美音:[´pıktʃə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´pıktʃə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.画,图画,照片,像,美景,描述,相似物,化身 vt.画,描绘


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动词过去式:pictured 过去分词:pictured 现在分词:picturing 第三人称单数:pictures


pict=to paint(描写),picture(画)

近义词, 同义词



/'pɪktʃə(r); `pɪktʃɚ/
1 [C]
(a) painting, drawing, sketch, etc, esp as a work of art 绘画, 图画, 素描(尤指作为艺术作品)
*His picture of cows won a prize. 他画的牛的作品获了奖.
* Draw a picture of the house so we know what it looks like. 画出房子的图来让我们看看是什么样子的.
(b) photograph 照片; 相片
*They showed us the pictures of their wedding. 他们给我们看结婚照片.
* She's taking a picture of the children. 她正给孩子们拍照.
(c) portrait (of sb) (某人的)肖像画
*Will you paint my picture? 您给我画像行吗?
2 [C usu sing 通常作单数] beautiful object, scene, person etc 美丽的物、景、人等
*The park is a picture when the daffodils are in bloom. 水仙花开时公园非常漂亮.
* The children were a picture in their pretty dresses. 孩子们穿上漂亮的衣服好看极了.
3 [C usu sing 通常作单数]
(a) account or description of sth that enables one to form a mental picture or impression of it 形象的叙述
*The book gives a good picture of everyday life in ancient Rome. 那部书对古罗马人的日常生活描写得很生动.
(b) this mental picture 心目中的情景
*Her careful description enabled us to form an accurate picture of what had happened. 她描述得十分细致, 使我们对所发生的事历历如见.
4 [C] (quality of the) image on a television screen 电视图像(的清晰度)
*The picture is much clearer with the new aerial. 装上新天线後画面清晰多了.
5 (Brit dated 旧)
(a) [C] cinema film 影片; 电影
*Have you seen her latest picture? 你看过她新拍的电影吗?
(b) the pictures [pl] cinema 电影院
*We don't often go to the pictures. 我们不常到电影院看电影.
6 (idm 习语) be/put sb in the `picture be/cause sb to be fully informed about sth 了解[使某人了解]实情
*Are you in the picture now? 你现在知道怎么回事了吗?
* Members of Parliament insisted on being put in the picture about the government's plans. 议员坚持要充分了解政府计画的详情. be the picture of health, happiness, etc look very healthy, happy, etc 看上去很健康、愉快等. get the `picture (infml 口) understand 明白; 理解
*I get the picture you two want to be left alone together. 我现在明白了--你们俩想单独在一起. pretty as a picture => pretty.

1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to oneself) form a mental image of sth; imagine sth 想像或设想某事物
*He pictured to himself what it might be like to live in Java. 他想像要是生活在爪哇的情形.
* I can't picture the village without the old church. 我无法设想村子里没有那座旧教堂像什么样子.
2 [Tn esp passive 尤用于被动语态] make a picture of (sth/sb) 画(某物[某人])的画; 给(某物[某人])拍照
*They were pictured against a backgroundof flowers. 他们在画中背景有很多花.
1. When he saw a ship, he closed his eyes. He knew there could be no ship, no sea, here. An imagined picture, he thought.

2. What you communicate through your kind of dress definitely influences others to accept the picture of yourself you are projecting: in the business world, the person who dresses like a successful manager is most likely to be promoted into a managing p

3. This picture is not really by Picasso. It is a forgery.

4. The inversion of the picture amused everyone.

5. This idyllic pastoral scene is only part of the picture.

6. The picture portrays a beautiful sunset.

7. This idyllic pastoral scene is only part of the picture.

8. The picture are on the wall.

9. Today, although the old Galileo lives on in many popular writings, among historians of science a new and more sophisticated picture has emerged.

10. The other side of the picture is quite the opposite.