美音:[mætʃ ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[mætʃ ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.火柴,比赛,竞赛,匹配,(足球,捧球,蓝球)比赛 v.相配,相称,比赛,相比,匹配


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名词:matcher 动词过去式:matched 过去分词:matched 现在分词:matching 第三人称单数:matches

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/mætʃ; mætʃ/
n short piece of wood or pasteboard with a head made of material that bursts into flame when rubbed against a rough or specially prepared surface 火柴
*strike a match 划火柴
* a box of matches 一盒火柴
* put a match to sth, ie set it alight 用火柴点着某物.

/mætʃ; mætʃ/
1 [C] game in which individuals or teams compete against each other; contest 比赛; 竞赛
*a `football, `wrestling, etc match 足球、摔交等比赛
* a `boxing match of twenty rounds 二十回合的一场拳击赛. =>Usage at sport 用法见sport.
2 [sing] ~ for sb; sb's ~ person equal to sb else in skill, strength, etc 在技巧、力量等方面与某人相匹敌者; 对手
*He's no match for her (in tennis). (在网球上)他不是她的对手.
* She's his match (ie as good as or better than him) when it comes to chess. 若下国际象棋的话, 她与他棋逢对手.
3 [C] marriage 婚姻; 匹配
*She made a good match when she married him. 她嫁给了他, 成就了美满姻缘.
4 [sing]
(a) ~ (for sb/sth) person or thing combining well with another 相匹配的人或物
*The new curtains are a perfect match for the carpet. 新窗帘配那地毯非常谐调.
(b) ~ (of sb/sth) person or thing similar or identical to another 相似的或相像的人或物
*I've found a vase that's an exact match of the one we already have. 我找到一只花瓶, 和我们已有的那只一模一样.
5 (idm 习语) find/meet one's match (in sb) meet sb who has as much skill, determination, etc as oneself, and perhaps more 遇到不比自己差的对手
*He thought he could beat anyone at tennis, but he's met his match in her. 他以为他打网球所向无敌, 但遇到她却是旗鼓相当. a good, bad, etc match (dated 旧) person considered as a suitable, unsuitable, etc husband or wife 被视为相称、不相称等的配偶
*The young heiress was a good match. 那个继承了大笔财产的年轻女子是理想的伴侣. the man of the match => man. a slanging match => slang v.

/mætʃ; mætʃ/
1 [I, Tn]
(a) combine well with (sth), esp in colour 与(某物)相配(尤指颜色)
*The curtains and the carpets match perfectly. 窗帘和地毯十分谐调.
* These curtains won't match your carpet. 这窗帘和你那块地毯不相配.
* (fig 比喻) a well-matched couple 很匹配的一对.
(b) be like or correspond to (sth else) 与(某事物)相似、相称、相符合或相一致
*a brown dress and gloves to match 一件棕色的连衣裙和相配的手套.
2 [Tn] find sth that is like or corresponds to (sth else) 找到与(某物)相似或相称的东西
*Can you match this wallpaper? 你能找到和这种壁纸相配的吗?
3 [Tn]
(a) be equal to (sb) 与(某人)相匹敌
*No one can match her at chess. 下国际象棋谁也比不上她.
* The two players are well-matched, ie roughly equal in ability. 这两人技艺不相上下.
(b) find (sb/sth) equal to sb/sth else 认为(某人[某事物])能与他人[他事物]相等或相当
*Can you match that story? ie Can you tell one that is equally good, amusing, etc? 你能讲个与之相当的故事吗?
4 [Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth with sb/sth find sb/sth that fits or corresponds to sb/sth else 找到能与某人[某事物]相配合或相适应的人[事物]
*We try to match the applicants with appropriate vacancies. 我们尽量给这些申请者找到合适的空缺.
5 (phr v) match sth/sb against/with sth/sb cause sth/sb to compete with sth/sb else 使某事物[某人]和他事物[他人]竞争或较量
*I'm ready to match my strength against yours. 我已经准备好与你较量力气.
* Match your skill against the experts in this quiz. 在这一测验中你与专家较量一下技巧吧. match up be in agreement; tally 一致; 符合
*The two statements don't match up. 这两种说法不相符. match sth up (with sth) fit sth (to sth else) to form a complete whole 将某物(与另物)拼凑成一整体
*matching up the torn pieces of the photograph 把撕碎的照片拼起来. match up to sb/sth be as good as or equal to sb/sth 与某人[某事物]同样好或相当
*The film didn't match up to my expectations. 这影片没有我想的那么好.
1. Eventually he won the match.

2. But nothing can match them for speed and comfort.

3. There was a dense crowd at the match.

4. The match flared in the darkness.

5. The player´s injury incapacitated him for participating in the football match .

6. There were 2 , 000 spectators at the match.

7. The baseball field was waterlogged so the match had to be cancelled.
    棒球场里浸满了水, 比赛只好取消。

8. The only other ship to match her was the Thermopylae.

9. Though your parents probably meant your name to last a lifetime, remember that when they picked it they'd hardly met you, and the hopes and dreams they valued when they chose it may not match yours.
    虽然你父母很可能打算让你的名字一辈子用下去,但记住, 他们选这个名字的时侯,也许还没有见过你呢。

10. They communicate with their whole being; the tones of their voices and their gestures match their words.