stress lies in learning to relax. 消除紧张的方法在于学会放松.
* It's obvious where our interest lies, ie which option, development, etc would be to our advantage. 我们的利益所在是明摆着的事情.
7 [I] (law 律) be admissible or able to be upheld 可受理或立案
*an action, appeal that will not lie 不能受理的诉讼、上诉.
8 (idm 习语) as/so far as in me lies => far2. as one makes one's bed so one must lie in it => bed1. keep/lie close => close1. let sleeping dogs lie => sleep2. lie at sb's `door be attributable to sb (责 任)归于某人; 某事为某人的责任
*I accept that the responsibility for this lies squarely at my door. 我承认这事的责任完全由我承担. lie doggo (infml 口) lie without moving or making a sign 隐伏不动. lie heavy on sth cause sth to feel uncomfortable 使某事物感不适, 不安
*The rich meal lay heavy on my stomach. 这顿美餐塞得我的胃很胀.
* a crime lying heavy on one's conscience 使良心负咎的罪行. lie in `state (of a corpse) be placed on view in a public place before burial (指遗体)安葬前停放公共地点供瞻仰. lie in `wait (for sb) be hidden waiting to surprise sb 隐蔽静候以出人不意
*arrested by the police who had been lying in wait 被隐蔽埋伏的警察捕获. lie `low (infml 口) keep quiet or hidden 不出声; 隐藏
*He's been lying low ever since I asked him for the money he owes me. 自从我催他还钱, 他就不露面了. see, etc how the land lies => land1. take sth lying `down accept an insult, etc without protest; submit meekly 甘受侮辱等; 俯首屈服; 逆来顺受. time hangs/lies heavy on one's hands => time1.
9 (phr v) lie behind sth be the explanation for sth 是某事的原因或理由
*What lay behind this strange outburst? 这莫名其妙的发作究竟是为什么? lie back get into or be in a resting position; relax 休息; 放松; 松弛
*You don't have to do anything just lie back and enjoy the journey. 你什么也不用做--只管轻松愉快地享受旅游的乐趣. lie down be in or move into a horizontal position on a bed, etc in order to sleep or rest 躺着; 躺下
*Go and lie down for a while. 去躺一会儿.
* He lay down on the sofa and soon fell asleep. 她躺在沙发上很快就睡着了. lie down under sth (infml 口) accept (an insult etc) without protest; submit to sth meekly 甘受(侮辱等); 逆来顺受
*We have no intention of lying down under these absurd allegations. 对这些荒谬的指控我们是不甘受辱的. lie `in
(a) (Brit) (US sleep in) (infml 口) stay in bed after the normal time for getting up 睡懒觉
*It's a holiday tomorrow, so you can lie in. 明天是假日, 你可以睡懒觉了.
(b) (dated 旧) stay in bed to await the birth of a child 卧床待产
*a lying-`in hospital 待产医院. lie over (of problems, business, etc) await attention or action at a later date (指问题、事务等)留待以後处理
*These items can lie over till our next meeting. 这些问题可留待我们下次开会再处理. lie `to (nautical 海) (of a vessel) come to a stop facing the wind; be anchored or moored (指船)逆风滞航, 抛锚, 停泊. lie up stay in bed to rest during an illness 卧床休养. lie with sb (to do sth) (fml 文) be sb's duty or responsibility 是某人的义务或责任
*The decision on whether to proceed lies with the Minister. 是否进行取决于部长.
* It lies with you to accept or reject the proposal. 对该建议是接受还是拒绝由你作主.

1 [sing] way or position in which sth lies 某物所处的状态或位置.
2 [C usu sing 通常作单数] (in golf) where the ball comes to rest after a shot (高尔夫球)被击後球停的位置
*a good, poor, etc lie 好落位、差落位.
3 (idm 习语) the ,lie of the `land (US the ,lay of the `land)
(a) the natural features (esp rivers, mountains, etc) of an area 地形地貌(尤指河流、山脉等).
(b) (infml fig 口, 比喻) assessment of the state of a situation 情势; 事态
*I'll need several weeks to discover the lie of the land before I can make any decisions about the future of the business. 我需要几周的时间了解情况後才能对公司的未来做出决定.

*Note the difference between the intransitive verb lie (lying, lay, lain), meaning `be in a resting position' 注意不及物动词lie (lying、lay、lain)意为`处于休息的位置'
*I was feeling ill, so I lay down on the bed for a while 我身体不舒服, 所以在床上躺一会儿 and the transitive verb lay (laying, laid, laid), meaning `put on a surface' 但是及物动词lay (laying、laid、laid)意为`放在某个面上'
*She laid her dress on the bed to keep it neat. 她把连衣裙放在床上以保持平整. There is another intransitive verb lie (lying, lied, lied), meaning `say something untrue' 另有一不及物动词lie (lying、lied、lied)意为`说谎'
*He lied about his age to join the army. 他为了参军谎报了年龄.


Lillie is a British television serial made by London Weekend Television for ITV and broadcast in 1978.
1. But after a few years in a system that practically requires people to lie, they become like the one I shall call "Suzanne", a detective in shorts.

2. What a monstrous lie !

3. We must not lie down, and cry, "God help us."

4. The researchers hope to make contact with whatever "higher intelligence" may lie under the sea.

5. How can you believe such a brazen lie?

6. He told a lie out of vanity.

7. Her father with his burns had to lie outdoors on a tatami, but her brother's wounds refused to heal.

8. Daydream. Painter Salvador Dali used to lie on a sofa, holding a spoon.

9. "But I believe that all the answers lie in human error, mechanical problems, strange atmospheric events, or unusual magnetic phenomenon."

10. You degrade yourself when you tell a lie.