美音:[mi:t ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[mi:t ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.会,集会 adj.适宜的,合适的 vt.遇见,(迎)接,与(某人目光)相遇,(赴约)和...会面,(经介绍)与...相识,对付 vi.相遇,接触


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动词过去式:met 过去分词:met 现在分词:meeting 第三人称单数:meets 副词:meetly

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/mi:t; mit/
v (pt, pp met / met; mZt/)
1 (a) [I, Ip, Tn] come face to face with (sb); come together 遇见, 碰见(某人); 相遇; 相逢
*Goodbye till we meet again. 再见.
* We write regularly but seldom meet (up), ie see each other. 我们常写信, 但很少见面.
* We met (each other) quite by chance. 我们(彼此)相遇纯属偶然.
* I met her in the street. 我在街上遇见了她.
* (fig 比喻) A terrible scene met their eyes as they entered the room. 他们一进屋, 迎面所见是一幅可怕的景象.
(b) [I] come together formally for discussion, etc 开会
*The Cabinet meets regularly. 内阁定期开会.
* The Debating Society meets on Fridays. 辩论社团每星期五举行例会.
(c) [Tn no passive 不用于被动语态] (fig 比喻) experience (sth unpleasant); encounter 经历(不愉快的事); 遭遇
*meet disaster, one's death, etc 遇难、死亡
* meet a problem, difficulty, etc 遇到问题、困难等.
2 [I, Tn no passive 不用于被动语态] make the acquaintance of (sb); be introduced to (sb) 结识(某人); 被引见或介绍给(某人)
*I know Mrs Hill by sight, but we've never met. 我见希尔夫人面熟, 但并不相识.
* He's an interesting man, would you like to meet him? 他这个人很有趣, 你想跟他认识吗? Meet my wife Susan, ie as an informal style of introduction. 这是我妻子苏珊.
* Pleased to meet you. 认识你很高兴.
3 [Tn] go to a place and await the arrival of (a person, train, etc) 接(人、火车等)
*Will you meet me at the station? 你到车站接我吗?
* I'll meet your bus. 我到汽车站接你.
* The hotel bus meets all the trains. 旅馆的汽车在火车站迎接各班车的旅客.
4 [I, Tn no passive 不用于被动语态] come together with (sb) as opponent(s) in a contest, etc 与(某人)比赛, 竞赛, 交锋
*The champion and the challenger meet next week. 下星期冠军将迎战挑战者.
* City met United in the final last year, and City won. 去年决赛中, 市队与联队交锋, 市队获胜.
5 [I, Tn] come into contact with (sth); touch; join 接触(某事物); 联结
*Their hands met. 他们的手相触.
* His hand met hers. 他的手碰到了她的手.
* The vertical line meets the horizontal one here. 垂直线与水平线在此相交.
* These trousers won't meet (ie fasten) round my waist any more! 这裤子瘦得腰都系不上了!
6 [Tn] fulfil (a demand, etc); satisfy 满足(要求等); 符合
*meet sb's wishes, conditions, needs, etc 满足某人的愿望、条件、需要等
* Can we meet all their objections? 他们提出的反对意见我们都能圆满解决吗?
7 [Tn] pay (sth) 支付, 偿付(某费用)
*meet all the expenses, bills, etc 偿付全部开支、帐单等
* The cost will be met by the company. 费用由公司支付.
8 (idm 习语) find/meet one's match => match2. make ends meet => end1. meet the `case be adequate or satisfactory 适当; 令人满意
*This proposal of yours hardly meets the case. 你的这项提议不甚恰当. meet sb's `eye look into sb's eyes 与某人目光相遇
*She was afraid to meet my eye. 她怕与我目光相遇. meet the `eye/`ear be seen/heard 被看见[听见]
*All sorts of strange sounds met the ear. 听见了各种奇怪的声音. meet sb half-`way make a compromisewith sb 与某人妥协
*If you can drop your price a little, I'll meet you half-way. 你要是能减点价, 我就愿意再让一步. meet one's `Maker (esp joc 尤作戏谑语) die 死; 见上帝
*Poor Fred
*he's gone to meet his Maker. 可怜的弗雷德, 他已经去见上帝了. ,meet one's Water`loo lose a decisive contest (在比赛中)惨败. there is more in/to sb/sth than meets the eye sb/sth is more complex, interesting, etc than one might at first think 某人[某事物]比原想的复杂、有趣等.
9 (phr v) meet up (with sb) meet (sb), esp by chance 偶遇(某人)
*I met up with him/We met up at the supermarket. 我们在超级市场偶然相遇. meet with sb (US) meet sb, esp for discussion 与某人会晤(尤指为商议事)
*The President met with senior White House aides at breakfast. 早餐时总统会见了白宫的高级助手. meet with sth encounter sth; experience sth 遇到某事物; 经历某事物
*meet with obstacles, difficulties, misfortune 遇到障碍、困难、不幸
* She met/was met with much hostility, criticism, kindness, etc. 她受到敌视、批评、善待等.

/mi:t; mit/
1 (esp Brit) gathering of riders and hounds at a fixed place for fox-hunting (骑马的猎人与猎犬在出发猎狐前的)集合.
2 (esp US) sporting contest where many competitors gather 运动会
*an ath`letics meet 体育运动会
* a `track, `swimming meet 田径、游泳运动会. Cf 参看 meeting 3.

/mi:t; mit/
adj [pred 作表语] (arch 古) suitable; appropriate 适合; 适当; 恰当.
1. Betty: I´m going to meet some friends, Dad.
    贝蒂: 我打算去看几个朋友, 爸爸.

2. Betty: I´m going to meet some friends, Dad.
    贝蒂: 我打算去看几个朋友, 爸爸.

3. We meet regularly for the fellowship.
    为了增进友谊, 我们定期碰面。

4. When shall we meet?

5. Without something of this kind, searching for intelligences on other planets would be like trying to meet a friend in London without a pre-arranged rendezvous and absurdly wandering the streets in the hope of a chance encounter.

6. We´ll meet him at the harbour early in the morning.

7. Well, to meet this difficulty, I resolved to dig into the surface of the earth, so as to make it easier to launch the boat.

8. This is the place where the three main arteries of West London traffic meet.

9. They would have no inclination to meet on the battlefield.

10. The Asian Games meet every four years, sometimes with as many as 34 nations taking part.