美音:[´ɔ:də ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´ɔ:də ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.次序,顺序,正常(工作)状态,秩序,会议规则,命令,定购,定单 vt.命令,定购,定制


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名词:orderer 动词过去式:ordered 过去分词:ordered 现在分词:ordering 第三人称单数:orders



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/'ɔ:də(r); `ɔrdɚ/
1 [U] way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to one another 次序; 顺序
*names in alphabetical order 按字母顺序排列的名字
* events in chronological order, ie according to times, dates, etc 按时间先後排列的事件
* arranged in order of size, merit, importance, etc, ie according to size, etc 按大小、功绩、重要性等排列的.
2 condition in which everything is carefully and neatly arranged 整齐; 有条理
*put/leave/set one's affairs, papers, accounts in order 把个人的事务、文件、帐目整理得井井有条
* Get your ideas into some kind of order before beginning to write. 把思绪理清再写. Cf 参看 disorder.
3 [U] (condition brought about by) obedience to laws, rules, authority 治安; 秩序; 规矩
*Some teachers find it difficult to keep order in their classes/to keep their classes in order. 有些教师觉得课堂秩序很难维持.
* The police must try to restore order. 警方必须努力恢复治安. Cf 参看 disorder.
4 [C] ~ (for sb to do sth); ~ (that...) command or instruction given by sb in authority 命令; 指挥; 指示
*Soldiers must obey orders. 军人必须服从命令.
* He gave orders for the work to be started/that the work should be started immediately. 他发出指示要立即开始工作.
* My orders prevent me from doing that, ie I have been instructed not to do it. 我接到指示不可做此事.
5 [C] ~ (for sth)
(a) request to make or supply (goods) 定购; 定单; 定货
*fill an order, ie supply the goods asked for 交付定货
* He gave his order to the waiter. 他把他点的东西告诉服务员了.
* We've received an order for two tons of coal. 我们已收到两吨煤的定单.
(b) goods supplied 交付的货
*A delivery van has brought the grocery order. 送货车已把定购的杂货送来了.
* Your order has arrived. 您的货已到.
6 [C] written instruction that allows the holder to be paid money or to do sth 汇票; 授权凭证
*a `banker's/`postal order, ie an order to a bank/post office to pay money 银行[邮政]汇票
* obtain a court order to allow a divorced man to visit his children 获得法院授权书以使某离婚男子可探视子女.
7 [U] system of rules or procedures (at public or committee meetings, or in Parliament, lawcourts, etc) (会议、国会、法庭等的)规则, 规程, 程序, 秩序
*rules of order 议事规程
* speak to order, ie according to rules laid down by the meeting 按会议规定的程序发言
* the order of business 议程
* (on) a point of order, ie (on) a question of procedure (在)程序问题(上)
* I wish to raise a point of order. 我想提个议程的问题.
8 (a) [C] (fml 文) (arrangement of) groups, classes, etc in society (in relation to one another) 集团; 阶级; 阶层
*The social order of ants is very interesting. 蚂蚁的社会结构非常有趣.
(b) [C esp pl 尤作复数] (derog or joc 贬或谑) members of such a group, class, etc 集团、阶级、阶层等的成员
*the lower orders 下层社会.
9 [CGp] (biology 生) group of related animals or plants below a class(7) and above a family(4) 目
*the order of primates 灵长目
* The rose and the bean families belong to the same order. 蔷薇科和豆科同属一目. Cf 参看 phylum, genus 1, species 1.
10 (a) [CGp] group of people appointed to a special class as an honour or reward (荣誉的)勋位
*The Order of the Garter is an ancient order of chivalry. 嘉德勋位是古老的骑士勋位.
(b) [C] badge, sign, etc worn by members of such a group 勋章
*wear all one's orders and medals 佩带全部的勋章和奖章.
11 [CGp] group of people who have been ordained as clergymen (神职的)级别
*the Order of Priests/Deacons/Bishops 牧师[执事/主教]级别.
12 [CGp] group of people, esp monks, living under religious rules 宗教团体; (尤指)修道会
*the monastic orders 修士会
* the Order of DominicanFriars 多明我会.
13 [C] style of ancient Greek or Roman architecture characterized by the type of column used (古希腊或罗马建筑的)柱型, 柱式
*the five classical orders of architecture 建筑学上的五种古典柱式
* the Doric order 多利斯柱式.
14 [U] (fml 文) kind; sort 种类
*skills of the highest order 最高技巧.
15 [sing] ~ of sth exact form of a religious service 宗教礼仪
*the order of service as laid down in the Prayer Book 祈祷书上规定的礼仪.
16 (idm 习语) be in/take (holy) `ordersbe/become a priest 是[成为]司铎. be under orders (to do sth) have been instructed or commanded (to do sth) 受命(做某事物)
*I'm under strict orders not to let any strangers in. 我奉命严禁外人入内. by order of sb/sth according to directions given by a person in authority 奉某人之命; 按某人的指示
*by order of the Governor 奉总督之命
* by order of the court 依据法庭指令. call sb/sth to order => call2. get one's/give sb his marching orders => march1. in apple-pie order=> apple. in running/working order (esp of machines) working well, smoothly, etc (尤指机器)运转良好、正常等
*This lift is hardly ever in working order. 这个电梯从来就不大好用.
* The engine has been tuned and is now in perfect working order. 发动机已经调好, 现在运转状况极佳. in `order as it should be; able to be used 妥当的; 能用的
*Is your passport in order (ie still valid)? 你的护照仍然有效吗? in order (to do sth) (fml 文) according to the rules, etc of a meeting, etc 根据会议等的规定等
*It is not in order to interrupt. 打断别人发言是违反会议规则的.
* Is it in order to speak now? 按规定现在可以发言吗? in order that (fml 文) with the intention that; so that 目的在于; 为了; 以便
*He left early in order that he should/would/might arrive on time. 他早早动身好按时到达. in order to do sth with the purpose or intention of doing sth 目的在于做某事物
*She arrived early in order to get a good seat. 她到得很早, 图的是得个好座位. in/into reverse order => reverse. in short order => short 1. law and order => law. of/in the order of sth (fml 文) about (the same quality, quantity or number as) 大约(同样的质量、数量或数目)
*Her salary is of the order of £150 a week. 她的薪金约为每周150英镑. on `order requested but not yet received 定购中的; 定制中的
*I've got two books on order at the bookshop. 我在书店订购了两本书. the ,order of the `day programme of business to be discussed in Parliament, or at a formal meeting (议会的或其他正式会议的)议程
*(fig joc 比喻, 谑) Good behaviour must be the order of the day when the school inspector comes. 督学一来, 品行良好问题必在议事之列. Order! Order! (used to call attention to the fact that a person is not observing the usual rules or procedures at a debate, meeting, etc 用以提请与会者注意遵守规则的用语). an ,order to `view written authority from an estate agent to look over a house, etc with the idea of buying it 看房许可证(房地产经纪人签发给有意买房者的). ,out of `order
(a) (of a machine, etc) not working properly (指机器等)工作不正常, 出故障
*The phone is out of order. 电话坏了.(b) (fml 文) not allowed by the rules of a formal meeting, etc 违反会议规则
*His objection was ruled to be out of order. 他提出的异议被裁定为有违会议规则. the pecking order => peck. a point of order => point1. put/set one's (own) house in order => house. take orders from sb do as sb instructs 受命于某人; 按某人之命做
*She said she wouldn't take orders from a junior clerk. 她说她不能听低级职员的指挥. a tall order =>tall. (made) to order (made) according to a customer'sspecial requirements 按顾客要求(做)
*This company will tailor a suit to order. 这家公司可定制套服. under the orders of sb commanded or instructed by sb 受某人的指挥; 在某人的指令下
*serve under the orders of a new general 在新将军麾下. under starter's orders => starter.

/'ɔ:də(r); `ɔrdɚ/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tf, Dn.t] give an order1(4) to (sb); command 命令(某人); 吩咐; 指令
*The chairman ordered silence. 主席要大家安静.
* The doctor ordered me to (stay in) bed. 医生吩咐我卧床.
* The boy was ordered out of the room. 那男孩受指示离开房间.
* The judge ordered that the prisoner should be remanded. 法官命令将犯人还押候审.
* We ordered him to leave immediately. 我们要他立即离开.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb) request sb to supply or make (goods, etc) 定购; 定做; 预定
*I've ordered a new carpet (from the shop). 我已(向商店)定购了一块新地毯.
* We don't have the book in stock but we can order it. 这书我们没有存货, 但是可以预订.
* He ordered himself three shirts. 他定做了三件衬衫.
* She ordered a garden chair for her husband. 她为丈夫定做了一把庭院用椅.
3 [I, Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb) request sb to bring (food, drink, etc) in a hotel, restaurant, etc (在旅馆、饭店等)叫(饭菜、饮料等)
*We haven't ordered yet. 我们还没点菜呢.
* I've ordered a steak. 我要了一份牛排.
* She ordered lunch for (ie to be served at) 1.30. 她定了午餐, 在1时30分开饭.
* He ordered himself a pint of beer. 他要了一品脱啤酒.
* I've ordered you egg and chips/egg and chips for you. 我给你要了鸡蛋和炸土豆条.
4 [Tn] (fml 文) put (sth) in order; arrange; direct 整理(某事物); 布置; 指示
*He ordered his life according to strict rules. 他把生活安排得十分刻板.
* I must have time to order my thoughts. 我得找时间整理一下想法.
5 (phr v) order sb about/around keep on telling sb to do things 不断驱使某人做事; 把某人差来遣去
*Even as a boy he was always ordering his friends about. 他从小就老爱支使朋友. order sb off (sport 体) order sb to leave a sports field, usu for breaking a rule 罚某人退场; 勒令某人退出比赛
*The referee ordered Johnson off in the second half for kicking another player. 在下半场约翰逊踢人犯规, 裁判罚他退场. order sb out order (police or troops) to parade, esp to control civil unrest, etc 下令出动(军警)(尤指为平息暴乱等)
*The government ordered the police out to restore order in the streets. 政府派警方出动恢复治安.

*Compare tell, order, instruct, direct, command. 试比较tell、order、instruct、direct、command这五个词. Tell is the most generally used verb. It is not very strong and is the word used in everyday situations *tell是用得最广的动词, 语气不太强, 是日常生活用词
*I keep telling him to cut his hair but he takes no notice. 我再三告诉他理理发去, 可他就是不听.
* Do what you're told. 叫你做什么就做什么.
* They've been told to finish the job by tomorrow. 已吩咐他们明天完工. Order is stronger and is used of people in authority who expect to be obeyed *order语气较强, 为有权威者用以指令别人服从
*The policeman ordered the motorist to stop. 警察指示让那开车的人停车. Instruct and direct suggest the giving of a precise description of necessary action. *instruct和direct意为对需采取的行动有准确说明. They are used in impersonal and official situations 这两个词均用于客观的及公事的场合
*I have been instructed by the company to offer you a refund. 公司让我给您退款.
* The judge directed the defendant to answer. 法官责令被告回答. Command is mainly used in military situations*command主要用于军事场合
*The officer commandedhis men to open fire. 军官命令士兵开火.
1. Economize in order to make one´s money spin out until next payday.

2. Be honest and open about who you really are. People who lack genuine core values rely on external factors — their looks or status — in order to feel good about themselves.

3. Before we go any further, it might make sense to require a temporary pause on research into human cloning in order to make a systematic enquiry into the grave questions it raises.

4. When Harry put on his act of being mildly annoyed, the girl promised to order some for him.

5. When Harry put on his act of being mildly annoyed, the assistant promised to order some for him.

6. What if parents decided to clone a child in order to harvest organs?

7. The cards were ranged in alphabetical order.

8. The laser jet printer is out of order.

9. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems or put thousands of unrelated facts in order.

10. The order to abandon ship was given and hundreds of people plunged into the icy water.