美音:[ləu ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[ləu ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.低,低价,牛叫声 adj.低的,浅的,消沉的,微弱的,粗俗的,卑贱的,体质弱的 adv.低下地,谦卑地,低声地,低价地 vi.牛叫


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名词:lowness 形容词比较级:lower 最高级:lowest 动词过去式:lowed 过去分词:lowed 现在分词:lowing 第三人称单数:lows

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bad  base  coarse  evil  inferior  lesser  mean  short  sinful  vile  vulgar  wicked  high  loud    


/ləʊ; lo/
adj (-er, -est)
1 not high or tall; not extending far upwards 低的; 矮的
*a low wall, ceiling, tree 矮的墙、天花板、树
* a low range of hills 低矮的冈峦
* flying at a low altitude 在低空飞行
* The sun is low in the sky. 太阳很低.
* a low brow, ie with hair-line and eyebrows close together 低前额(发线与眼眉靠得近者)
* a dress low in the neck/a low-necked dress, ie one leaving the upper part of the breasts and much of the shoulders bare 领口低的连衣裙(袒胸露臂的).
2 below the usual or normal level, amount, intensity, etc 低于通常或正常水平、数量、强度等的
*low wages, taxes, prices, etc 低的工资、税率、价格等
* low temperature 低温
* low pressure, eg of the atmosphere, of gas or water piped to houses, of blood 低压(如气压、煤气或自来水压、血压)
* low cloud 低云
* The surrounding land is low (ie not far above sea-level) and marshy. 周围的地低洼而多沼泽.
* a low-density housing estate, ie one with comparatively few houses in the space available 低密度的住宅区(房屋较少)
* The reservoir was very low after the long drought. 久旱之後水库的水位很低了.
3 ranking below others in importance or quality (在重要性或质量上)低于或劣于其他的
*upper and lower classes of society 社会的上下阶层
* of low birth 出身低贱的
* low forms of life, ie creatures having a relatively simple structure 低等的生物
* low-grade fuel 低级燃料.
4 vulgar or coarse 鄙俗的; 粗俗的
*low manners, tastes, etc 粗俗的举止、低级趣味
* He keeps low company. 他结交庸俗的朋友.
* low comedy, ie a crude form of farce 低级的喜剧
* low cunning, ie immoral and selfish cleverness 下流的诡计.
5 (of sound or a voice) not high in pitch; deep (指声音)不尖的, 深沉的
*A man's voice is usually lower than a woman's. 男子的嗓音通常比女子的低.
6 not loud 小声的; 低沉的
*a low rumble of thunder 低沉的隆隆雷声
* Keep your voice low. 要小声说话.
7 lacking in vigour; feeble or depressed 无生气的; 衰弱的; 情绪低的
*in a low state of health 身体虚弱
* feel low/in low spirits/low-spirited 觉得情绪低落.
8 (of a gear) allowing a slower speed of a vehicle in relation to its engine speed (指变速器)低挡的
*You'll need to change into a lower gear when going up this hill. 上这座山时得换低挡.
9 (idm 习语) at a low `ebb in a poor state; worse than usual 处于低潮; 情况不佳; 比平时差
*Her spirits were at a very low ebb, ie She was very depressed. 她的情绪极度低落. be/run `low (on sth) (of supplies) be/become almost exhausted; have almost exhausted the supplies (of sth) (指供应品)几乎耗尽:The petrol's running low. 汽油快用完了.
* We're (running) low on petrol. 我们的汽油不多了. a high/low profile => profile. lay sb/sth `low
(a) bring sb/sth into a flat or horizontal position 使某人[某物]倒下或平卧
*He laid his opponent low with a single punch. 他一拳就把对手打倒在地.
(b) weaken or destroy 使衰弱或毁灭
*The whole family was laid low by/with (ie was ill and in bed with) flu. 全家都因流感病倒在床上.

/ləʊ; lo/
adv (-er, -est)
1 in, at or to a low level or position 在或向低的水平或位置
*aim, shoot, throw, etc low 向低处瞄准、射击、投掷等
* bow low to the Queen 向女王深深鞠躬
* play low, ie play a card with a low value 打出低点数的牌
* The simplest way to succeed in business is to buy low (ie at low prices) and sell high. 做生意成功最简单的途径就是贱买贵卖.
2 not at a high pitch; quietly 低调地; 低声地; 悄声地
*I can't sing as low as that. 我唱不了那么低的调.
* Speak lower or she'll hear you! 低点声说, 要不她就听见了!
3 (idm 习语) lie low => lie2. be brought `low be reduced in health, wealth or position (健康、财富或地位等的)下降, 恶化
*Many rich families were brought low by the financial crisis. 很多富户都因那次金融危机而家道中落. high and low => high3. stoop so low => stoop.

/ləʊ; lo/
1 low level or figure 低水平; 低数目
*The (value of the) pound has fallen to a new low against the dollar, ie is worth less in exchange for dollars than ever before. 英镑兑换美元的比值已跌到新的低点.
2 area of low barometric pressure 低气压区
*another low moving in from the Atlantic 从大西洋西移的另一个低气压区.

/ləʊ; lo/
n deep sound made by cattle 牛叫声; 哞.

v [I] make this sound; moo 作牛叫声; 发哞声.


Little Bosullow is a hamlet in the parish of Madron, Cornwall, England, UK.Little Bosullow; Explore Britain Great Bosullow is to the west and Bosullow Common to the north.
1. Bruce engaged low gear and drove at a terrifying speed.

2. Bruce went into a low gear and drove at a terrifying speed, keeping the front wheels astride the crack as he followed its zigzag course.

3. Why is she looking so dejected , in such low spirits?

4. We were, however, worried about our nearest neighbours, whose farm was low lying and who were newcomers to the district.

5. Where the cost of government is high, resources for development are correspondingly low.

6. It will be low because it will be necessary to have only one man looking after each job,

7. We were, however, worried about our nearest neighbours, whose farm was low lying and who were newcomers to the district.

8. With scarcely a glance at the items, the clerk sweeps them across an aperture, where a special marking on each item is scanned by a low-powered laser beam inside the machine, connected to a remote computer.

9. While active, child-bearing age women are most likely to have low iron stores, he notes, "Men are not safe, especially if they don't eat meat and have a high level of physical activity."

10. With this pace, I lived in low-grade terror — and I was only a part-time worker.