美音:[mɑ:k ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[mɑ:k ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.标志,分数,痕迹,记号 vt.做标记于,打分数,标志 vi.作记号 Mark 马克(男子名)


mark为中学词汇   词频:1560


动词过去式:marked 过去分词:marked 现在分词:marking 第三人称单数:marks


mark=to mark(作记号),boundary(边界)

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/mɑ:k; mɑrk/
1 (a) stain, spot, line, etc, esp one that spoils the appearance of sth 痕迹; 污点; 斑
*black marks on white trousers 白裤子上的黑色污迹
* Who made these dirty marks on my new book? 谁把我的新书弄上了这些污迹?
(b) noticeable spot or area on the body by which a person or animal may be recognized (人或动物身上可供识别用的)特徵, 胎记
*a horse with a white mark on its head 头上有白斑的马
* This scar is her main distinguishing mark. 这块疮疤是她主要的识别记号. Cf 参看 birthmark (birth).
2 (a) written or printed symbol; figure, line, etc made as a sign or an indication of sth (书写的或印刷的)符号; (图、线等的)记号
*,punctu`ation marks 标点符号
* Put a mark in the margin to show the omission. 在页边作个记号表示有遗漏.
* White marks painted on the trees show the route. 树上涂有白色符号用以表示行进路线.
(b) symbol on sth to show its origin, ownership or quality (表示来源、属有关系或品质的)标签, 标记
*`laundry marks, ie showing which laundry items have been sent to 洗衣房记号(表示已送到洗衣房的衣物标记)
* cattle branded with a distinctive mark, ie of ownership 烙有物主标记的牛. Cf 参看 trade mark (trade1).
3 visible trace; sign or indication (of a quality, feeling, etc) (性质、感情等的)痕迹, 迹象
*marks of suffering, old age 痛苦、年老的表徵
* Please accept this gift as a mark of our respect. 请接受我们这份薄礼, 聊表敬意.
4 number or letter, eg B+, used as an assessment of sb's work or conduct 评定某人的工作或操行用的数字或字母符号(如B+)
*get a good/poor mark in maths 数学获得良[劣]
* give sb high/low marks (for sth) 给某人高[低]分
* She got
80 marks out of
100 for geography. 她的地理得了80分.
5 cross made on a document instead of a signature by an illiterate person (文盲在文件上当作签名的)十字画押
*put/make one's mark (on sth) (在某物上)写十字(画押).
6 Mark (followed by a number 後接数字) model or type (of a machine, vehicle, etc) (表示机器、车辆等的)型, 式
*the Jaguar XJ6, Mark II 豹牌XJ6, II型轿车
* a Mark IV Cortina (福特)科天娜IV型轿车.
7 (fml 文) thing aimed at; target 目标; 目的; 鹄的
*The arrow reached its mark and the bird fell dead. 那枝箭射中鹄的, 那只鸟坠地而死.
8 (in sport) line from which a race starts; point from which a bowler, jumper, etc begins his run (体育)起跑线, 起点
*be quick/slow off the mark 起跑快[慢].
9 (idm 习语) be/fall wide of the mark => wide. an easy mark => easy1. full marks => full. give sb full marks => full. ,hit/,miss the `mark succeed/fail in an attempt to do sth 做成[未做成]某事物; 达到[未达到]目标. leave/make one's, its, etc mark (on sth/sb) leave a lasting (good or bad) impression 留下持久的(好或坏)印象
*War has left its mark on the country. 战争给该国留下了不可磨灭的痕迹.
* Two unhappy marriages have left their mark on her. 两次婚姻不幸给她留下了极坏的印象. ,make one's `mark become famous,successful, etc 出名; 成功
*an actor who has made his mark in films 在电影界已崭露头角的演员. not be/feel (quite) ,up to the `mark not feel as well, lively, etc as usual 不如平时身体好、有精神等
*I've got flu, so I'm not quite up to the mark. 我得了流感, 所以有点不舒服. on your `marks, (get) `set, `go! (words said by the official starter of an athletics race 径赛发令员的号令语). overshoot the mark => overshoot. overstep the mark => overstep. `up to the `mark equal to the required standard 达到要求的标准
*Her school work isn't quite up to the mark. 她的功课不大符合要求.

/mɑ:k; mɑrk/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ A (with B); ~ B on A make (a mark or marks) on sth 在某物上做(记号)
*mark one's name on one's clothes/mark one's clothes with one's name 在自己的衣服上标上自己的名字
* The route has been marked so that it is easy to follow. 这条路线已标有记号, 很容易跟着走.
* Prices are marked on the goods. 商品上都标有价目.
* a face marked (ie scarred) by smallpox 出过天花的麻子脸.
2 [Tn] indicate or denote (sth) 表示, 指明(某事物)
*This cross marks the spot where she died. 这个十字符号标明她死去的地点.
* His death marked the end of an era. 他的死标志着一个时代的结束.
* There will be ceremonies to mark (ie celebrate) the Queen's birthday. 庆祝女王生日将要举行典礼.
3 [Tn] give marks (mark1 4) to (pupils' work, etc) 给(学生作业等)批分数, 评成绩
*mark examination papers 评阅试卷
* I have twenty essays to mark tonight. 今晚我有二十篇文章要评分数.
4 [Cn.a] show (sth) by putting a mark, eg a tick by sb's name 作记号表示(某事物)(如在某人姓名旁打勾号)
*mark sb absent/present 标出某人缺席[出席]
* Why have you marked the sentence wrong? 你为什么把那句话标为病句呢?
5 [Tn, Cn.n/a] ~ sth (as sth) be a distinguishingfeature of (sth) 为(某事物)的特徵
*a style marked by precision and wit 以精巧为特徵的文体
* These are qualities which mark the film as quite exceptional. 这些特点标志着那部影片与众不同.
6 [Tn, Tw] (fml 文) pay attention to (sth); note carefully 注意(某事物); 留心
*You mark/Mark my words, ie You will find that what I say is correct. 留心听我说的话(你以後就明白我说得对).
* Mark carefully how it is done. 仔细注意这是怎么做的.
7 [Tn] (sport 体) stay close to (an opposing player) so that he cannot play easily 钉住(对手)
*Our defence had him closely marked throughout the first half. 我们的後卫在整个上半场都把他钉得死死的.
8 (idm 习语) a marked `man man whose conduct, etc has caused him to be disliked and selected for punishment, etc 因行为等令人不悦而遭惩罚等的人
*By breaking the rule of absolute secrecy, he became a marked man. 他因违犯绝密条例, 成了处罚对象. mark `time
(a) march without moving forward 原地踏步.
(b) (fig 比喻) pass one's time doing sth routine until one can do sth more interesting, etc 等待时机
*I'm just marking time in this job; I'm hoping to become an actor. 我做这份工作是骑马找马; 我很希望当演员. mark you nevertheless; all the same; however 尽管如此; 反正; 可是; 然而
*She hasn't had much success yet. Mark you, she does try hard. 她还没做出什么成绩来. 但她确实很努力.
9 (phr v) mark sb down reduce the marks given to sb in an examination, etc 给某人考试成绩等减分
*She was marked down because her answers were too short. 她回答得太简短, 给减了分. mark sth down reduce the price of sth 减某物的价
*All goods have been marked down by 15%. 所有货物一律八五折. mark sth off separate sth by marking a boundary 标明界限以隔开某物
*We have marked the playing area off with a white line. 我们已用白线画出运动场地. mark sb out for sth (esp passive 尤用于被动语态) choose sb to receive sth special 选择某人接受某事物
*a woman marked out for early promotion 被选定尽早晋升的女子
* He was marked out for special training. 他被指定接受特殊训练. mark sth out draw lines to show the boundaries of sth 画线标出某物的界限
*mark out a tennis court, car-park, etc 画出网球场、停车场等的界限. mark sb up increase the marks given to sb in an examination 给某人考试成绩加分
*If we mark him up a tiny bit, he'll just get through. 我们只要给他稍加点分, 他就能勉强及格. mark sth up
(a) add a percentage to the cost/wholesale price of sth in calculating the selling/retail price 给成本[批发]价格加一百分比(以计算销售[零售]价格)
*Whisky is marked up by 150%. 威士忌在成本价上增加150%.
(b) increase the price of sth 提高某物的价格
*Cars have been marked up recently. 最近汽车已涨价.

/mɑ:k; mɑrk/
n unit of money in Germany 马克(德国货币单位)
*a ten-mark note 一张十马克纸币.


Much equipment and tools have conformance marks stamped, inscribed, moulded, or printed on them to indicate that the tool or equipment in question meets the standards set by the body indicated by the mark or marks in question.
1. But when I met Mark I found him a charming and intelligent young guy.

2. This continental slope usually starts at a place somewhere near the 100-fathom mark and in the course of a few hundred miles reaches the true ocean floor at 2,500-3,500 fathoms.

3. Turning those pages and studying their photographs is like flowing on a sad current that, like Blake's Thames, seems to "mark in every face, marks of weakness, marks of woe."
    一张张翻看并研读这些照片,仿佛漂流在一条让人伤心的河流上,就像身处英国诗人布莱克笔下的泰晤士河畔,似乎 "看见每一个过往行人都是满脸饥色,满脸愁苦。"

4. He thinks fine clothes are a mark of gentility.

5. Has Mark flown solo yet?

6. "Mark has had problems with citizenship before and has always taken care of them himself," Gail defended. "
    "马克以前是有过公民身份方面的问题,但他总是在自己处理这些问题," 盖尔辩解道。"

7. "Why the haste? Who is this Mark? What's his citizenship status?"

8. "But Mark and I have been together more than two years," Gail railed.
    "但是我和马克呆在一起已有2年多了," 盖尔抱怨道。

9. Some day I am going to read Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw and Dickens and Mark Twain — all in the original!

10. So you see, Mark's color is not the problem. My biggest worry is that you may be marrying Mark for the same wrong reasons that I married your father.