美音:[laın ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[laın ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.绳,索,线路,航线,诗句 vt.排成一行,顺...排列,划线于,使有线条,使起皱纹 vi.排队


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动词过去式:lined 过去分词:lined 现在分词:lining 第三人称单数:lines

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/laɪn; laɪn/
1 [C]
(a) long narrow mark, either straight or curved, traced on a surface 线; 线条
*a straight line 直线
* Sign your name on the dotted line. 请在虚线上签名.
* Don't park on the double yellow lines, ie those painted at the side of a road in Britain. 不要把车停在双黄线处(在英国, 标于路边的).
* Draw a line from A to B. 从A到B画一条线.
(b) mark like a line on the skin 皮肤上的纹
*The old man's face was covered in lines and wrinkles. 那老人的脸上布满皱纹和褶子.
2 [U] use of lines in art 艺术中线条的运用
*Line and colour are both important in portrait painting. 线条和色彩在肖像绘画中都很重要.
3 lines [pl] overall shape; outline 轮廓; 外形
*the graceful lines of the ship 船的优美轮廓.
4 (a) [C] (usu 通常作 the line) (in sport) mark on the ground to show the limits of a pitch, court, race-track, etc (运动的)场地线, 终点线
*first across the line, ie in a race 第一个通过终点线
* If the ball crosses the line it is out. 球越线即为出界.
(b) [C] boundary 界线; 边界
*cross the line (ie border) from Mexico into the US 从墨西哥越过边界进入美国.
(c) the Line [sing] the equator 赤道.
5 [C] series of connected defence posts, trenches, etc (碉堡、战壕等连成的)防线
*the front line, ie that nearest to the enemy 前线
* a safe position well behind the lines 远离前线的一处安全阵地.
6 [C] row of people or things (人或事物的)行, 排, 列
*a line of customers queuing 顾客排的队
* lines of trees in an orchard 果园里成行的树
* a long line of low hills 一长列小山.
7 [C usu sing 通常作单数] series of people following one another in time, esp generations of the same family 按时间顺序排列的人; (尤指)家族的世代, 家系
*a line of kings 历代帝王
* the Stuart line 斯图亚特 家族
* in the male/female line 父系[母系]
* descended from King David in a direct line 大卫王的嫡系.
8 (a) [C] row of words on a page of writing or in print 字行
*page 5, line
13 第5页第13行
* The last two lines (ie of verse) rhyme. 诗的最後两行押韵.
(b) [C] (infml 口) letter 信; 便条
*Just a short line to say thanks. 只言片语聊表谢忱.
(c) lines [pl] words spoken by a particular actor 台词
*Have you learnt your lines yet? 你的台词背熟了吗?
(d) lines [pl] (in schools) punishment in which a pupil is required to write out a specified number of lines (学校中)罚学生抄书
*The maths teacher was furious and gave me
50 lines. 数学老师气坏了, 罚我抄书50行.
9 [C]
(a) piece or length of thread, rope, etc used for a particular purpose 线; 索; 绳
*a `fishing-line 钓鱼线
* Hang (out) the clothes on the line. 把衣服晾到绳子上去.
(b) (esp nautical 尤用于航海) rope 绳索; 缆索.
10 [C] (equipment providing a) telephone connection 电话线(路)
*Our firm has twenty lines. 我们公司有二十条电话线路.
* I'm sorry, the line is engaged. 对不起, 占线.
* a bad (eg noisy) line 不良的通话线路(如杂音多).
11 [C]
(a) single track of a railway (铁路的)铁轨, 轨道, 轨线, 线路
*The train was delayed because of ice on the line. 火车因铁轨结冰而误点.
(b) one section of a railway system (铁路的)段, 线
*a `branch line 支线
* the main `line 干线
* the second stop from Oxford on the Worcester line 在伍斯特线上自牛津开出之第二站.
12 [sing] course of action, behaviour or thought (行动、行为或思想的)方向, 路线, 方针
*Don't take that line with me. 不要对我采取那种方式.
* I absolutely reject the management's line on this. 我断然否绝经理部门处理此事的方法.
* She always takes a Marxist line. 她一贯奉行马克思主义路线.
13 [sing] ~ (of sth) direction or course 方向或路线
*the line of `march (of an army, etc) (军队等的)行军路线
* the line of `fire, ie direction in which guns, etc are fired 射向.
14 [C] system of ships, buses, aircraft, etc regularly moving passengers or goods between certain places (轮船、公共汽车、飞机等的)运输公司
*a `shipping line 航运公司
* an `air line 航空公司.
15 the lines [pl] (esp in the army) row of tents, huts, etc (尤指军队中的)营地.
16 the line [sing]
(a) (Brit) (in the army) regular infantry regiments (excluding the Guards) (军队中的)战列步兵(不包括禁卫军).
(b) (US) (in the army) regular regiments of all kinds (军队中的)战斗部队(包括各兵种).
17 [sing] (in the army) double row of soldiers standing side by side (军队中的)二列横队
*attack in extended line 以展开的二列横队队形进攻.
18 [sing]
(a) department of activity; type of business 活动的范围; 行业
*He's something in the `banking line. 他在银行工作.
* Her line is more selling than production. 她搞销售而不搞生产.
* That's not (much in) my line, ie not one of my skills or interests. 那我可不(大)在行.
(b) type of product (产品的)类型, 种别
*This shop has a nice line in winter coats. 这家商店的冬装大衣很好.
19 (idm 习语) all along the `line (infml 口) in every way; at every point 全部地; 到处; 全面地
*I've trusted you all along the line and now you've let me down. 我一直信任你, 可是现在你却让我失望. along/on the same, etc `lines in the way specified 以某种方式
*Could you write another programme on the same lines? 你能否以同样的方式再编写一个程序?
* The novel develops along traditional lines. 这小说的情节按传统方式展开. be in the firing line => fire2. bring sth, come, fall, get, move, etc into `line (with sb/sth) (cause sth to) conform (使某事物)按规范, 一致, 符合
*He'll have to fall into line with the others. 他早晚得和别人一致起来. draw the line at sth/doing sth => draw2. drop sb a line => drop2. the end of the line/road => end1. get, have, etc one's `lines crossed
(a) be unable to contact sb by telephone because of a technical fault (因技术故障)电话线路不通
*I can't get through the lines must be crossed. 我打不通电话--线路一定出故障了.
(b) (infml 口) fail to communicate with or understand sb else correctly 未与某人联系好; 误解某人. give sb/get/have a line on sth (infml 口) give sb/get/have information about sth 把某事的消息告诉某人; 获取某事的消息. hard lines => hard1. hold the `line keep a telephone connection open 不挂断电话
*Hold the line while I see if she's here. 请别挂断电话, 我去看她在不在. hook, line and sinker => hook1. in
(a) line (with sth) so as to form a straight line with sth; level with sth else 与某物成一直线; 与某事物取平
*Place your right toe in line with your left heel. 把右脚趾与左脚跟排在一直线上. (stand) in/on line (US) in a queue 站队; 排队. in line for sth likely to get sth 有可能获得某事物
*She's in line for promotion. 她有可能获得晋升. in the ,line of `duty while doing one's duty在执行任务时. in line with sth similar to sth; in accordance with sth 与某事物类似或一致
*in line with the others/with the latest research 与其他的一致[根据最新的研究成果]. ,lay it on the `line (infml 口) talk frankly and openly 实话实说
*Let me lay it on the line I think you're cheating. 坦率地说, 我认为你在搞鬼. (choose, follow, take, etc) the line of least re`sistance the easiest way of doing sth 最省事的办法. (put sth) on the `line (infml 口) at risk 冒风险
*If this goes wrong your job's on the line. 这件事要是有个一差二错, 你就有丢饭碗的危险. out of `line (with sb/sth)
(a) not forming a straight line 不成一直线
*One of thesoldiers is out of line. 有一名士兵没站齐.
(b) unacceptably different 出格; 越轨
*Our prices are out of line with those of our competitors. 我们的价格和竞争者的相差悬殊. read between the lines => read. shoot a line=> shoot1. sign on the dotted line => sign2. somewhere, etc along the `line at a certain stage during a process 过程中的某阶段
*He started off enthusiastically but at some point along the line boredom set in. 开始时他很热情, 但干着干着就产生了厌倦情绪. step out of line => step1. take a firm, etc line (on/over sth) deal with a problem or an issue in a firm, etc way 采取坚定...路线处理某事. take a hard line => hard1. toe the line => toe v.

/laɪn; laɪn/
1 [esp passive 尤用于被动语态
*Tn, Tn.pr] mark (sth) with lines 以线条标示(某物); 画线于(某物)
*lined paper, ie with lines printed on it 印有横格的纸
* a face lined with age and worry 因经年忧虑而多皱纹的脸.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] form a line along (sth) 沿(某物)排成行
*a road lined with trees 树木成行的路
* Crowds of people lined the route of the procession. 人群在行进线路沿途站成一排.
3 (phr v) line up (for sth) (US) form a queue 形成一排. line (sb) up (cause people to) form a line (让人)站成一排
*line up the suspects/get the suspects to line up 让嫌疑犯站成一排. line sth up (infml 口) arrange or organize sth 安排或组织某事物
*I've got rather a lot lined up (ie I'm very busy) this week. 我这星期有很多事要做.
* He's lined up a live band for the party. 他已为聚会安排了一个伴奏乐队.

/laɪn; laɪn/
1 [esp passive 尤用于被动语态
*Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) cover the inside surface of sth with a layer of different material 给某物安衬里; 做内衬
*an overcoat lined with silk 衬有绸里儿的大衣
* fur-lined gloves 毛皮里儿的手套
* Line the drawers with paper before you use them. 抽屉用纸垫好再用.
* The walls of the room were lined with books. 室内四壁摆满了书.
2 (idm 习语) line one's (own)/sb's `pocket(s) (cause sb to) make a lot of money, esp by dishonest or corrupt methods (使某人)发财(尤指来路不正).


The Frontline is a football hooligan firm associated with Middlesbrough F.C..
1. Even so, one prominent magazine consistently refused to print "Joe" in my by-line, using my first initials, J.S., instead.
    即使如此,一家著名杂志一直拒绝把"乔"作为我的文章的作者署名,而是用我名字的首字母 J.S. 来代替它。

2. Enclosed in this outfit, I waited in line for an hour with other adventurers, mostly office workers in their 20's.

3. Bruce almost forgot his own troubles as he watched her swing herself out upon the slender line.

4. But they are hardly aware of it, until they get to the checkout line.

5. But it is the real bottom line in every area of society and a discipline we must demand of ourselves.

6. But even Ian Wilmut draws the line at cloning humans.

7. We like to go to the movies,but we hate to wait in line for tickets.

8. We saw new factories and well-cultivated fields all along the line.

9. The line of zero degree longitude passes through Greenwich.

10. The equator is an imaginary line.